Unfortunately during the signup process my entire question was deleted but I'll try to sum this up the best I can because I normally free flow and all my info is best then.

I've been alone for roughly 5 years other than a few internet buddies to pass time when I'm bored. This isn't because of any issues, although I've had a rough childhood. I just can't find like minded people anywhere.

When I was a child, I blended in with everyone unconsciously. I was a different person but my "social senses" made me realize I had to blend in to be accepted and thrive. Perks of our brains viewing banishment from the tribe as worse than death D:

So I put on my mask and this "blending in" became more than a mask. I was young, impressionable. It merged with my personality.

I was always the leader with a nice handful of close friends. Become I blended in, I was extremely popular. Carefree, decently confident, a social butterfly, loved by many, hated by many, but I didn't care either way. I was extremely optimistic and positive.

Fast forward a bit and my reality gets shattered, my mask with it. Due to some extremely traumatic events I lost myself for a very long time sinking into the waters of anxiety and depression. I didn't lose my friends in this phase but it was obvious to everyone something happened. The kid who laughed and smiled now had a blank look, spending more time alone than with others. I still socialized in healthy amounts though.

Things kept getting worse, and high school rolled around. I had friends in high school, actually more than I did in elementary school but that quickly faded. Anxiety and depression made me abandon school serveral times. People were no longer viewed as people other than my circle of friends at the time. Everyone seemed robotic and empty. Not trustworthy, a waste of time partying and getting high.

My mindset shifted from "blend in" to "be myself". As a result I lost every single one of my friends but I didn't care. Seeing others waste their time just motivated me to stop wasting my own time. Not only with people, but with school.

I eventually made the decision to fully drop out and create my new path. I was tired of following orders simply because I was told to, I was tired of the society system as a whole. These epiphanies led me to completely different planes of consciousness, far from the normal that everyone else was into.

That time is also when I learned to be independent. For everything. For several years I felt lonely, torn away from the lack of social interaction and banishment from the tribe but that loneliness soon turned into acceptance as I realized there was nothing wrong with me, its just a result of my experiences leading me to whole different mental levels. They couldn't possibly comprehend me even if I did speak.

I started learning how to make myself happy, practicing gratitude, abundance, happiness, loving all, and even praising all of creation. I soon found I had more power than I realized, I alone could shoulder my reality. That eye opening experience showed me I didn't NEED a tribe, because I AM my tribe.

I had some social interaction online with likeminded people, I still have absolutely no issues with socializing surprisingly. Yes I lost a lot of my edge with humor and what not, but my conversational skills are as sharp as ever.

So, recently I decided to start my own business(s). I'm starting with one that is an agency. I know it seems a little unrealistic for a 17 year old to own such a thing, but I have the talent and have already learned the skills.

The problem is... a one man agency is not viable. I have been shouldering all the work but it leaves me with no time to stretch. The whole point of financial independence is the ability to be free, not to still be enslaved.

Therefore, I have realized I have to switch my paradigm to "do it all myself because only I can" to "sometimes you need the help of others".

Without the LOA and manifesting using my own energy I've tried my best to make friends but theres not many opportunities. I'm no longer in school, I can't go to bars, no meet up events interest me, and even with searching on social media and talking to many through social media I cannot find a single person who doesn't embody "party hard, get high, be a sex object". My city is super notorious for those kinds of people sadly.

The only viable option of talking to people seems to be social media, so the manifested person would most likely contact me from there. I don't have a profile photo (for personal reasons) so I don't know if that would hinder the process.

I want to start small... manifest one person. I don't need any more, because one person is enough to finish my startup and create more opportunities to make friends with like-minded people. The LOA and my own efforts would work very harmonously but for now its that first step which is a singular person.

I've tried many LOA techniques with no success, I don't know where I'm going wrong. I'm not in a state of need because I've learned how to make myself happy, I don't think I have any beliefs blocking the right people (though I may), but the LOA has worked for me in many other instances such as getting a free extra pizza (cmon, who wouldnt use LOA for free pizza), opportunities to come my way, and solutions for problems to present themselves for me. I do have to contribute a large portion of my evolution to the LOA and whatever other forces were assisting me. The things I found could not be found from normal research means, I know that for a fact.

I don't know if this matters but I've been trying to manifest (not actively manifest, I'd use a loa technique once or twice a week while being in a state of receiving) a girl as a friend, not romantic who would not only be my business partner, but in my "navy seal team" which means extremely, extremely close friend group. These are your "ride or die" people. I would want to hang out with her sometimes, share my experiences and new knowledge with her which she could contribute to as I would like her to be like-minded, maybe workout together sometimes, go for walks, and of course above all talk about the business and work together on it. She would have to be passionate about it and share my vision.

So why will it assist me with everything but this thing? I would appreciate the insight and tips, thank you!

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Congratulations on creating your own business at such a young age, I'd like to add that I know that you can do this, and you should.

Your experience with pain is universal- it is good that it happened, because it will allow you to have experiences that otherwise you couldn't, that are crucial for your spiritual evolution. It does change you, but those changes are good. It is not an excuse to say that the experiences made you who you are, that is literally the reason you chose to have them, on a spiritual level. You use them for your spiritual evolution, and from then on, you will connect more easily to those who also had them.

In manifestation, the formula is always the same: You visualize, verbalize, you energize, and you let it go. I work mainly with the Huna version of this, where it is called "Haipule": You take a few deep breaths, you imagine what you want, you make a statement about you want, you do something physical about what you want, and then you turn it over to your higher mind to manifest and forget about it.

There are a number of ways to do this- five minute sessions, extended two hour sessions, or, the Huna favorite: The ultra-condensed ten second session. You imagine your perfect business partner for a few seconds, you make a positive statement about your partner, you reaffirm your confidence with a gesture, you send the energy to your higher mind, and decide the session is now complete. Huna practitioners have found that doing the ten-second session dozens or even a hundred times a day works much better to bring your new imagined dream into your current life dream than longer and rarer sessions.

However, somewhat more extended sessions are still good for clearing blocks- my favorite is to gently repeat to yourself for quite a while, "whatever this is about this is forgiven". It's called blanket forgiveness. The other clearing method that works a charm comes from Bashar: When you have a bad feeling, focus on it, and ask: What would I have to believe in order to feel this? When an answer comes up and it seems nonsensical, that is the end of the process, your mind will let it go.

The combination of frequent 10 second Haipule sessions, combined with clearing sessions as needed, should get you well on the way of dreaming your business partner into existance.

On the level of taking action, in our society, what you are describing goes by the name of "business networking". You find people who are in the same boat as you, you call them, and you have lunch with them. This is perfectly normal behavior in the entrepreneur tribe. If you click with them, you continue to see them now and then, and you may decide to do some kind of project with them. The point at which you do this is normally where you both realize that it would be unreasonable not to, because what you are doing is such a good match. When that becomes a repeat thing because it works so well, at some point you start calling them your business partner. This may happen almost immediately, or you may build a large network of business acquaintances first. Both are fine, and how much energy you put into the networking process itself depends on how much you enjoy getting to know a lot of different high powered entrepreneurs and other interesting people.

One of my best friends right now I met because I bought some audio equipment from him and we just fell in love on the spot, in friendship terms. So being alone for a while is good, it frees you to gravitate towards people who are more in line with who you are, and are becoming.

Trust Yourself.

Best of success, and Aloha!


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