I had a query and I need your advice on it..-

Nowadays I hardly get time to script anything..about my future because of my hectic schedule..

In past days,I wrote a lot like.."I have written about next 40 years of my life'', but,I feel like I should edit few things and rewrite it again..as few of things have not happened, But I can not get enough time for it.

So suppose it doesn't get written. Is it that only those written things that will happen/ Will those things that are now in my mind happen?

Whatever time I get in between my work.I am really tired and I am not inspired to write anything...

In fact..,in my daily schedule as well, I just do daily morning walk,yoga, meditation (of 15 min.) and gratitude (earlier I used to write but,now I do it in my mind).

But,I must say there are many advantages of hectic schedule. I am busy all the time and have no time to think about useless things. and I guess letting go is much easier in such schedules.

So,I would love to hear your answers.., you all are much loved and appreciated..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..

stay happy, stay blessed..

supergirl :)))

sorry for this confusing question, i really apolojise..,

i just wanted to ask that.." is writing our desires on the piece of paper is necessary or simply projecting it in our mind will be ok..?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

supergirl, mindless reactions of business may not be in your best interest for self development and once chosen may conflict with your ideals

(27 Jan '13, 06:19) fred

i must admit your question is puzzling me, i don't understand what your question is

(27 Jan '13, 10:49) blubird two

thanks for clarifying :) ... now i'll think up some smart answer :)

(27 Jan '13, 13:56) blubird two

There is no special power in the written word.

(27 Jan '13, 15:24) flowsurfer

Your Invisible Power How-to Bring the power in your word into action http://www.psitek.net/pages/PsiTekYIP12.html In your every word there is the power germ that expands and projects itself in the direction your word indicates, and ultimately develops into physical expression. For example, you wish to establish joy in your consciousness. Just repeat the word "joy" secretly, persistently and emphatically. The joy germ begins to expand and project itself until your whole being is filled with joy,

(29 Jan '13, 08:46) Starlight

This is not a mere fancy, but a truth. Once you experience this power, you will "daily prove that these facts have not been fabricated to fit a theory, but the theory has been built up by careful observation of facts." Everyone knows that joy comes from within. Another may give you cause for joy, but no one can be joyous for you. Joy is a state of consciousness, and consciousness is purely Troward says, "Mental."

(29 Jan '13, 08:47) Starlight

@starlight- thank u fr the info :))

(29 Jan '13, 11:24) supergirl
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The best way to manifest anything ( I'm paraphrasing Stingray here) is to focus very clearly on what you want and then immediately stand out of the way of it coming by forgetting about it. This is exactly what manifesting experiment 1 is all about and allows you to do. When you Focus very clearly on something once and then let it go it will usually manifest very quickly because you haven't built up any negative thoughts about the absence of it. I guess this explains instant manifestations.

As @Flowsurfer said there is nothing special about the writing something down. However it does give you a stronger point of focus. If you feel better about writing down what you want then it will benefit you. Focusing and then Allowing are the two key elements in manifesting so I believe that anything that helps you focus the energy of what you want more clearly is going to be helpful. Focusing is really the easy part, it's the Allowing part more of us have difficulty with:)

Writing things down brings your desire Into physical form.

Writing helps you gain clarity and further refine your desire into something you absolutely know you want.

Writing allows your desire to stand alone without being surrounded by the clutter that normally exists in our thoughts regarding what we want.

Wealth beyond reason


answered 27 Jan '13, 16:04

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@satori-thank u so much..for ur wonderful answer.. :)))

(28 Jan '13, 04:44) supergirl

@Satori "Focusing is really the easy part, it's the Allowing part more of us have difficulty with." Well said! I think this is because many people are trained to DO something all the time. So "allowing" sounds not very sexy and important. Although it is really the most important part.

(28 Jan '13, 18:10) releaser99

@Supergirl - Your welcome:)

@Releaser99 -Thanks, I agree, there is not much power in Doing without Being first:)

(28 Jan '13, 19:21) Satori

@Satori- And, why stop at writing it down on a piece of paper? Create an email account just for God, and let her know! Send it on a text on your phone to Gods work fax. Make it a letter and send it off into the mail, addressed "to the funny one". I so agree, writing it down gives it a stronger form of focus, hence as does, in nearly all cases, having a visual picture.

(30 Jan '13, 18:31) Nikulas

Hey Nikulas , I like the email account idea ,be an easy also of seeing , how long one held themselves in resistance ;-)

(30 Jan '13, 19:10) Starlight

@Starlight- I feel the need to credit I stole the email idea from, surprise, somebody elses idea posted here on IQ.

(31 Jan '13, 01:32) Nikulas

Just had to give you that +1 for a terrific answer, and I hope it gives you the badge you deserve!!! Well done! <3 Jai

(03 Feb '13, 02:31) Jaianniah

@Jai- Thank you very much:)

(03 Feb '13, 06:17) Satori
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Satori has already given a really good answer, so now i won't have to rack my brains to do so, lol. Having said that i would like to add something about the "stronger point of focus" that he mentions ... a freshly written word has about the same "force" as a focused thought, and both enter into resonance with the idea that they represent. As a physical object, the written word pulls in ambient energy, "magnetizes" itself, just as a sponge soaks up water, and this process continues and reaches a maximum after around 72 hours ... it becomes valorized. This process can be speeded up using various graphics, the best graphic probably being the decagon, the written word is placed on the decagone

alt text

and the "word" becomes valorized to it's maximum value in a matter of seconds depending on the size of the decagon, the bigger the decagone the faster it works ... have fun

here is the servranx graphic number 52 the decagon


Update 2 feb 2013 - Whilst on the subject of 10 anchor points, base 10 is the vibration of the planet earth ... that can be represented by the magic square, consisting of 9 numbers, the circumference representing the 0 ... and explains beautifully why the symbol of the earth is a cube and the number 4 ... all this fits in with the nine star ki, the bashar enneagrammatic circuit, the four basic regions of the earth, fire, water, air and earth ... and the ten worlds described in the quabala and many other systems of thought.
alt text


answered 28 Jan '13, 03:53

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blubird two

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@bb2-thank u swethrt..for the wonderful answer n the info. ..and i wld love to know more about the relation of graphics and the manifestations.

(28 Jan '13, 04:47) supergirl

the relation between graphics and manifestations is a vast subject ... i suggest that you post a question about it on IQ

(28 Jan '13, 10:23) blubird two

@bb2- thank you dear..,i l post it as separate question on IQ.

(28 Jan '13, 11:38) supergirl

@blubird two, @supergirl - I too would love to know more about the graphics-manifesting relationship. I eagerly await this question being asked... :)

(28 Jan '13, 15:24) lozenge123

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. the word is truth.

(28 Jan '13, 17:46) white tiger

@blubird two, Just curious...after reading your new post about graphics and manifestation...why is the decagon in particular the best shape for using in this manner? Something about the number 10, or its relation to other shapes? Thank again.

(30 Jan '13, 11:28) lozenge123

thanks for the probing question lozenge123 ... the graphic is a drawing in the "physical world" ... by stellation


we obtain 10 virtual anchor points where the extended lines cross (virtual in this case meaning outside of the physical world) hence within the "invisible world", the world of imagination if you prefer ... the decagon acts as a double (reversible) doorway into the invisible ...

(31 Jan '13, 02:41) blubird two

we now have access to the ten invisible worlds represented by the well known symbols 0123456789 ... the other geometric shapes give other combinations into "other worlds"

(31 Jan '13, 02:43) blubird two
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I believe writing down the things enable one to see what he/she desires clearly, and it is same as visualizing your intention. But let me tell few other things as well.

We all are vibrational entities and we are attracting things that match our current vibrations. When we are thinking about/writing down our goals, we are giving energy to it. Our state of mind, our thought process, our brain all start to vibrate with a rhythm. And this is what attracts the thing.

There is no point on writing something down and the very next moment feeling the lack of it, as we are vibrating the lack here. So the best thing would be to change the way one feels and guiding the emotion to a level where you will have only abundance. A desire once made, is granted immediately. But to fill the physical gap, we need to fill our inner void first.

Even if you are not getting enough time to write down your thoughts, you can very well judge them by noticing how you are feeling when you think about them. We are the creator here, and every seconds we are creating thoughts (things). And when there is no resistance or lack present, there is no other way left than moving towards your beautiful goal. :)

Have fun.

With Love,



answered 29 Jan '13, 07:44

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Found this yesterday in a youtube vid entitiled "21 Ways to Rause your vibration "

The reason Gratitiude Journals and Thankfullness lists work is because just like Cognitive Behavioural Training you can make Neuro-pharmacological and Neuro-biological changes with a shift in your focus on gratitude . There are thousands of Neurons which are physically recruited to write down a thought , instead of just typing it into a computer screen :-)

(29 Jan '13, 08:01) Starlight

@starlight- thank u so much fr all the wonderful info. m glad tht ur here to tell us abt al these facts. :))

(29 Jan '13, 11:41) supergirl

@EuDave- thank u so muchhhhh fr such a wonderful answer.. :)))

(29 Jan '13, 11:42) supergirl

@EuDave, I really got on board with this last night , now I'm no artist but I kinda like cartoon style things so got a felt pen and drew a Big Heart , inside it eyes a nose and a huge smile , outside vibe marks and this flowed into smaller hearts diminishing in size but all linked together like a kite , the feeling was awesome ! Abraham said one thought leads to another and thats exactly what happened .....

(29 Jan '13, 21:05) Starlight

I'm gonna go with the flow on this , it feels like play , try other desires and who knows , I might have found my magic wand ;-)

(29 Jan '13, 21:07) Starlight

yup..true starlight :)) , n u knw its fun drawing.., as it fulfills two purposes..,one of havng fun n another "manifesting exercise..".. isn't tht great???

(29 Jan '13, 23:43) supergirl

Drawing has never been my forte , poetry more my style , but my drawings this morning have already born fruit , much appreciation Universe xx

(30 Jan '13, 00:22) Starlight
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if he writes thoughts are put to words,
and he sounds them out as if from an
auditory channel seeking
existence, a space in time
he knows not if it be necessary


answered 29 Jan '13, 20:35

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thank u fred..fr the answer :))

(29 Jan '13, 23:44) supergirl

I find that expectation is of primary importance. I have tried writing my future, using pictures, meditations, and even mind movies that I had made. What had brought the greatest result is expectation.

When we pray we are suppose to expect results. I used to get excited thinking about something I wanted saying, "I'll get one of those! I am going to get one of those! It will be so cool!" I would show my friends a picture in a magazine and say I am going to get one of those. They say, "oh cool, when?" I don't know but I will have one someday."

Whatever it was, I would always get, it would find a way to me.


answered 03 Feb '13, 01:14

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Wade Casaldi


wow..amazingg.., even i am one of tht kind..,who always says to my friends tht , "i am gonna get this soon..", well, thank u so much wade fr the wonderful answer..GOD bless..:)))

(03 Feb '13, 06:08) supergirl

Yes, I believe that writing desire on a piece of paper might be helpful to fulfill all. There is an approach to accomplish it and you have to zero in on your fantasies, you have to get your issues settled. There must be no interruption for you on the grounds that each fantasy or want requires some sort of penance and some sort of solidarity to accomplish it. You will be able to visualize what exactly you need and through that, you can manifest your desire into reality. We have to believe in ourselves and we can see our actual potential.


answered 07 Oct '20, 10:47

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