This is going to sound real stupid, but sometimes I would have a limiting belief that my 'race', or being a minority in America, would prevent me from having success in dating members of the opposite sex (I'm a male btw). Or at least it would make me very hard to date.

How do I remove this limiting belief?

You know I hate using the words race and minority and all this nonsense, it feels very "off" to me to use those words because everyone is an individual. But sometimes something will trigger this limiting belief.

I used to know 2 friends who married someone outside of their race. But I would have still have a limiting belief, because I don't care about them (I do, but you get the point..), because I'm not them, and it hasn't happened to me yet.

Sometimes no matter how much evidence I see, it's still hard for me to remove the belief, because I'm not those people, I don't know what they're like.

What is a good way to remove this stupid belief?

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Evolutionary High

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@Evolutionary High - So it's numbers - the ratio of you vs available women that feels limiting?

The person that you are looking for, is also looking for you.

It's the truth, and it's done wonders for me. Say it to yourself, then do Two Hands Touching. That will help it stick with you.

Numbers mean nothing. Haven't you ever walked into a crowded room, but were only aware of that one, special person? No one else existed for you? It's like that. It won't matter, honestly. Forget about it. :)

And race? Bah. When you look into her eyes, neither one of you will see race, whether you have matching skin color or not. If being of the same race matters to you, then she will be a perfect match anyway.

Right now, you are a vibrational match for there are not enough women, so guess what? :) Quit beating that drum, and align yourself vibrationally to the relationship you dream of.

She's already there, in your Vortex, and every moment you spend in knowing that, brings her closer.

alt text


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@Grace- Best answer ever. The person that you are looking for, is also looking for you. Thankyou, good one :) There are never one sided coins in the world.

(01 Sep '12, 03:37) Nikulas

I love this answer. :)

(01 Sep '12, 08:11) Fairy Princess

There is also a quote I attracted today randomly, I love you, because the entire universe conspired to help me find you. <3

Everyone, please don't "settle for less." Go for your dream girl/guy, even if you don't think a person like that exists. You'd be incredibly shocked to see what the universe can blend up when it comes to love potions (and everything).

(01 Sep '12, 10:45) Nikulas

@Nikulas, I'm glad you like this answer, because I believe it with all my heart.

(01 Sep '12, 14:01) Grace

@Fairy Princess, lol you should like it, it is your own advice to me a while back! As you can see, I really took it to heart; I live by it. So thank you again. :)

(01 Sep '12, 14:04) Grace

I am so glad it helps you.

(01 Sep '12, 14:06) Fairy Princess

I love the thought that my steps are being directed, that "the Universe is conspiring" on my behalf. I am sooooo happy to turn it all over, bc I personally suck at orchestrating events. And its deeply satisfying to be so loved. Geeze what a happy thought, think I'll just park it here a while ahhhh....

(01 Sep '12, 16:49) Grace

It is your rightful heritage, your birthright, to have anything that you desire and without limit, for, as I have said, you are in a sense the only one here, for yours is the only consciousness in existence as far as you are concerned. You can never know another. Those things that you desire were put here for you to use and enjoy. If not, why are they here? And since only you can be conscious of your own individual desires, those things were placed here specifically for you....

(01 Sep '12, 22:26) Grace

... ~ The message of a Master, Chapter 13.

(01 Sep '12, 22:27) Grace

You're right. The person who is looking for me will be the exact person I'm looking for. Skin color or anything else would not matter in this case.

(02 Sep '12, 20:08) Evolutionary High

@Evolutionary High - You were right, before you even asked the question! :) I think we all need to hear from each other about these things though. For myself, I often can't see a thing when I'm in it up to my neck. Or as our @Dollar Bill said, up to my ass in alligators LOL!!! I just have to come here and follow my friends' advice. There are some people here I trust implicitly, and I hold out my hands to them and jump when I'm stuck. You are in the right place, that's for sure.

(08 Sep '12, 00:09) Grace
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I feel like I was on the verge of saying "You need to get out more" when I was reading your question but I managed to hold myself back...

I am a minority myself in the country that I live in and I can certainly tell you that this has not played against me in terms of dating success and in fact I also married into a different race to my own.

People are attracted to you because of the "vibe" or vibration you give out. What I have noticed from my personal experience is the happier you are and the more confident you are in yourself, the more people will want to be with and around you. Your race will not matter at all.

You need to start making a list of all the positive things that you have to offer. You have a lot more than you think. This will help you get more confident and make peace with the fact that someone will want to be with you because of who you are and your numerous qualities and that someone will not let your race stand in the way. Just the mere fact that you said in your question that everyone is an individual first and foremost is already one of your big qualities that puts you above a lot of people.

I also wanted to ask whether you really wanted to date someone who saw your race as a barrier anyway or who is scared to make the first move because of your race.

I also think that maybe you should look at the flip side. Maybe women around you think that because of your race, you are unique and more attractive but because you have your limiting belief, you are not being approached. Just a thought.


answered 31 Aug '12, 16:03

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Pink Diamond

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To back up that last paragraph, just think this > "different= sexy."

(01 Sep '12, 10:50) Nikulas

Thanks for the advice. I will focus on giving out a good vibe all the time.

(02 Sep '12, 20:07) Evolutionary High

Well you have already identified the limiting belief and labeled it stupid. I think you work here is done:)


answered 31 Aug '12, 21:16

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Lol! @Satori! Cut straight to the point! True, very true. :)

(01 Sep '12, 01:49) Grace

@Grace - Very good answers here already especially yours Grace. So I was just pointing out the obvious:)

(01 Sep '12, 10:36) Satori

@Satori, thanks. Its always amazing that it can be so hard to see the obvious when its you who's in the thick of it, isn't it? You are stupid when not in the Vortex - Never have I heard a truer statement.

(01 Sep '12, 16:54) Grace

@Grace- Well said Grace. Yes the better you feel the more everything comes back into focus:)

(01 Sep '12, 17:06) Satori

Thanks a lot. I mostly have removed this stupid belief. I know that it doesn't pertain to me. I am not a race, I like to think of myself as an amazing person who can attract females and have good friends.

(12 Sep '12, 22:05) Evolutionary High

@Evolutionary High- Good for you. I also forgot to mention, in your question you gave evidence to contradict your belief as well:)

(13 Sep '12, 04:31) Satori
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I suggest that you have a look around you at all the people who are of the same race as you. I'll bet that you will see a lot of them with good women. Women of all races as well as yours.

If they have success, you can also.


answered 28 Aug '12, 15:39

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Dollar Bill

Race shouldn't pose a problem for dating women. I think the problem comes in when we think of race rather than "I'm a person as much as anyone else is a person." That is how we need think about ourselves. Unfortunately as I have seen from films and you have probably experienced first hand racism exist even today in these more awakened times.

Because of this fact I can see where you would feel maybe disadvantaged, if I had to hear and feel those harsh words every day it would harm my self esteem as well.

I was watching a very good movie about a man that saved a lot of lives, he became a brain surgeon. This genius top of his class man was actually unwelcome at Johns Hoppkins by some of the other white doctors when he first went there. When I saw that not once but twice in that movie what he went through I felt pain and hurt where I was just feeling very proud of him and his achievements. There is a good thing here though, he rose WAY above those that tried to put him down and showed them it in not about race but education. :-)

This man Ben Carson became the best Pediatric Brain Surgeon in the world!

This is all because his mother believed in him and pushed him to learn and study.

Gifted Hands the Ben Carson story.

Never let the thought of race hold you down or make you feel less than anyone else!

While you are feeling that women don't notice you. Probably women are noticing you but you haven't noticed because you haven't been feeling worthy of that being noticed.

Edit added more

Fairy Princess posted a very effective method of anchoring statements like Florence Scovel Shin affirmations. Look up Fairy Princesses "Two Hands Touch" method.

I am letting myself be guided to give you some affirmations you may use.

I love myself and feel good and worthy of being loved.

God is bringing me the perfect woman for me. I will recognize her and she will recognize me.


answered 27 Aug '12, 13:23

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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks a lot.

I rarely watch those movies, because I hate seeing stuff about race in general.

And it doesn't matter if women notice me or not, I still have the limiting belief sometimes.

I have find a way to prevent it from popping up :(

(28 Aug '12, 12:43) Evolutionary High

I forgot to say this is not a fictional movie it is fact and very inspiring actually.

(28 Aug '12, 12:51) Wade Casaldi

@Evolutionary High- How can you get "over" your "limiting beliefs" if you don't watch stuff about race? Movies like The Blind Side are meant to offer up a new picture of all people, no matter what race...♥ Jai

(28 Aug '12, 13:05) Jaianniah
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First and formost you need to love yourself. Your self esteem is low and that will keep love and the opposite sex away. Most men seem to have dificulty with loveing themselves and yet it is so easy when you know how. Men like Sylvester Stylone and Arnold the terminator and Bruce Willis know how to love themselves (although they would rather die than admit it) and is the reason they have sky high self confidance. Sky high self confidence gives you sky high vibration and attracts the opposite sex like bees to honey.

To love yourself you simply have to respect and apreciate yourself and when you do this love will come into your life. The quickest way to acheive this is if you help others in some way. Doesn't have to be anything big and it doesn't have to cost money just do small things for others. Help an old lady across the street or go to the grocery store for a neigbour or give someone a ride....stuff like that. This will make you feel good about yourself and feeling good about yourself is what it is all about. The moment you start to apreciate yourself and feel worthy you shall find love for no matter your race you won't feel inferior.


answered 08 Sep '12, 03:56

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Paulina 1

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