Has anyone heard of something called the Law Of Humanity?

Here's how The Wonders described it:

"All living things have a right to existence. If you see if from that perspective then why would you try to harm another, why would you try to remove another? What that means is all living things. Now, humanity would say, 'Well, living things is a human being. It's a person.' We're saying all living things, including forests, including animals, including even insects. All living things have the right to exist; they do not have the right to overpower anything else but they have the right to their own existence.

So yes, often times, there is a requirement by individuals, humanity itself, to find a coexistence balance between humans and plants and animals. There has to be a certain form of coexistence. But coexistence does not mean that you overpower one over the other in order to create benefit for the one and not the other.

So the Law Of Humanity is all about coexistence and allowance and appreciation.

So the resultant here is that human beings, as a whole, often times see themselves as the stronger, more capable living thing on the planet. And they see themselves entitled; entitled to be able to use animals and plants to their benefits for after all, they are not as conscious as the human beings are...so they think.

And the net result is they don't create a coexistence; they create an effort to eradicate, often times, certain species, certain plants, certain animals. And so the resultant here is that no one in the human race right now is following the Law Of Humanity."

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The Wonders

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the wonder, 'no one' may be overkill, as you follow nature's morality you will also see others there

(25 Feb '16, 05:36) fred

I don't think the Wonders' statements are constructive or true. Turns me off to them.

(26 Feb '16, 00:25) Delphine

What about it turns you off?

(26 Feb '16, 00:40) The Wonders

As I said, I don't think their statements are constructive, or true.

(26 Feb '16, 17:03) Delphine

Ok. Another perspective is that the human race as a whole is not truly interested in creating a coexistence with all living things.

(26 Feb '16, 18:02) The Wonders

Here is some "food" for thought...no pun intended. ;) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ylZyVdB3uDY

(26 Feb '16, 23:09) lozenge123

Many humans are very interested in creating that coexistence with all living things. I agree that it's not the predominant mindset, but I do see we are headed that way. And I agree with fred that the Wonders' wholesale dismissal of the human race is overkill.

(27 Feb '16, 15:29) Delphine
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The law of humanity as you describe it has an inherent error in that it attempts to equate the human experience with existence. Our existence (as energy essence personalities) is by no means dependent on our experience as humans or any perceptions of humanity that we may subscribe to. All existing beings are conscious of their own existence to some degree and have no need to question whether they have a "right" to exist. Existence is infinite thus timeless. As an existing being, you can neither harm nor be harmed. You will never experience "death".

The human experience, however, is quite limited within the construct of time and space. Stepping on a bug does not end the bugs' existence. Killing an enemy combatant only ends the physical expression of that existing being.

Certainly, there is purpose and reason to the experience of being human and more so in behaving humanely. It is up to each existing being, however, to determine what that purpose is.


answered 28 Feb '16, 01:05

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Thanks for sharing, i4cim2b. So if our human experience is not dependent on our existence, and if the two are not to be equated, what's the point of being here? It sounds like you're denegrating the human experience. So what have you found to be your reason for being here, i4cim2b?

(03 Mar '16, 15:36) The Wonders

Why does one go to elementary shool, high school and college? My understanding is that the "earth" and similar time/space environments have been designed to facilitate the evolutionary and creative development of the soul. The challenges we face, the relationships we encounter, the events we experience individually and together are all purposed towards that end. Maybe practicing the law of humanity is for souls preparing to graduate from the physical expeience into other dimensions of reality.

(03 Mar '16, 20:16) i4cim2b

Hey, good to see The Wonders on IQ! No, never heard of The Law Of Humanity. Did a search and here's what I found. Maybe it'll help:



answered 26 Feb '16, 16:38

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Luke Wonders

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Thanks for sharing, Luke Wonders!

(26 Feb '16, 18:02) The Wonders
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