do you agree with the following?

"not taking action manifests your desire but feeling good about taking action manifests it. so you could ultimately forget about taking action at all and feel good all day long to manifest your desire."

is this true for you? if so, how do you know? or is it just a lazy mans attitude?

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@releaser99- Despite I've been on IQ for a while now, I'm still not exactly a jedi master when it comes to deliberate manifestation, however, I feel you are on the right path here; yes, action is purely just to make yourself feel better about something (or...action is correspondence to following your belief system- you cannot get on top of a roof without climbing it, so to speak).

(09 Oct '12, 07:43) Nikulas
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action is the result or decision of the will
whether conscious or unconscious and
usually has one or more intentions that
the chosen way is to accomplish

a reason to try to know why you decide
and on what level your projection of
generative power manifests


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