The fatidical (badly prophetic) number 666, as concept from the Book of Revelation 13:17-18 pf the Bible, isenough largely known.

There are some manuscripts about a variant 616, a code for the Roman Emperor Nero, but it could, eventually, explain an inspirational source valid in those days. For a long time (near 2,000 years), "666" remained an element of a prophecy and in the religious and current language was used as symbol for Evil One and especially for its role on the "end time".

For the time being, the number "666" started become a very real presence as visible or hided (e-screened) constituent part of identity documents, passports, food codes and it is foreseed to be introduced also into Bank cards.. For the passports and identity documents, this is already a functioning reality for many countries of "third world" and some of East Europe. In my country this kind documents was introduced parallely with the old, "normal" kind documents (maintaining the old sort of documents optionally - probably for a time - after a largely signed uo petition of population, initiated by some non-gouvernamental organisms. But for what time?

There is a supplemental aspect: It is words (officially) to add to these codified personsl documents, the implant of a microchip with the personal code (containing the 666), on the right hand or the head (under scalp). It says that the Ocult Gouvernment of World isn't alien of all this and exercises pressions over gouvernments of countries by financial intenational organisms.

Are there coincidencies with biblic prophecy? Is the biblic prophecy only a salutary model? Is this a concret beginning of biblic prophecy's filling? What attitude is wise face with this conjuncture? How remaining on the true spiritual way?

I know there is an other question about "666" but it refers to theoretical, ethical and metaphysical aspects. I refer to the pressing, very concret reality of present time. But if my question is inconvenient or inopportune for some reasons, feel free to close it with the pretext of being "double".

Thank you for reading me and thinking about this topic, even if my ask will remain "orphan" of answers. There will be not a bounty.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Conspiracy theories are really fun, aren't they?

(02 Jun '10, 16:11) Vesuvius

The core of conspiracy theories are the hided roots of powers of man over the multitude. It is a very old problem of humanity and I don't see nothing fun in the insatiable desire of power. I consider it as insanity and a source of affliction

(02 Jun '10, 22:47) Gleam

Conspiracy theories are only a source of affliction for those who give them power by believing in them.

(03 Jun '10, 04:51) Vesuvius

No, Vesuvius, the sourse of affliction is the consequences of conspiracy itself, not of theories. And the own affliction is the shadow of collective reality darkness, when you are and truly feel to be part of community. The true compassion contains something painfully. You are a good man and you know and feel this; your reactions betray you.

(03 Jun '10, 08:47) Gleam same question?

(05 Jun '10, 09:02) ursixx
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Bashar states:

You are based on what you call carbon life. It is the connection to the material reality. Look to the basis of your physiological life form, the carbon atom, 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons, 6, 6, 6; the basis of physical life on your planet.


answered 02 Jun '10, 04:34

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Excellent idea to introduce the Carbon on the groundwork of this "simultaneous equation". Thank you very much. I very like this idea.

(02 Jun '10, 07:46) Gleam

Great answer wildlife

(02 Jun '10, 10:58) I Think Therefore I Am

What are you saying? That the universe is the devil's work? See

(02 Jun '10, 16:08) Vesuvius

Maybe people interpreted the number 666 in this way because they were led to believe that everything physical and material is "bad", hence the devil's work, and the only "real" value is in the spiritual or etheric realm.. For me this it bulls*** and I think that both are equal on the scale of experience, just different. I'm sure as hell not going to denounce physicality because some "guru" seas I should. I'm going to embrace and enjoy every little bit of my experience here, and when I move on "up the ladder", I'm gonna do the same thing there. Namaste :)

(02 Jun '10, 17:07) wildlife

@Vesuvius #1. Nobody said that the Universe is the result of devil's work. #2. Your link to wiki (thanks, it's very opportun and interesting) just asserts in paragraph 1 that "Correlation das not AUTOMATICALLY imply causation". #3. If you see a man and on his equipment is written "FIREMAN" or "DUSTMAN", it don't means that they produce FIRE (incendiary), respectively - dust. Similarly, if we admit that "666" refers to basis of life, and being established the general acception of bad intention of devil, the sign 666 could be seen as "DESTROYER OF LIVING".

(02 Jun '10, 21:24) Gleam

@Gleam: Fine, except that's not what Bashar is saying. All he is saying is that it's very simple to ascribe positive meaning to the numbers, rather than negative.

(03 Jun '10, 04:49) Vesuvius
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A little research tells me that some Biblical scholars felt the Bible passage was a way to write about Roman leaders without openly criticizing them, which would have meant a sure death. I had never thought of that angle when reading the scripture, I had taken it somewhat literally. (it is Revelation 13: 17-18)

It seems that even today, mention of 666 is a metaphor for evil: the devil, the controlling government, and etc. I believe it has the same meaning today--- controlling government-- and it will always have the connotation of the past since the association is permanent in minds of those who have read the Bible.


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LeeAnn 1

Thank you LeeAnn, for this clever, tactful and diplomatic but nevertheless transparent answer. I have much for learning from you.

(02 Jun '10, 07:18) Gleam

The complete quote (in context) from Bashar:

Q: The number 6 you’ve reference to the number of technology, can you explain further?

B: The idea is that which is based upon the vibration itself of atomic structures and crystalline structures that are the based–vibrationally–for all things you would understand to be technological in nature as an expression in your reality.

Q: So it’s a molecular connection?

B: In a sense, that is a simplistic way of saying it. We can get into that, in more detail, at another time.

Q: Can you give us a positive interpretation of 666.

B: You are based what you call carbon life. You understand?

Q: Yes.

B: It is the connection to the material reality. Look to the basis of your physiological life form … the carbon atom. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons 6, 6, 6. The basis of physical life on your planet.

Q: Saturn: It was known as the God of melancholy? And it took on a negative connotation in our past. We have the Saturn Council which is connected to the Council of Nine, I understand?

B: Yes.

Q: What engendered this negative connotation?

B: Simply forgetfulness and misinterpretation of the idea of what might pass for melancholy, but in fact is simply—calm wisdom, calm knowing. Do you understand the difference?

Q: Yes.

B: Does this help you?

Q: Yes, thank you very much.


answered 02 Jun '10, 17:03

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I am honoured by your presence, Vesuvius. Thank you the answer and the differential diagnosis between melancholy and wisdom.

(02 Jun '10, 19:27) Gleam
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