Let's postulate this: Let us suppose that we all work together as one.

Let us pick a particular problem- say, gas prices, or World Peace...or something similar...

If we all worked together here on IQ, could we actually change something for the good in a real, noticeable way on this planet?

It would be an interesting experiment.

What do you think: should we try it, and see?

In Peace,


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@Jai: Wow, I really love your new questions. =D

(26 Feb '12, 20:46) Snow

Count me in, Jai.

(27 Feb '12, 02:12) ele

i am the way the truth and the life. if you want to be perfect leave everything and follow me. did it work? every one evolve at their own speed. every one has free will and are responsible of it. be the light that you can be. established for your self by your self. in truth wisdom and understanding in balence and harmony.

(27 Feb '12, 18:50) white tiger

@Snow- Thank You! Blessings, Jai

(28 Feb '12, 01:48) Jaianniah

@ Everyone- Check out Fairy Princess' idea proposed in her answer, and my comment about the Six Degrees of Separation...This will really give you something to ponder! Call it the "George Bailey Syndrome" Through me and the Six Degrees of Separation, you all are connected to President Obama....Read! LOL! Jai

(28 Feb '12, 01:50) Jaianniah

Let's do it.

(16 Oct '12, 07:56) Fairy Princess
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I think the formula for influencing a larger group is to have the square root of one percent of the given population praying or sending possitive energy. If there are about 7,000,000,000 people on the planet, then one percent is 70,000,000 and the square root of that is 8,366.6 . So, to affect the whole planet, we need 8,367 people to pray/send out positive energy at the same time for the same cause.

Here is a video by Gregg Braden on Consciousness where he talks about this.

So, let's try it. Create the experiment with a specific intention.


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Fairy Princess

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yes the problem is always at the root. more important then praying. is to be the light that you can be. help your self and god will help you. you have free will after all. experience and enjoy.

(27 Feb '12, 19:03) white tiger

@Fairy Princess- Consider the "Six Degrees of Separation" Idea...We are connected to everyone on the planet by six people...Have u heard of this?..I'll prove it..You are connected to President Obama by me...You know me...I know John, my ex....he knows his cousin, Lisa, who works for the US Gov't...Lisa knows the President...There you go! Now, using the six degrees of separation, we are connected to everyone this way...We don't need eight K...we only need us!!!!! Interesting, huh? Love ya, Jai

(28 Feb '12, 01:46) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - I have heard of the six degrees of separation, but I don't see how it applies here.

As far as the math goes, since it is the gas prices you are talking about, we would need new numbers. How many people rely on gas? Then we could do the math again with the new numbers.

(28 Feb '12, 08:24) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - here is a video that corroborates the "square root of 1%" formula ... inspiring


and here is an article


(28 Feb '12, 10:13) blubird two

@blubird two - Thank you for the links!

(28 Feb '12, 10:56) Fairy Princess

Huh, both videos were actually very interesting.. Thanks for sharing. =)

An interesting question that arises though, wouldn't the satellites also pick up moments of silence as well? And I know this is a bit of a sillier answer but wouldn't it be logical to think that moments of excitement could also trigger this? So even sports events with millions of people watching at a particularly dramatic ending to a game. Then again some might argue that the riots that can ensue are already proof of that.

(19 Mar '12, 10:52) Snow

@Snow which video are you refering to? bluebird two posted 2 in the comment and I just added one in my answer.

(19 Mar '12, 11:26) Fairy Princess
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I love the question because it goes beyond personal consideration and considers our world as a whole. There isn't a lot of LOA talk that does that. However, I must agree in some sense, with White Tiger, free will of others may override even a very strong group effort. I do think though, if we decided to do such a thing, that we could have some influence for the greater good. I guess it would depend on the specifics, and perhaps also, the amount of effort others are putting in to the contrary. FUN question....great thinking!


answered 27 Feb '12, 09:55

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i would not say override. if it override the faith was not strong enuff. do it for your self and for people you love and people around you. that they follow it or not is their choice do not judge them. they do that for them self. do not let that obstacle discourage you. there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not the world would be dark. experience and enjoy.

(27 Feb '12, 18:56) white tiger

Just a point: I would say there is a very large difference between manifesting a change in local consciousness and specifically modifying a state of reality that has countless variables forcing it to be the way it is.

To me it would make more sense to try influencing widespread awakenings, since this is already a practice. It's also a lot easier to observe and report, and is working with a reasonable sample and objective. And the best part about it is that it often delivers you opportunities to get involved! ^_^

Not to mention it is a nice feeling to be doing good.

I explained the idea of trying to influence awakenings a bit more in Jai's other question, here.


answered 27 Feb '12, 11:46

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you cannot force thing. every things evolve to its on pace. the only way to influence is by being the way and the truth. all other influence comes from the ego. can you influence a river to get out of is bed so that it change direction? the best you can do is to prepare a way for it make a 1 foot trench in the direction it is needed and in a fee year the river will go in that direction. experience and enjoy.

(27 Feb '12, 19:14) white tiger

I'm confused, everything being discussed here is a stronger example of forcing change than what I posted, why did you post that response here instead of elsewhere?

(19 Mar '12, 11:17) Snow

Considering this was my question before you wrote it up as an IQ question I know you have been waiting for my response to this. :-)

I have to think about the thousand money syndrome. It seems there were some monkeys that learned to wash their potatoes in the salt water of the sea, this gave them a clean but salty taste. More and more learned as they passed this on. When they reached a thousand monkeys something odd happened monkeys around the world started doing the same stuff.

So it would seem from observation if this point is correct that a thousand monkeys influenced the group-over-soul of the monkey kingdom and caused change in their experience of how things are verses how things have always been.

I don't know how many users there are here however we have seen miracles from the prayers and intentions of the users for other users so why not on reality itself? I believe we could and not only this there are some serious people here with some big influence in their mind power and faith. So maybe we don't have enough common people to make change but I believe we have enough extraordinary people to do so!

Think of this a thousand people that never threw a dart trying to hit the bulls-eye, we may get a hit out of a thousand throwing simultaneously. But think of one professional dart player throwing his dart. Kapow! right in the bulls-eye almost effortlessly, now imagine a thousand professionals throwing at the bulls-eye simultaneously! Kapow! every one right there in the bulls-eye, a perfect shot.

I believe that is the difference between when we put our minds to something here and when something gets passed around in an email, "Humm I'll try this even though I never did anything like this before." Many here have, and have for many years. So I do believe we can have a greater affect on reality of what is for the earth than most would.

Paul Patroski said he manifested a $50 meal at a place that would usually be around $90. He said he only had $50 and he and his wife wanted to go out to their favorite restaurant. They wanted to get their favorite food so this is not cutting back but they only have $50 to spend. As they were leaving his wife remembered she had a $25 gift certificate for there. That is fine but still it would usually be more than that. They went and sat down and were unnoticed for an hour! They were amazed that they were seated in the dead middle of the room and no-one noticed them! Finely Paul grabbed the manager as he was walking by, he was startled like they just appeared out of nowhere! The manager asked if he could help them. Paul said, "We have been here for an hour and have not yet seen a waitress to take our order." The manager apologized and had someone sent right over to take their order, they ordered nothing different or less still trusting that it would only cost them the $50 he had. The bill came afterwards and it was %20 off of everything they ate because of the oversight. The bill came to exactly $75 his fifty plus the gift certificate covered it perfectly! He only had to spend the $50 that he had planed to spend.

Remember my question came as a result of reading this story? So if he can affect his meal maybe we can as a group affect gas prices, I believe we should all expect gas to come back down below $2.00 a gallon like it was in the 90's. I still remember the first time gas hit $2.00 I was mad then, now I want $2.00 back! lol


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Wade Casaldi

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As far a Postulating goes is might come to pass. There could be no doubting every would have to be in synchronicity and belief. I have only the power to change myself!

To be sure If each individual changes man will evolve. Society will evolve. The Earth will be healed.


answered 26 Feb '12, 18:09

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be the light be the way in truth, do not seek to control for your ego. if your way is good people will eventually wake up and follow it. experience and enjoy.

(27 Feb '12, 19:00) white tiger

change what is in your power to change. we could influence people making choice. but concerning gas price and peace in the world there will always be men of power run by their ego seeking money and power etc. and they have free will also and your influence they do not want. but eventually people will make more wise choice and people run by their ego will see that it does not serve them and the world will work in harmony if not in this century in the next millenium. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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