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I got curious about where we all are- I know we now have a map here on IQ with dots, but I thought it would be fun to see specifically what countries we all hail from...

You can be as general as you like (and please don't say Earth...What would be the point of that?) For example, you could say Northern Scotland, or be more specific (as I am) and say, I hail from Berwick, Pennsylvania, which is the sister city to Berwick-on-Tweed, England...You may not want to say much more than your country- that's fine. You may also want to include other places you have lived. I grew up as a suburban Chicagoan, and thus hail from Illinois, USA where my roots are.

Call it a survey to connect our screen names to a location. You may also want to include your time zone, + or - Greenwich Mean Time. I believe Berwick is -5, which is EDT (for now) in the USA.

Come on! Join the survey!!!

Love, Jai

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Cardiff, UK, GMT

(24 Oct '12, 05:22) Vtn

California & Nevada, USA. Specifically the border between Sacramento and Reno, and cities on that route.

(25 Oct '12, 20:15) Snow

Great answers. @all! Loved reading them, and I hope more people will tell their stories! Jai

(15 Nov '12, 06:53) Jaianniah
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I'm living in a small town in the province of Dalsland in western Sweden GMT+1 Been here since 1995 and before that from a little town on the west coast of California you might have heard of it ...Los Angeles?


answered 24 Oct '12, 01:32

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I live in beautiful Racine Wisconsin, USA. Lake Michigan beaches and the harbor are only a walking distance away, lovely parks all around. Racine has under 90,000 people and has a small town feel, which is nice, but Chicago and Milwaukee are less than an hour away for activities, cultural events, sporting events and so forth. This is a nice location and I love it.


answered 15 Nov '12, 08:30

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LeeAnn 1

I'm in Yorba Linda, a suburb north of Anaheim, in southern California. It's at the edge of a wildlife preserve, and we are surrounded by foothills.


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hi..jai, interesting surveyy..., i am basically from india,just 22., living here since birth, with my parents....n ofcose m great fan of urs n urs answers on IQ..., love,light n blessings to u jai..:)))


answered 23 Oct '12, 11:53

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I'm from the frozen paradise Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

(24 Oct '12, 00:08) suds

I am outside of Port Huron, Michigan. I've been here since 1987. I was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida.


answered 24 Oct '12, 11:31

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(24 Oct '12, 12:18) Barry Allen ♦♦

Living in a small village, in The Netherlands for the last 21 years. I was born and raised in Greece.



answered 24 Oct '12, 11:37

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Hi. Am liking this. a chance to know where the rest of my IQ family hail from. Am from A wonderful town called Embu in Kenya, on the eastern side of Africa. Thanks Jai for this wonderful idea. Am a great fan of your answers. I hope Stingray will also tell us where he hails from. Saying he is hanging on a rock somewhere in the skies is abit too sketchy. Pleeeeease.


answered 24 Oct '12, 13:13

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Stingray lives on the third rock from the sun.

(27 Oct '12, 04:38) Nikulas

@Nikulas - You missed out the word "mostly" :)

(27 Oct '12, 05:18) Stingray

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.

I have always been in this area, only travelling for holidays. I would like to travel around the world and eventually end up living either in Australia or on my own island ;)


answered 25 Oct '12, 09:01

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Nice answer.

(25 Oct '12, 13:27) T A

Hi - I am from the Caribbean and of indian decent. My ancestors left India 154 years ago, hopped onto a ship and came to the Caribbean to start a new life... and what a wonderful choice they made, lots of sand and sunshine, a beautiful place to be.

Love to all Moonwillow


answered 25 Oct '12, 10:56

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I am from the Caribbean too.

(25 Oct '12, 13:28) T A

@TA - isn't wonderful to be living in sunshine...

(16 Nov '12, 09:21) MoonWillow

Hi, I thought I answered this one a few hours ago, at least IQ told me I did when I clicked the submit answer button, but then I also had to sign it so I bet it did not take the answer. So here it is again:

I live in Jacksonville, NC since 1995. I was born in Poland, my parents were political fugitives because they were Germans even though my father has a polish first and last name, from a time when that part of Poland was still part of Germany under the German Emperor until WW2. At that time my father owned a coal freighter (ship) going up and down the River "ODER". I was born on his ship between ports.

So when I was 6 weeks old, they escaped with me and my 8 year old sister during the night and were hiding by day, to Berlin, Germany where I lived until I was 27 years old, got married to someone in the US Army and moved to the US in 1977. Because of lots of military moves we lived in several states, always southern, because I wanted to have decent winters. Except for my daughter, all my blood relatives still live in the former East Germany from my mother's side and also Poland, from my father's side. My mother and siblings all still live in Berlin, Germany, though.


answered 25 Oct '12, 23:14

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I was born and raised in upper michigan then moved south to atlanta georgia since 1984 this is home now.


answered 26 Oct '12, 00:33

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I have exactly the same address as everyone else on inward quest, that is;

I.Q. , Internet, Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way , nearest neighbouring spiral galaxy Andromeda just 2.5 million light years from earth.


answered 24 Mar '13, 15:04

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ru bis

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@ru bis I've been there!

(24 Mar '13, 19:25) ursixx

@ursixx so it was you, i thought is was an extraterrestrial :)

(25 Mar '13, 03:33) ru bis

@ru bis-loved it..

(30 Jun '13, 05:39) supergirl
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Hello, I was born and I´m currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil (GMT-3 Brasilia). Sao Paulo is a large city, with a population around 10 million people, and lots of traffic jams everyday, everywhere... what can we do, we love this place so much !! No other place in world I´d rather be :-)


answered 15 Nov '12, 08:58

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Nice Survey Jai! I live in the United States, Oklahoma (most) of my life.. I am Scot/Irish from my Dad and Native American/French from my mom..


answered 16 Nov '12, 22:10

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"It is not down on any map; true places never are." ~~ Herman Melville

According to the local (closest) TV station - I'm in God's Country USA!


answered 27 Dec '12, 22:38

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@ele - well, come visit us. We are also in God's Country, Atlanta GA! Bill and Anne

(30 Jun '13, 03:37) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill That's really sweet of you guys. I'm sure Anne & I would have lots of fun. Any plans for the 4th? Thanks..

(01 Jul '13, 18:03) ele

@ele we are still waiting..... would like to meet you.

(11 Sep '13, 17:14) Dollar Bill
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i am right now from city of angeles - los angeles :-) or city or Drama - Hollyweird..! or city of unbelievable weather and nature! love LA


answered 01 Jul '13, 21:11

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Cool! Homeland of @ursixx. No wonder you are so funny...

(02 Jul '13, 15:55) ele

i also have an eye on your pie - were u the one who said bakes great pie or something?? ;-)

(02 Jul '13, 16:38) abrahamloa

Not just great - divine.. Your welcome to stop by @abrahamloa for pie anytime. If you take the scenic routes while traveling, you shouldn't have any problem finding me.

(02 Jul '13, 22:38) ele
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Hi...I'm new here, literally just signed up and this is my first response. I'm originally from Indianapolis but I now live in Daphne, Alabama, which as the bottom of the state near the Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay. I've been here for almost 23 years now....geez, has it been that long? Nice to "meet" all of you!


answered 02 Jul '13, 10:36

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Welcome Jess! Good to 'meet' you too. You certainly weathered many storms in 23 yrs - beautiful area.

(02 Jul '13, 15:55) ele

The latitude and longitude cross at the point (60.24,24.85) - and they call it Helsinki (Finland) where I am now at. But originally, from Nepal!


answered 02 Jul '13, 16:04

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WoW! Awesome! That's certainly a huge change..

(02 Jul '13, 16:17) ele

Hi, I'm from a small country in Europe know as Croatia. I live in the capital city, Zagreb. Croatia is a pupular tourist destination, it's beautiful and we have all we need :)


answered 02 Jul '13, 16:36

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Croatia - soo Cool!

(02 Jul '13, 22:36) ele

Wow I love that you all have posted and to see that we are all over the planet. Maui, Hawaii for me pretty much since age 19. B/R Northern California. With heart, Charlotte


answered 11 Sep '13, 16:35

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I love Hawaii! Aloha ! E komo mai Charlotte with Pu'uwai. Happy to hear you survived the latest 'storm'.

(14 Sep '13, 02:32) ele

Born and currently living in Manchester, England, UK. Spent most of my life here apart from a very interesting six years living in London.

Would love to end up living somewhere on the English coast or maybe even Scotland within the next couple of years or so. Would be an interesting adventure but its Manchester for the moment. :)


answered 11 Sep '13, 18:49

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colino green


Welcome! I always wonder if there are more users here from the UK or the US or from Europe or North America. Enjoy!

(14 Sep '13, 02:34) ele

Yes, thanks ele. To be fair, I sometimes look at the 'Questions Being Read Now' bar on the right hand side of the screen as possibly a decent quick indication of where most visitors are from and it does seem to suggest that a fair few visitors are from UK or North America. Unsurprising, I suppose with this being an English language web site.

(14 Sep '13, 06:46) colino green

When I said users, I meant members. Yes, feedjit live shows visitors from all over the world. It's very easy to translate this site. Just look to the top right corner of any page & select language.

(14 Sep '13, 07:02) ele
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I am from a small, beautiful, and peaceful coastal city (Tacloban City) in the eastern part of central Philippines (GMT +8:00).


answered 19 Sep '13, 10:13

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I'm on the little island of Singapore, in the middle of Southeast Asia. When I arrived here few years back, I was looking forward to meeting all sort of gurus and make many fascinating experiences. Unfortunately, you can't even imagine how this place lacks "spiritualness"... it's all about money, money and nothing else (well, a part from superstition). Quite sad. There are some Westerners trying to bring in some good stuff, but it's all very tentative. My little town in Europe is way more "evolved" and I can't understand how it's possible. This town is made of 5 million people from all over the world, and the Chinese and Indian heritage is quite strong and visible. But the spiritual side seems to have just evaporated.

Anyway, since the real journey is within, my rant doesn't really matter :)


answered 20 Sep '13, 05:03

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