A question on attraction has brought up an interesting dichotomy: Which is true: Like attracts like- OR- Opposites attract?

Wade and I are apparently not done (arguing) understanding this one: here's the trouble we are having...Wade points out that Christ said to be good to your enemies, to express concern for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, etc. To Wade, this means that opposites attract. He asks: So where does the Sermon on the Mount fit in with the LOA, for Christ preached the opposite of the LOA- "Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the Earth"- which suggests the opposite of the LOA.

I am arguing that if you need to express compassion in your life, that need in you will attract people who demand compassion from you. Take the case of Mother Teresa: she was called by God to treat the poorest of the poor. She thus sought out these people. But she attracted to herself, because of her actions, the highest vibrational people on the planet. Her actions, in giving to the poor, came from her Love of and Obedience to God. But she did not "attract" the poor...rather, by her actions, attracted people who vibrated at her level. As Wade sees it, Mother Teresa "attracted" the poor to her...because they needed her.

Do you see the dichotomy? What is going on here? How does the LOA work- like attracting like- or like attracting opposite?

Blessings, hoping for peace, Jai

Wade: What I am basically saying is science says nature abhors a vacuum, therefore a a square peg and square hole are attracted together. One is a need, the other is an expression. However, the law of attraction (as in like attracts like) would have to say no: a square peg attracts another square peg and a square hole attracts another square hole. I am using geometry to express thought here. The entire "Sermon on the Mount" if said in LOA (like attracts like terms) would have had to have been something like this.

"I have some bad news for all of you, The poor in spirit will only attract more poor in spirit." ...

Do you see our points?

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

i see your point but minimal light. is that what it is that our energies ought pursue. form where did you arrive with a yard-stick?

(16 Nov '11, 01:02) fred

Maybe this is an overly simplistic answer, but to me, if we are well-rounded, we have both people and situations in our lives that vibrate similarly to us and we also have contrasting people and situatons for our growth. Both give us what we need. Unbalanced people seek out only one or the other, and thus stunt themselves, consciously or unconsciously.


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LeeAnn 1

Oh, LeeAnn, the wisdom of the Simple! I hope it ends the debate...LOL! Thanks, Jai

(04 Sep '11, 01:35) Jaianniah

i agree Lee Ann balence and harmony. you have free will. the truth will set you free.

(04 Sep '11, 04:14) white tiger

@LeeAnn-brilliantly simple explanation...wow

(04 Sep '11, 07:59) blubird two

Thank you fellow IQ'ers....

(04 Sep '11, 12:55) LeeAnn 1

You hit the nail on the head. Good answer.

(05 Sep '11, 06:40) Paulina 1
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There's quite a few statements/assumptions listed in your question from both of you and I think perhaps the best approach in answering this is to list the significant ones and comment on them.

You can then "fight" between yourselves over who's right :)

  • "Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the Earth"- which suggests the opposite of the LOA

    I don't have a religious background, especially a Christian one, so this is not a statement I can really comment on myself, however I know a man who can...Philip F Harris

    He says:

    It has been said that “the meek shall inherit the earth.” It has not been said that the poor, the sick, the depressed, the hungry, the downtrodden or even the followers of a particular religion will inherit the earth.

    “Meek” simply means “showing mildness” or displaying a “quietness of nature.” Yet for thousands of years that one phrase has been used to justify the exploitation of millions. Humanity has been told to suffer its lot in life because if you do, great rewards will be bestowed upon you after death.

    Philip F Harris, Jesus Taught It Too (The Early Roots Of The Law Of Attraction)

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  • I am arguing that if you need to express compassion in your life, that need in you will attract people who demand compassion from you.

    I would say this is an accurate statement. Quite often even those who apparently live "happy" lives but wish to play the game of "giver" or "service to others" choose deliberately to hold a vibrational stance that draws others to themselves who fulfill the other aspect of the role: "taker" or "one who requires help".

    It can seem like they are attracting the opposite of what they want but actually they are attracting a perfect vibrational match to the dominant thoughts they are holding...they are holding intentions to help, which matches perfectly with those who want help. The focus is on the attitude of "help".

    Those who have an intention to become spiritual uplifters will often choose to stir up their vibrational mix on purpose to do this because that's an intention they held before projecting into this physical reality.

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  • But she did not "attract" the poor...rather, by her actions, attracted people who vibrated at her level. As Wade sees it, Mother Teresa "attracted" the poor to her...because they needed her.

    For me, trying to figure out what the vibrational offering of another is and the reason they attract what they attract is, a rather fruitless and frustrating exercise. Only they can really do that for themselves because only they are in control of their thoughts.

    I worked in the news media for a number of years and often I would cover news stories where someone was killed in some horrific accident.

    Often I would have to go and interview the grieving families hours after it happened and obtain the facts about the individual - that was usually a pretty horrific activity in itself and no news reporter enjoyed that aspect of the job. This was in the days before I came across ideas about "The Law of Attraction".

    One of our goals in interviewing the families was to obtain a picture of the individual who was killed and, as family photos usually are, the picture we obtained was usually one of them happy and smiling.

    So when we would publish a news story about the person who died, we would have the horrific facts of the incident accompanied by a smiling picture of the person involved.

    I remember thinking in those days (and still do) that there was an accidental misleading impression generated from that smiling picture next to that horrific story. It implied (perhaps subliminally only) to the reader that the individual that was leading a joyous, happy life and suddenly this horrific incident came out of the blue and asserted itself into that person's life.

    As the reporter who gathered the original facts, I knew this wasn't usually the case - often there were obvious troubling circumstances in that person's life leading to their death but you would never know it from the news story because the story only covered the facts (manifestation) of the actual event not the years building up to it.

    And, nearly always, we would put "tribute" quotes into the story even if it didn't reflect that person's life accurately. So there would be quotes from the family saying that the individual was, say, a happy-go-lucky wonderful person, even if they were miserable and unpleasant to everyone in the months leading up to their death. As human beings, we seem to have an in-built dislike of "speaking ill of the dead" for no reason, and I often see that attitude reflected in the news stories of today which adds to the confusion about Law of Attraction. After all, news reporters and news editors are humans too :)

    The point I'm making here is that any reader of that news story could speculate all they wanted about why that person attracted what they did but they wouldn't really be able to say. Even I didn't know sometimes because the families themselves were sometimes were not aware of what that person was going through, or they deliberately didn't want to tell me because they didn't want it made public.

    So speculating about the reports you have heard about, say, Mother Teresa and the kind of life you think she may have been attracting for herself is as valueless an exercise as for any reader of my own articles :)

    If you could have spent a few hours talking to Mother Teresa in person, I have no doubt it would be completely obvious that her dominant thoughts were creating her reality...but until then, it's all complete guesswork and speculation and not particularly helpful if you are trying to understand the facts about how The Law of Attraction operates.

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  • However, the law of attraction (as in like attracts like) would have to say no: a square peg attracts another square peg and a square hole attracts another square hole. I am using geometry to express thought here.

    The Law of Attraction only applies to the operations of conscious thought from conscious beings.

    It's not something you can arbitrarily apply everywhere to everything. You cannot say Like Attracts Like, for example, when applied to poles of a magnet. In that case, the North pole attracts the South pole i.e the opposite.

Next comment:

  • The entire "Sermon on the Mount" if said in LOA (like attracts like terms) would have had to have been something like this. "I have some bad news for all of you, The poor in spirit will only attract more poor in spirit."

    It sounds like you don't like that revised statement :) ...however, I would have to say it seems fairly accurate to me.

    As I implied earlier, so many problems that people have in understanding the operation of the Law stem from trying to judge another's life and thinking that somehow that individual is manifesting something they are not attracting.

    But, also as I implied earlier, no-one can really judge another's vibrational output because your thoughts are yours and yours alone.

    So the only life you can really see the operations of The Law of Attraction reflected accurately is your own :)


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But the thing is the whole sermon on the mount of Jesus is the exact opposite of (Like attracts like) Jesus basically says every need will be filled not with more need but what one is needing.

(04 Sep '11, 19:00) Wade Casaldi

I'm not really someone that can comment much on Jesus and what he supposedly said. I come from a Muslim background (though I don't practise it)...Jesus is just another guy in that religion :)

(04 Sep '11, 19:39) Stingray

I always love your answers, Stingray. ^_^y So very thought provoking..

If I were to interpret what you were saying to mean "Speak softly but carry a big stick", would you say that is a reasonable summary?

(25 Dec '11, 10:43) Snow
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Which is true: ‘Like attracts like’ or ‘Opposites attract’?

I’m only addressing the actual fundamental question and not all of the particular details that may be associated with any particular point of view. Once we identify the fundamentals, we can work backwards and gain a clear insight into any particular detail.

You don't need anyone to prove that ‘like attracts like’ to you, you can prove it to yourself. The easiest way to see this is simply to observe your own thoughts. Thoughts can be likened to waves of energy, everything is energy after all; even scientists know this :)

As soon as you wake up, play one of your favorite songs and really listen to it (as if for the first time). Really listen to every sound and every lyric and then just continue with your day. The chances are that the song will keep playing in your head, over and over. Why? Because you have activated certain thought patterns within your mind and now, through the universal law of attraction process, you've attracted similar like thoughts.

Remember that change is the only constant, so even though it may seem to you as though it's the same lines of the same song or the same thoughts replaying; that is impossible. That's just the illusion of continuity that we create in order to experience reality in a linear way. In truth, every moment is a discrete universe unto itself, so really, you, as an energy being have attracted different, but similar like thoughts unto yourself.

On a deeper level: (as if for the first time). As indeed it is, for in every moment of your existence you are a new parallel reality and thus you are experiencing that song for the first time from the perspective of that particular entity representing that particular parallel reality.

Regarding science and things like gravity and magnetism etcetera, remember that this reality is only one reality of an infinite number of possible realities. Before we incarnated into this reality, we made certain soul-level agreements that were necessary in order for us to experience this reality. We agreed that gravity and magnetism work in the way that they do in this reality, and hence the apparent contradiction or paradox regarding 'like attracts like.'

However, this does not affect the actual, fundamental laws of nature. Therefore, if we have a particular need to overcome these local laws (collective agreements) and if our belief is strong enough, we can render them ineffective in our experience. Be careful in rendering gravity ineffectual though, otherwise you’ll have to consciously believe that you won’t float away in every second of your time on earth :)

Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to answer this seemingly paradoxical question.


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Loved your answer Eddie.

(05 Sep '11, 06:51) Paulina 1

I agree with you Wade, but I however don't see it as a contradiction at all.

If like attracts like were true, then we would not expect a person offering an "abundant" vibration to be surrounded by those in financial need.

This is often not the case though. The problem is, in real life, you are never offering just ONE clear signal (except perhaps, if you are very very deep in meditation or prayer for a short time). You are offering a whole variety of signals all at once, which meld together to form a new signal. All your "vibrations" that you give off are one puzzle piece in a very large jigsaw (and in fact, those pieces themselves are a jigsaw with their own pieces too!)

So, keeping with the abundant example. Another part of their vibrational offering may be "I am a good person". That "I am a good person" piece is composed of all the things they consider necessary to be considered a good person. One piece of it may be "a good person gives money to those who ask for it."

If you look at it, the fulfillment of the "I am a good person" vibration has its own requirements, such as "I have to give money to those who ask", otherwise it is not fulfilled.

So all those vibrations meld together and what happens is...the person who is abundant is surrounded by people who themselves are not abundant and always asking for handouts (and they happily give the money, because they are a good person)...and it will stay that way unless the person either gives off "I am not a good person" vibe, in which case they will behave more like a scrooge. Or if they remove the consitutent part of "I am a good person"; "A good person gives money to those who ask for it". In the later case, such people would fade from their life. (Stingray mentioned this in his reply, too)

It may help to view it not so much as "like attracts like" but more as "each vibration offered attracts what is necessary to fulfill it."™ - Me :P It just so happens that many vibrations fulfillment is of a like nature. i.e. abundant vibration requires abundant circumstances. But the fulfillment of the square peg is the square hole - and so that is what should be attracted.

I'm not sure if that expressed my pov clearly enough or not.

A rather good explanation of this aspect is gone into here(make sure you have some free time, the whole grouping of that video is about an hour all up): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMZgGknymU4

I stumbled upon them a while back, and they are very good at explaining some of these issues clearly (and beautifully).


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if i tell you that both are true. because it always depends how you use what you have. you have free will what you do to other comes back to you. if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. if someone comes to fight with you. and you let your emotion control you and beat him up. next time he will come back with a weapon or with a gang. if you stop him and tell him that you leave him the choice to stop that stupid fight or that he will die from is own choice. he will change is choice. that is how you stop the cycle of stupidity and hate. and in that way only someone that live by the sword will die by the sword. so it is always a question of choice and what you do with it. one is not happy in extreme stay in the middle and have the choice. do not judge or you will be judge with the same mesure. i forgive you sin no more. So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

"Has God not chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him? But you have dishonored the poor man. Do not the rich oppress you and drag you into the courts? Do they not blaspheme that noble name by which you are called?" James 2:5-7

Μακάριοι οι πτωχοί τω πνεύματι, επειδή δεν κάνουν κακό. με αυτόν τον τρόπο να σέβονται το νόμο. Μακάριοι οι πράοι, επειδή είναι ταπεινοί.

με αυτόν τον τρόπο δεν είναι σαρκικά και θα είναι ευλογημένο από το πνεύμα και θα είναι σε θέση να κατανοήσουμε την Αγία Γραφή. όπου ο σαρκικός δεν μπορεί. με αυτόν τον τρόπο ο Θεός έκανε το σοφό αυτού του κόσμου ανόητο


experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Right here in our physical world opposites attract. Our physical world is full of dualities as in - Negative and + positive polarities. Opposites atract as any stientist can prove beyond a shadow of doubt.

The Law Of Attraction however is one of the fundamental laws of life and works all the time and for everything including manifesting. In the physical world it works on the principle of opposites attract and in the manifesting of desires it works on the principle of like attracts like. Yes I know it sounds very confusing but it is true. Without the Law Of Attraction life simply wouldnt exist.

Lets take a simple atom for instance. It contains a nucleus which is + positively charged and orbiting this nucleus are electrons which are - negatively charged. All matter including our physical bodies are made of atoms. (if you dont know what an atom looks like imagine our solar system only millions of times smaller and it resembles the atom perfectly.) The + positive neucleus and the -negative electrons attract each other and the atom in its natural state is in equilibrium. Our physical world is nothing more than groopings of atoms in various states of vibration. Even all of this is nothing more than energy although it is en extremly dense form of energy.

So why is it that in using the Law of Attraction when manifesting they say like attracts like? Isnt it suposed to be as above so below and as within so without? Yes it is and if one has to delve deeply into the subject one will find out that is exactly how it works. All of life workes on the same principles. Even in manifesting there are negatives and positives and they attract each other but to not confuse many who do not have the scientific knowledge it is much easier to say like attracts like for in the end that is the result. By the way like attracts like is only for mnifesting and not to be confused with our physical world.

Hope I havent confused you even more.

Love and Light


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Paulina 1

there are rules within Nature
and she is usually exacting,
everything does have a polar opposite,
yet like vibrations are attractive to each other


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Hello Jai, here is some enlightening info ...

Definition of opposites that attract ... "i'm willing to accept that everything is meaningless, if you're willing to accept that we're madly in love" ;


and here is a definition of like attracts like ... "we are all unique and different from each other but somewhere and somehow we share common links" ;


It reminds me of that double spin game ... tossing a coin in the air i say to my friend "heads i win, tails you lose" ?!

have a great day


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blubird two

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you know what blubird opposite magnets attract. but do you know that they are align in the same way meanning that is why they get attract together. and when you have 2 negative or 2 positive facing each other they repulse. is it because they are not align in the same direction? magnetic and electric are very similar you get electric when all the atom are moving together align in the same way in the wire. and you can change electric to magnetic or magnetic to electric. experience and enjoy.

(17 Nov '11, 01:31) white tiger

or you can change the magnet for people if they are walking and facing each other they will push the other one. but if they go in the same direction they will follow each other. experience and enjoy.

(17 Nov '11, 01:33) white tiger

Magenets obviously attract opposite poles to eachother. I think magnetism and gravity would not fall under the LOA.

It doesn't say Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the Earth. It says, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." and "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." If you leave out "in spirit," it has a different meaning.

It has been asked here if one must suffer greatly before they become spiritual. Maybe that is what this is about. Poor in spirit means lacking resources spiritually. Who seeks for spirituality, the spiritually rich, or the spiritually poor? Jesus said he didn't come to save the righteous, but to save the lost. So, blessed are the lost because they will be found. Blessed are the spiritual orphans for they will be adopted into the family of God and be joint heirs with Jesus. People who are not spiritually orphaned, don't need to be adopted. I am not trying to add anything to the Bible here, just illustrate a little.

"Take the case of Mother Teresa: she was called by God to treat the poorest of the poor. She thus sought out these people. But she attracted to herself, because of her actions, the highest vibrational people on the planet."

What do you mean she attracted to herself the highest vibrational people on the planet? Mother Theresa attracted people to her that needed help because her vibration matched. Her vibration came from a place of thinking that people need help, or her need to feel needed. But she held a belief that matched their vibration. That is a match. We can have different vibrations surrounding differnt ideas or issues. Her vibration was high enough to not get the diseases she was around.

So, we can attract people into our lives that match our vibration surrounding specific issues, but not others.


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Fairy Princess

I don't know enough about the physics of it all, but if what you say is true, we could attract ourselves to a different planet by changing our vibration?

(04 Sep '11, 17:05) Fairy Princess

What I meant was that because of her work, her fame grew, and she actually attracted to her people of very high vibrations- Pope John Paul ii Princess Di and so on...not to mention all the women of high vibrations who joined her order.

(05 Sep '11, 04:18) Jaianniah

I don't think it has so much to do with poles, but beliefs. When you cast your desire, you 'tag' what you want. Since everything is connected, or one, then there is a direct line from you to your tagged desire. Like the tubes at the bank. So when you tag something, it creates this tube for your tagged desire to get to you. However, limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, etc... can block your tube so that your tagged desire cannot reach you. So the goal is to remove the blocks from your tube, so your tagged desire can get through to you.


answered 15 Nov '11, 19:48

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Fairy Princess

They attract each other. Each is on it's own terms. They just happen to agree from different viewpoints. The kicker is, that it is still relative. It depends on the history of the people involved. Some very like people get along too. But there is always some differences. That is what makes the bond. The universe is one big battery.


answered 30 Dec '11, 23:41

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The Knights Alchemy

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