I've seen this claim about Bill Gates many times on the internet and don't know if it is true. Does anyone have a definite answer?

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John Drake

...No clue. If it were, are you going to read the Master Key? If you do, take the time to also find out what Bill Gates did after reading the Master Key.


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user-32 (yahoo)

Look around and into the past .. there are millions who follow their teacher's or spiritual master's teachings to the last dotted i .... look at the followers of Jesus and Buddha ... monks and disciples .. was there ever any other Jesus or a Buddha .. ? U have Ur own path to follow, look within and follow that bliss .... U can not be someone else but if U look to Ur path U can be a Buddha twice enlightened or a Bill Gates thrice affluent ...

Maybe God made U in His image but He also made animals and plants, so does that make God a potential plant or an animal ? He must feel really let down and disappointed by the way we go about doing and assuming things... don't wish or try to be a carbon copy of someone else ... U can not be someone or something else but U ... be true and seek within ... all U need is a sprinkling of courage to be true to Ur highest potential and a bit of initiative .. every thing else falls in place ..


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Anubis 1

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By asking whether or not Bill Gates read it you are kind of asking whether Bill Gates consciously created his vast fortune.

Well, he did...otherwise he wouldn't have it, since the Law of Attraction responds to all conscious vibrational output.

Whether he knows exactly how he did it is another matter and probably is what your question is really getting at.

Oprah, the world's wealthiest woman (I think), is quite open in telling people that her vast fortune comes from the conscious application of universal law.


answered 14 Oct '09, 06:35

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Would be interesting to set up the interview with Bill Gates to learn his steps in becoming successful businessman. And then this question will be resolved by itself.:)


answered 05 Oct '09, 01:48

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It wouldn't surprise me.


answered 05 Oct '09, 19:55

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Probably not. See http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa.cgi?C=1315535

There is a Master Key FAQ, written by someone who is a believer, here:


He says:

That is a rumour that has been going around the Internet now for a few years. From what I could uncover about it, though, I would say no. There is no proof that he did.


answered 13 Oct '09, 05:30

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The author of that article seems to have an agenda of his own. He admits he has not had any contact with Bill Gates but then comes out with definitive statements like "the fact is that Bill Gates did not read The Master Key System whilst attending Harvard nor did it influence him to begin Microsoft" just based on his own assumptions.

(13 Oct '09, 06:32) John Drake

Fair enough. But my experience with these things is that, 90 to 95% of the time, they can be attributed to rumor and conjecture. Unless someone could talk to Bill and confirm it, such a conjecture really doesn't carry any weight, IMO.

(13 Oct '09, 20:28) Vesuvius

I think he probably done more trial and error like most of them done and paid attention to his results and continue on that way.

Now when you got a few people that group together and are bringing different talents to the table than you differently have an greater chance for succeeding. He had an partner as well. Also I think postive attuide and sheer gut persistent of believing in yourself or your product and just keeping on with it until others believe in you to or believe in your products. Because if you believe in yourself you radiate it out there to others and they pick up on your high vibrations and they start believing you it works both ways you can project negative vibrations of not believing in your self and people pick up on that and don't believe in you.

We convey an lot through our thought process both concious and subconciously, our speaking and our body languages.


answered 17 Oct '09, 17:57

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The definite answer is "NO"


answered 22 Apr '10, 12:03

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So you are Bill Gates?

(22 Apr '10, 13:58) Stingray

I share the same views with Stingray on this topic.

(22 Apr '10, 14:12) MUHD

How is this answer definitive?

(30 Apr '10, 11:54) carlo.capocasa
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Nobody knows except Bill himself, or until somebody interviews him and he reveals it.

Keeping in mind that Bill Gates started Microsoft with Paul Allen after they dropped out of university because they were more interested in getting the ball rolling than waste more time in university. There are so many other factors that were in play. Bill Gates doesn't deserve the full credit for Microsoft and windows. For example he copied the "windows" idea from Apple back in the 70's. Bill's mother was on the board of some group (United Way?) which she met the big guy at IBM computers and that's how the deal started which made him his fortune. Bill was a ruthless businessman. Bill was a "workaholic" who use to sleep under his desk at the office. The list goes on! Thousands and thousands of people built Microsoft and Bill's fortune, with their idea's and hard work, Bill was CEO and owner! (Paul Allen got squeezed out somehow)

I use to build convention show's for Microsoft in various locations (never met Bill). Remember seeing a video of him and his directors in a room and they were coming up with the idea's and Bill would say "Prove to me" that this will work!!......"it wasn't even Bill's idea?"

Anyway that's enough rambling and as a final note; I don't think he would have read the Master Key. His history looked like he followed the thing he loved to do, which was program computers and he partnered in business with the person who had the same passion and their energy just snowballed!!! and that energy just attracted thousands of people to this "revolutionary exciting idea"


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Everyone puts the law of attraction into operation ... and often we are not consciously aware that we are responsible for the results ... those people who achieve tremendous success are not always conscious of why or how they do it ... Bill Gates may have read The Master Key System, only he knows for sure.


answered 12 Nov '11, 17:03

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blubird two

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