Abraham Hicks teaches in his video that 17 seconds of steady attention to something gets it rolling, that in the short period of 68 seconds focused thought LoA is kicked in, and evidence of that vibration will begin to show up.

I'd like to know, where this numbers spring from? Are they random? Why 17??? Is there a good explanation for this?


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That is curious, isn't it? I have tagged all of the questions that talk about 17 seconds with a 17-seconds tag. If you wish, you can view all of them by clicking on the 17 seconds tag in the right-hand sidebar next to this question.

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Thank you for adding the tag! :)

(24 May '10, 14:19) BridgetJones09
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I don't know the exact reason it is 17 seconds for a pure thought to combust with another thought and create a more powerful thought - it's probably something deep within the workings of how the universe is set up.

But I know that Abraham have said that as the vibrational frequency of the planet increases, the time is shortening.

They have said on occasion that the time interval is actually more like 15 seconds (or less) now.

And they have also said that many centuries ago, the time interval was more like minutes.

But Abraham first brought up the mention of the 17 seconds idea back in the 1990's (when vibrations were slower than now) and the 17 has stuck as the description for this phenonemon.


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Hi BridgetJones09

You are asking a question regarding something that Abraham said.

It takes a lot of trust in the unknown to even begin to accept the idea that a human being (Esther Hicks) is capable of going into a state where her identity steps aside, to allow another spirit (in this case Abraham) to come through as a spirit and communicate with humanity through her.

Just imagine the stretch of skepticism that one has to overcome just to take Abraham seriously?

And once you have stretched enough to accept Abraham's wisdom you no longer ask "Well how do I know that this is not just a figment of Esther's imagination?"

So when you can't authenticate the source known as Abraham, and yet you have stretched your skepticism enough to take Abraham seriously, still without any evidence to validate Abraham's existence, why are you concerned about where the 17 second's came from?

You cannot know where Abraham came from. Does it matter if you do or do not know where the 17seconds came from?

You can't authenticate both, but within your spirit, it feels right doesn't it?

You can however, apply the 17second attention and see if you get any results.

If you succeed, GREAT! You know that it works! Now do you still need to know where the 17seconds came from?

Ok what if it doesn't work?

Would it still be an issue for you to know the source of this information?

If you tested the 17second rule and if it worked for you, would you continue to be burdened with not knowing its origin?

If a friend asked you about it after your successful test, would you say to that friend, I learned this great technique and it actually works, but it's source can't be verified, so I don't feel comfortable sharing it with you?

You see?

It doesn't matter because that is not how its truth is authenticated.

Its truth is in the application of it.

And when you know it works, it is your truth.

You don't have to quote Abraham every time you speak about the 17 second rule.

When you look at a painting, you can study the canvas and the quality of the paints used and then even inquire about the identity of the painter before giving yourself permission to enjoy the painting; or you can forget about the details and enjoy the painting.

The second method is far more rewarding, because you can experience the painting instead of thinking "This painting is great"

Thinking "This painting is Great" and experiencing a great painting are two completely different experiences.

Knowing that concentrating for 17seconds works because somebody else on this forum said so, and knowing that concentrating for 17seconds works, are two completely different states of mind.

For the second experience, you have to test the method for yourself.

It may work for you or it may not. But either way, you will no longer care where it came from.

Bridget, I'm saying "You" only out of convenience, but this answer is meant for every person that is reading it from a first person perspective. You may have already tested this and asked this question on behalf of everyone else who needs to know.

I personally think that it is just a guideline of minimum concentration.


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The Traveller

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Love your answer it makes a lot of sense!

(03 Feb '12, 23:22) LapisLazuli

I'm with the Traveler on this one. It could have been 18 seconds, 16 seconds or simply hold your tongue just right. You will have the final say in what works for you. In fact I bet if Abraham meant to teach anything, it was learn to trust the inner teacher we all carry inside. As Traveler says, test it for yourself. Do that with everything you learn and you'll discover there is no one way that fits everyone. What gurus offer is only guidance. The final proof will be found in your own experience.

(04 Feb '12, 02:17) Rindor

@The Traveller - the number 17 is a prime number, this point seems important to me :)

(04 Feb '12, 02:26) blubird two

blubird two. You mention of 17being a prime number and that it is important to you does change things quite a bit. You are exploring the validity of an understanding that is within you. I think you're on to something. It could be the reason why 17 is used.

(04 Feb '12, 02:47) The Traveller

@The Traveller - yes 1 and 7 meaning 1 (whole) and seven (the seven major chakras), all chakras working in harmony :)

(04 Feb '12, 03:15) blubird two

blubird two: If you accept your understanding (whole + seven chakras) as the reason that 17seconds are used, then choose to be confident in it. The more you are OK with it, the more you will attract evidence to uphold your understanding that the 17second rule is based on your understanding. Let this be your truth.

(04 Feb '12, 09:18) The Traveller
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