About a year and a half ago I started dating a friend of mine. I had actually manifested him from wanting someone else, but never thought in a million years that it would be him that showed up. It was kind of crazy but that's a whole other story. The connection was incredible and something both of us had never experienced before. Truly unbelievable.

Exactly like a twin flame from what I have read. Completely head over heels in love. Both of us. At the time I was reading loa books and practicing religiously for about 3 years. When he came into my experience I let it all fall by the wayside a bit. I did change a little and became a little more insecure about the relationship. He started to distance himself more and more and finally broke it off a few months ago. I wasn't by any means psycho *, just started to question him here and there stuff that now I realize was nothing.

We never really fought and even though I was upset it was a pretty quiet break. I was devastated. I got right back to my LOA practices. To this day I read and watch everything on youtube on the subject. I've done visualizations and keep a journal. I fall asleep listening to anything on the subject or meditations every night. I am extremely good at manifesting but it's things I don't care about that show up instantly almost.

I want this way too badly and I realize letting go is part of my problem. I'm working on that now. I have my days when I'm happy and times that I do start to cry. Thing is, since I have been doing all of this I get crazy signs. I was seeing his model and color (black) truck everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE when this first happened. I even looked up the top selling truck in the US and this one was 3 or 4. That's how many I would see. Was positive it had to be #1.

At that time I wanted to not see them because I wanted to put him out of my head so I said ok I don't want to see the same color I'll pay attention to red ones which aren't really a common color for a truck like that. Plus red means love so if I see them it will soften my feelings knowing that he still loves me. Every day I pull out of my street onto the main rd I see at least one red and tons throughout the day. Every single day.

Not just red either every color imaginable. They are behind me, pulling in parking beside me, everywhere I turn my head there's one parked or at a stoplight. Some days it's almost scary. I also see and hear his first name a lot whether it's someone running after their kid which always is right next to me, or I'll click to comment on something on my fb and there will be someone with the same first name.

Or a random new client will call with the same name. It's not a common first name. Even his last name (which is what he goes by often) I will hear on TV quite a bit. It's truly mind blowing. Even my friends have witnessed these things and are astounded. Just last night I was reading the secret stories on relationships and someone posted a story that exactly was my situation to a T. I could have written it! The ending was a happy one.

All of my clients who have broken up with their boyfriends/girlfriends who were absolutely were over and broken up for months from what they told me are now back together. ALL of them! The biggest one of all is I was in the mall and walked into a craft store I had never been in. I was walking and in the main aisle was a display of big metal letters.

There was about 3 rows of them. The middle one caught my eye as it was all color letters and the one above and below were almost all black. There were 5 letters across. The first 3 were the first 3 of his last name. The last of the 3 (the last letter of the 3 in his last is the first letter of my first name) spelled out the first 3 of my first name. Which basically is my nickname.

ALL IN COLOR. I almost fell over. I realize that this is all obvious but nothing happens, we haven't spoken in months and I can't help but think I'm just bringing all of these "like" things to me because the universe is only going to give me these "like" things and not what I actually want.

Deep down I know it's going to happen it really can't not, but it's so difficult to not let my mind say "what if." What do you think? Am I just crazy??

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Deep down I know it's going to happen it really can't not What do you think is going to happen?

Why are you surprised by all these occurences? You seem to be surprised that the law works as expected. The more you focus on his name, the make and model of his car or its color, the more of it you will see. Also, the more you focus on the phenomena of seeing all these things, the more of such phenomena you will experience, along with the astoundment and the surprise and that you are describing. That is, the actual experience of seeing all those things, giving them your attention, being surprised (or shocked), in a way, gives you more of those things along with the feeling that you get when you're seeing the law of attraction operating right in front of your eyes (and often it does - sometimes in a few mere seconds you can see a manifestation of your prior thoughts).

The same goes for your friends - they're all sucked into your reality/perspective, and in a way, they will support your view and experiences, such as the ones you're describing. Your friends are just a multiplicity of the essence of your vibration on this situation, so they'll often see what you see. What you're going through will happen everywhere in your reality - as you're finding out. The essence of what goes in your mind (and on a lower level - your vibration) will manifest wherever it's conducive to the operation of the law of attraction. The same goes for the story someone posted describing a similar relationship situation.

What you focus on - as is - is. What you think is how it will be (consciously or unconsciously, of course).

You ask whether your experiences are signs that you're on the right track...

There is no track (in a way which you mean, that it's a track towards something destined), as such. You make your own. You focus on it as it is, you'll get more of it as it is. Do expect this to lead somewhere? Then that's the track you're projecting for yourself. If the story by someone else that you've mentioned was a happy ending, it doesn't mean that yours will be - it could be, but it's a choice for you. What's the right track for you, to get back together? Then accept that it's what you want, and not wait for the Youniverse to deliver to you what you're unsure about yourself. If you concretely make your mind up about what you want (say...to get your ex back), then maybe your question should be (a separate one) about how to do that :)

Your current focus isn't on the "lack of" this person as such, your focus is, as is, on all the manifestations of the remnants of the essence of this person that are occuring (as described above, your focus is strongly on the phenomena and the weirdness of it all manifesting in your experience).

Believe about your own happy ending - that's what will be. That's all there is to it: what you believe will happen (whether you want it, or not). But "happy ending" has infinite manifestations, does it not? :) Can you see the possibility of your happy ending not actually involving that exact person anymore? There are many happy endings, even happier than getting back together (if that even turns out to be a happy ending - it's all hypothetical at this point).

In my experience, people come back in many incarnations, having that essence of someone else I've encountered before (usually someone I've encountered in the past on a frequent basis). In fact, I find myself surrounded by the same energy or essence that reminds me of the people I've interacted closely in my life. Let them go - but not in a way that you put a big fat cross on them and try to forget them. They might come back, but only if they are who you are at that moment. What drove you apart were bits of vibration that were not resonating in both of you. If you relax, you'll find that either those people will change and come back, or someone else will replace them - having all those things you love, minus the essence that drove you and your ex apart. The replacements tend to be a more compatible, interesting and fun version.

Don't focus on getting back together or that (or any) person specifically. Focus on how you feel today, your vibration; work on yourself. It's about being happy, aligned now, no matter what. The rest will indeed be taken care of by itself. Someone looking like that person, feeling like that person, will walk into your life, just keep an open mind :) And you honestly won't mind that they're not your ex. Your old reality (with the former partner/incarnation) will feel alien, distant; not matching your present vibration; it will feel like an empty hollow perception. There will be no hurt feelings or attachments (detach now! :P) for those cannot quite coexist with your new happy reality. You'll actually feel so much better with the new person. It will feel right, and you will not question or try to get back to your other reality - your new (and only perceivable) reality will embrace you and all will be well.

If you're happy, does it matter how or what is responsible for that? It's the same good feeling...and when you find yourself feeling good, you actually are imersed in that reality, your only reality, not even quite perceiving (or wanting to) other realities in which you might also feel good - you just don't care because there is no resistance to get your attention to it, so you just flow.


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