Two months ago while we with my companion were crossing a half-kilometer bridge in our place, I saw the middle of the bridge went down as we approach the other end. To make sure that I was not hallucinating I asked my companion to observe the middle of the bridge if it was going down and answered its straight. Recently, what I saw became a reality when a typhoon with heavy continuous rains for 24 hours ravaged our town sending thousands climbing to the roof of their houses due flooding. The bridge collapsed in its mid span due to strong water current. What's this phenomenon called?

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ESP stands for the Extra Sensory Perceptions. A mental impression perceived by your senses through mental pictures, smell, taste, or feelings. You are froze at that moment in time as you observe and maybe even feel; this is where your conscious has for whatever reason tape into this fragment of time and froze you there as you watch or observe as things are still going on in your moment in time but you have been transformed in time mentally for an moment in time while life is still going on in your present time. You might even have came across an portal or an thining of the fragments of time an space so that you may be able to perceive more clearly what is happening in that spot sometime into the future. The walls of time sometimes or thiner in some places and there are different bridges or gaps to enter into for an moment in real time.

You are seeing into the warp of time fragments or peices of the puzzle of what is going to happen maybe but their are an lot of variables out there that can change the fragment of time but for the moment if nothing changes than this is what is going to happen sometime into the future. You just happen to see into the warp of time just for an moment for you did not see the complete picture and even if you had it could change according to the many variables so if it does change it does not mean that you did not see it right it was just that you saw it right for that moment in time if nothing else changes.


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ESP as Flowingwater said is extra sensory perceptions, our standard sensory perception includes sight, hearing, smelling, feeling, and tasting. ESP is often called the sixth sense however in ESP there are many senses. Such as reading minds, telling the future, seeing visions of the other worlds, hearing voices from the other worlds, feeling beings from other worlds, the other worlds are dimensions beyond ordinary.

Your experience was the sense of knowing something not yet, precognition knowing before.

Everything has a vibration a frequency and something like what you experienced is of a different frequency than usual. So you could pick up on the frequency change and seeing what was going to happen. Similar to watching a football game and from the stands you can see where and guy running with the ball is going is a bad choice but he can not see that yet because can only see where he is at running and slightly ahead of him where he is going. You having the higher perspective can see the whole field, this is similar to what you experienced. You could for a moment see this future event that no one else could see. That event was a great change in energy field, you could see the change coming up, I have another example.

A woman was going to get on an elevator, the doors opened up and as she went to step in the elevator she noticed something everyone in the elevator seemed dull like they had no aura, she felt uneasy about this and decided to not get on. The doors closed and not too long later the elevator plunged to the bottom killing all those people.

Since everything is energy in vibration things that on the surface seem to change drastically really ease into transition like a sound wave pattern. You picked up on that it was approaching the apex where it was ready to drop like a roller coaster, so you saw this vision of what was to come much like someone on a roller coaster even before reaching the top fully pretty much knows what is coming soon.


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What you had happen seems to fall into the category of precognition - knowing before the event. I have resorted to Wikipedia for more answers to your question


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Precognition is a well known phenomenon.


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