I have been needing to make a decision for a couple years now, between staying in a place I dislike for someone I deeply care about (and also for career reasons- I've built my business here...unfortunately) Or move back to a place I loved, thrived at, lived wholeheartedly and joyosly in, but that would leave me alone and more lost/without any idea of how to make my career work, would probably depress me in other ways.

I've been struggling with this crossroads for two years now and it has made my life full of havoc. Where to turn? What do crossroads in your life mean- especially when you are trying to tease out the difference between your heart...and your heart? Has anyone else had experience with this? I have tried to make a transformation, possibly drop my life goals, trying to reassess and getting no resolution on what to sacrifice.


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For me it has always meant that I was willing to make the decision by not making a decision. I am not proud of that fact. If you can get up the courage to actually decide and close the door on the dream, or the reality then you may find peace as you face your future. Good luck.


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