Animals have instincts, which implies they have access, but they don't have a higher consciousness. Animals don't think about thinking. They don't have the intelligence humans do. So what is the difference between animal consciousness and human consciousness?

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Fairy Princess


Don't know much about a collective consciousness, but on occasion, in my younger days, I was able to connect with some and "speak" to them, and yes they are simple creatures, but do understand many feelings. from what I know....

(18 Apr '13, 19:50) Dragonflybreeze

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing, Dragonflybreeze.

(10 May '13, 10:55) Fairy Princess
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Dogs have access to the collective consciousness of dogs. Monkeys of monkeys and so forth. Although they sense our moods by watching for signals (the way our voices sound, our body language, gestures, eye contact, etc) and are very observant for signs of fear or friendliness, they do not have access to the collective consciousness of humans. After many years of having doggy companions and working with training other dogs, it's my opinion that they simply use their senstive senses much better than we do, and they don't filter the messages they get from them as we do. And of course they love us and are loyal to us, but they are not in contact with the same information that we receive nor would they even care about it!


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LeeAnn 1

If you ask this question to a horse whisper I am sure you would get a very detailed answer. I have felt this from a horse once a questioning about a situation.It was like talking to a very "simple"person. I am not a horse person either last horse I rode I fell off almost directly. I do believe there is a level of consciousness in the animal kingdom. How many times have you told a bee or a bumble bee that flew in your window to leave and they did? (they do for me at least)
on a side note I am listening to a Eckhart Tole seminar/retreat I found online and in this he made the statement that he was watching eagles soar near his house and he said they were doing for the fun of it. Do birds fly for the fun of it?


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I just saw this for the first time, sorry. If I were a bird, I would fly for fun. :)

(10 May '13, 11:00) Fairy Princess

animals have a great connection . there are part of them that instinctively are born with newly learned attributes. this is how it is done. this video expands slightly on this.( watch from this point until 1:47:00, it is only about 3-4 min long to answer this better) , it is not any animals specifically, it is EVERYTHING and every part of physical existence,( all in oneness). i suppose the better question then would be how aware of this availability are the animals, in that case, it is what separates the 2nd density from the 3rd and it is the 3rd density is the actual "awareness" of its own consciousness. hope it helped! if you have a chance this complete video is SOOO educational !

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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to the rescue agian my good freind, thank you for help fixing my messy spelling :-)

(20 Apr '11, 23:39) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb love the video ♥♥♥ remarkable, thanks

(10 May '13, 11:23) ru bis

@rubis, no problem, glad i could help.

(12 May '13, 14:28) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Animals have varying participants in their kingdoms as we in ours.

You will see some animals lower on the scale, closer to what you would perceive as 'beasts'. Others (if you can attract them and they deem you worthy of their presence) can be far higher up the scale than ourselves.

Generally anyone or anything you encounter who you perceive to be 'simple' is likely very strongly not in some category you're incapable of handling at the time. “He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.”


answered 18 Apr '13, 15:08

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I believe Fairy Princess you pointed out two important points. Yes they seem more connected but haven't the brains access anything more than the basic connective rudimentary qualities for survival.

But people are tuned in at a higher level overshooting that level of awareness. It is like people are tuned into a different band frequency than animals. So while we are inspired to create and have ideas that seem to come out of the blue to us at the same time we miss the guidance for direction unless we purposely let ourselves be guided.

Most of the time that guidance is blocked by ourselves.


answered 12 May '13, 15:41

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Wade Casaldi

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