I see the concept of "being of service" and "service to others" in numerous books, movies, and videos that fall into the Law of Attraction and reality creation category. The main idea is to help other people in the best way you know how without any expectation for something in return.

For the majority of my life (but not for the past few years) I always thought the concept meant that we needed to do something in a physical manner for other people even if we were not happy doing it. It was a service that made someone else happy and it didn't really matter if I was happy in the end or not as long as I was doing my duty. Maybe that's why they sometimes call the military "the service." I'm glad that I changed this limiting belief.

I do know one thing, I very much enjoy interacting on this website. I also enjoy knowing I helped another individual see things from a different perspective and the same goes when someone else helps open up my eyes as well. So I would definitely say that participation here is following my excitement since I get joy out of helping others.

Is this concept of "service to others" part of what we are doing here?

Are we just one big collective consciousness of service intertwined talking to and reminding ourselves of things we don't remember?

I have been going back and forth on this idea and would appreciate some different viewpoints.

asked 24 Oct '12, 14:05

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@Cory- Your answers are very powerful and inspiring, and deeply resonate with me and many others. You are definitely falling under this category. Thank you for being You.

(26 Oct '12, 13:51) Satori

@Satori That is very kind of you to say. Thank you. The information that you share as well is highly resonate within my being. We are all one in the service to raise the vibration of this earth at this time. I love playing this exciting game and interacting with such loving entities:)

(26 Oct '12, 14:57) Cory

Your answers have helped me a lot, @Cory. I am grateful for everyone who takes the time to answer questions. It is a wonderful thing!

(19 Nov '12, 10:48) Bedazzled

@Bedazzled I'm glad that my answers have some value for you. I have learned over the last few years that helping others in whatever way feels best to me is where my excitement and joy resides. You are much appreciated :)

(19 Nov '12, 12:51) Cory

@Cory, thank you, and know that you are very much appreciated as well, and I always look forward to your insight!

(19 Nov '12, 16:44) Bedazzled
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Hi Cory,

I really enjoy being of service when I can, and I do think that is part of what happens on IQ.

I feel that if I'm aware when and where help is needed, it's because I am part of the recipe. I am a bit of the vibrational soup that has been created for that moment, and my contribution is a vital part of the whole - whatever it is I have to offer. I can't fix everything in the world, but I am 5'8" tall, and if someone can't reach that top shelf at the grocery store, it is a pure joy to me to get it for them. I haven't figured my life out yet, but I have learned some things here, and I am so glad of the opportunity to pass those things along, in my own words, with my own understanding and experience, if I think I can help someone who hasn't heard about these things yet, or can't see how to apply them to themselves. Thank goodness someone else did this for me, and still regularly do!

Someone I work with was expressing frustration to me recently that there is just so much that he sees as going badly in the world, and he wanted to right all the wrongs, but just could not see where to start - he felt powerless. Somewhere in my life, I learned that you are presented with what is needed from you if you're open to it. So if you feel the inspiration to assist, that is your little niche, that's what is needed from you. I passed that along to him and he was so relieved to hear it! It is so much easier when you just trust that you will know when you are needed. If you don't feel it, it isn't yours. You can relax. Given that, I feel even more strongly that when I do feel I can and want to contribute, I get really happy doing it. Thanks are nice, polite, but totally unnecessary.

I am part of the family of this planet, my community, and here on IQ, and I benefit from all the good that is shared by this family, so I want to give what I have, too. Even if it's just a smile. I also like to broadcast my energy as far and wide as I can when I'm feeling really strong and happy. I literally drive around and throw love and positive vibes out at anyone and anyplace I find! I will never know what effect I have, but I know I have done someone some good, I just know it.

There are countless people who have worked to provide me with the beautiful life that I have - including many people I will never meet, who came before me and paved the way to a better life for all of us. I feel that I stand on the shoulders of giants. The least I can do is open a door when your hands are full, or let you get on a crowded freeway... :)


answered 24 Oct '12, 16:43

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@Grace Thank you. The compassion that flowed through you with this answer was inspiring. I don't know you personally but I just know that you are a very loving and caring human being. And I must say, you have given a service to me by sharing the love that you truly are.

(24 Oct '12, 23:53) Cory

@Grace Beautiful answer Grace I fully resonate with this one.

(25 Oct '12, 05:32) Paulina 1

@Cory - Thank you for those kind words. This was a wonderful question, and drew out of me how I feel about the subject. Your light is shining very bright and clear, you are making a real difference to people, and are much appreciated yourself.

(25 Oct '12, 12:51) Grace

@Paulina 1 - Thank you, I'm glad you feel that way. It was fun to share this. :)

(25 Oct '12, 12:51) Grace

@grace -beautiful answer...,very appreciable..

(26 Oct '12, 05:13) supergirl

@Grace- Brilliant answer Grace. Thanks :)

(26 Oct '12, 14:00) Satori

@supergirl, @Satori, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you thought so.

(31 Oct '12, 22:51) Grace

@grace-You have a way with words. You put it so beautifully. Some of us are assimilating most of the time, but I ask you not to tire tutoring us. We have been floating rudderless for so many years in this ocean called life. Once I got into IQ, things started falling into place. The jigsaw puzzle is no longer as complicated. Most of all, I have been taught that Am master of my destiny; Am creating. Continue being of service, and we will raise the vibrations together. Thanks alot.

(17 Nov '12, 23:32) ndwigabn

You are a bright and shining light, @Grace!

(19 Nov '12, 10:47) Bedazzled

@ndwigabn - Thank you for your kindness. I am no tutor but a fellow student, sharing what has been shared with me, along with some of the things that make me really happy, hoping they may do the same for you. I'm glad you feel things falling into place, and are inspired to keep on growing. There is really no limit to what we can do, is here?... I'm just scratching the surface of that truth for myself right Now. It sure is exciting. Have fun! :)

(19 Nov '12, 22:25) Grace

@Bedazzled, thank you. :)

(19 Nov '12, 22:30) Grace

@Grace A really great answer.

(20 Nov '12, 01:56) Catherine

@Catherine - That means a lot to me. Thank you.

(20 Nov '12, 22:21) Grace
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I tend to think that the true concept of "service" is not connected to anyone else because your perception of everyone else is only a self-created illusionary reflection of yourself in your reality anyway.

I think the idea of "service" then is one of being true to who you really are regardless of what you are physically doing i.e. when you find a way to align with that inner, broader You.

Because when you are being who you really are, you are letting that "energy that creates worlds" flood through you and express itself on the physical plane. And I think it's that "service" of being a continuing conduit for that flow of Light that is our greatest accomplishment in life.

So in my mind, if one approaches IQ with the intent of allowing that Light to shine itself through one's words and actions on the site regardless of whatever belief system is being expressed, then I'd say that fits right in with that idea of "being of service".


answered 24 Oct '12, 16:43

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Beautifully put, @Stingray. Thinking of it this way makes it all so easy. The more purely Me I am, the better conduit I am, the better for all. :)

(24 Oct '12, 16:45) Grace

@Stingray For some reason I never actually correlated the concept of the reflection with this idea. This helps me understand better that If I feel good about what I am doing and it is coming from my heart with joy, then I consider it a positive service to others. I feel pretty strongly that my light shines through when I spend time here. Thank you for helping me have a better understanding.

(24 Oct '12, 23:47) Cory

@Stingray Another great answer that only Stingray could have thought of.

(25 Oct '12, 05:30) Paulina 1

@stingray- great answer..:)

(26 Oct '12, 05:10) supergirl

@Stingray- Brilliant answer, thanks:)

(26 Oct '12, 13:52) Satori

Yes, yes, yes, @Stingray!

(19 Nov '12, 10:47) Bedazzled
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I believe that "being of service" is what we are all about.Have you ever noticed the power a smile can have when your out and about on your daily errands.I feel that helping someone take a baby step forward to the full realization of who we truly are,is a reward WE ALL share. I feel this happens here at IQ more and more.Love and Light.


answered 24 Oct '12, 16:05

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edited 24 Oct '12, 17:22


@Roy You are right about the idea of a simple smile. I have been smiling more and more at random people and I know it makes me feel better and maybe even someone else as well if the timing is right.

(24 Oct '12, 23:42) Cory

@Roy Smile and the world will smile with you. I love this short and sweet answer.

(25 Oct '12, 05:34) Paulina 1

@Roy - A smile is a curve that sets things straight.

(26 Oct '12, 14:05) Satori
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Thanks for your beautiful question! It reminds me of the infinity of positive emotions we can have when we see our selves in others reflections- and basically a reminder that we are all one at the source.

ok beyond that goo gooey stuff here are my thoughts:

Unfortunately in our western culture- especially in highschool and college- the idea of "service" has been bastardized and reduced to a resume "building" activity- volunteer at the kitchen for the homeless, clean up garbage, work at the animal shelter etc etc etc.- While all those things are awesome activites to the person who really cares about them- It was actually built in our heads early on that we needed to "see the real world" and "help out those less fortunate"- which has taken us from service to servitude rather. This servitude actually does everyone a DISSSERIVCE and I will explain that at the bottom of this question.

the problem with this conditioned-thinking is that there is no intrinsic reward if the person is not coming from a place of wanting to reap the emotional rewards in the first place, from their own place of truth.

Now, unfortunately the cause of this besides the resume-building mass-conditioned aspect of it is that we are in a society that has not learned how to recieve feminine energy- and by feminine energy I don't mean like female or woo-woo stuff- both men and women have feminine energy- the more creative, in-the-flow, in the moment side. Spain is totally in their feminine energy when they open up their stores at 1 pm and take naps for siesta. They have it down. Like when you get a massage or are walking around in the woods thinking up stories or relaxing or enjoying your morning cup of coffee- or working on a painting or writing music etc- all of those things are feminine energy and everyone has both feminine and masculine energy.

So our society is unfortunately built on the masculine energy of "doing doing doing, geting, geting, geting, going, going"- very linear, very planned, very much structured. Both men and women at least in the US generally speaking don't have alot of receiving- balanced energy. Who in the us do you know that strolls in to work a half day late, sleeps in regularly, sings in their office, writes some poetry for friends, take a bath- while people do this sometimes-most people don't allow themselves those pleasures on a REGULAR, ongoing basis- they become "luxuries"- and instead their recieving is actually turned into overeating, binge drinking at bars, watching tv like a zombie at home after work, shopping sprees, or whatever- which is NOT receiving- its still trying to get something. So our society has learned not to recieve in that sense- not to really really really enjoy the small pleasures in life. You can have a bite of that cake and it will be completely delicious and maybe they are just satisfied with that one bite, they dont even want the whole cake because they are allowing themselves to enjoy it to the fullest and then they are done. They are more in tune with their body- That is receiving.

So what I am saying in this receiving sense- if you truly aren't used to or even allowing yourself to receive and taking care of yourself, weather it be physically through relaxing the body, mentally through art or creativity or emotionally through deep connection with another person (this includes both giving and receiving) then giving to others has no real pull cause you are stuck in the idea of giving giving giving and are not in the correct mindset to receive the joy and abundance of that power and connection.

The best part is once you allow yourself to receive- which most people aren't even aware of that they are blocking or feel shame or guilt around- once they get over that or recognize it- it usually lights the other person up and then with the energy you received you can go and fill up someone elses energy- and everyone just has more energy and love that just keeps going up in an upward spiral. Thats why your connection feels so awesome on these boards because you are truly giving AND receiving- and each allows each to function like a full circuit battery. If one side cant connect to receive energy from the other side then the circuit can't continue to flow openly in the closed circuit. While that is battery energy, it literally is the same with emotional/human energy.

Thats why you see people who give alot also receive alot but only after they have allowed themselves to receive first.There are some people who are very unhealthy and cannot allow themselves to receive unfortunately- including people with narcisstic personality disorder which is actually a very wounded self- and so those people will never be able to be a truthful mirror of someone unless they decide deep within to change first- but for most people- especially in America its about RECIEVING- allowing yourself to receive truth and care and love from another, which then allows you to see that love in yourself and in turn show another how to receive and show that love from them self.

For some tips in receiving- say you are going through something difficult. Tell those around you something like "I want to be honest and direct with you- I'm really going through a tough time right now and I cant see straight, Can I ask for some support from you? I am really needing that at this time"- most people would love to help you out and give to you if you make it known. If they resent you, respect that and realize they are going through something themselves- sometimes offering to help them first will actually get you to feel better about your own situation. Its just a matter of stepping up into your power.

So to finish up this long answer- Service and giving can be a joy once you allow yourself to receive love first and feel empowered in your own love for others. It does truly all come back to you- but its gotta come from within and be an impetus within- we all get stuck and we all experience giving- its just a matter of asking or stepping into one of the open directions of flow.

Now, If you force it it actually does a disservice both to you AND the other person because they expect they cannot receive from you truly and you are resenting giving which they can detect and that makes them feel smaller/unworthy of love sometimes, so try to come at it from a place of joy and empowerment and knowing your giving will make you feel better than them sometimes.- help everyone up don't push them and yourself down- if thats a good picture analogy

hope this helps!


answered 19 Nov '12, 10:44

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@Kanda You make a lot of good points with this answer. Thank you for sharing.

(19 Nov '12, 12:49) Cory

@Kanda Good explanation of feminine and masculine energy - I kept hearing about divine masculine and divine feminine but wasn't completely sure if I had "got" it - I now have a better understanding thanks to your answer.

(20 Nov '12, 02:04) Catherine

what motivates you may not motivate others
if we all knew where we stand in our spectrum
of selfcenteredness vs universality
it would be easier to determine ones motive


answered 21 Nov '12, 19:28

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