If we are eternal beings/consciousness, is it possible to choose not to "exist" any longer? Or is there only an illusion of this? Is there such a thing as "nothingness"?

Everything has an opposite, right? If everything was the same temperature, there really wouldn't be "hot" things and "cold" things or even warm or cool. We just wouldn't distinguish it, everything would just be that temperature.

Or is distinguishing things just another limitation and part of the illusion? Could be...

Does everything exist or does nothing exist... or both? Can "nothingness" even exist? Does that even make sense? Okay, I feel like that first part could be terribly confusing... I hope you guys are getting it.

Rephrase: "if we are eternal beings, who are deliberate creators, can we intentionally vanish/cease to be/no longer part of consciousness?" Not that you would want to... but could you?

I ask because I had a friend who did not like the idea of being eternal. She said it was uncomfortable thinking of everything going on and on and on. She wanted things to end at some point. To me, its exciting and comforting. But she took much more comfort in the idea of not existing anymore at some point. I didn't find it bad or weird... just very interesting.

What do you think?

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Your friend wanted to end it from her perspective and sure enough her perspective will some day end. So you see that you can cease to be, it's just a matter of point of view. You cease to be, but you really don't.

And existence of nonexistant is a paradox. And thus it's true, that everything which will never exist, exist in state of nothingness.

(26 Apr '12, 02:45) CalonLan

It is a paradox- because the nonexistant exists, I agree. And I agree we shift/change, become something different, although we're still the same. Thanks:)

(13 May '12, 22:39) LapisLazuli
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There are many versions of this "desire" that we all experience constantly.

In the bigger picture, I think that we are spared the memory of our true multi-dimensional existence at the point of birth, because that knowledge would probably overwhelm us and distract us from the desire to focus on specific areas of growth.

Then on a day-to-day basis, most people who haven't examined the contents of their inner (un-fulfilled) desire for expansion try to block this confrontation by constantly listening to music, sports radio, cell-phone communication, and constant inner chatter.

It is a coping mechanism for being overwhelmed with the available potentiality and the judgement of one's insignificance of self when measured against what is possible.

I think part of the reason why we live on a planet that rotates in 12hour cycles of darkness and light is to help us deal with the overwhelming sensory data by going to "sleep" to allow other parts of ourselves to assimilate this information and "wake up" the following morning with a new outlook, with our psychological batteries re-charged.

So in a bigger cycle sleeping and waking up is mirrored through the process of life and death.

Therefore, we literally take a break from ourselves every 12 hours and every lifetime.

Some people are too overwhelmed to handle even that and they need to escape into music, radio and conversation whenever their mind is idle.

Surprisingly, this sense of being "overwhelmed" is a product of trying to live up to an identity that is a complete construction of our imagination.

It is the pressure of trying to be the person we have imagined into existence.

If you recall, Stingray always mentions being in alignment.

This alignment can be seen as either "trying to be in alignment" with yourself or "release yourself until you are in alignment with what is naturally your purpose"

Most people see "manifestation" as expanding yourself into having more than what you have right now which is actually compounding the artificial construct of the "self" that is maintained only through the capacity of consciousness.

The other way is to let go of the artificial construct of yourself that is maintained within yourself through the "Inner chatter" and come into alignment with the part of you that is beyond this 3D construct that you refer to as your "higher self"

In doing that you can choose to "cease to be”, the self that is supported by the temporary (ego) construction which is essentially your "interface" in this dimension, and become your "higher self"

The self that you know is actually your higher self, but you have operated through an artificial interface that depends on the mechanism of consciousness to maintain its identity as "the real you".

You know this as your "ego"

In denying your ego the opportunity to claim to be the "real you" you actually "cease to be" the artificial "you" and actually come into alignment with the REAL YOU.

You need to break the iron grip of the identity that is supported and maintained through the constant inner chatter.

When that grip is broken, the burden of existence is no longer maintained "locally"

You go through a moment of being completely lost and scared depending on how much you have "depended" on your artificial point of reference to support your existence.

In allowing your greater self to guide you instead of trying to "figure it out" by your own effort, you essentially "let go" yourself towards yourself.

You will slowly shift to a reference point where your "real point of reference" is given more validity than the "artificial interface".

You need the artificial interface, because it is the only interface that will allow you to access this dimension (perhaps it will change in the fourth and fifth density).

But you can put your artificial interface in its proper perspective by always operating within the "source" of yourself instead of seeking the guidance of the artificial interface of others regarding decisions that only your source knows.

To mimic the accomplishment of the artificial interfaces of others you definitely must seek the wisdom of their artificial interface through your artificial interface.

If you want to drive the same car that your neighbour has you will have to find out the details from your neighbour.

However if you want to experience the inner feeling that drove your neighbour to buy that car, you can only depend on your higher self to take you there.

However, that does not mean you now dis-regard your neighbour and consider all conversations as being superficial.

You can choose to enjoy the superficiality of your identity that is maintained by your consciousness by understanding its purpose and limitations.

You do not have to make it "cease to be" to appreciate the wisdom of your inner self.

The trick is the find the balance between the two because your soul expresses through both interfaces simultaneously.

You are an artist painting on a canvas where your inspiration is where your higher self is at and the canvas is where your ego is at.


answered 26 Apr '12, 02:26

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The Traveller

I had to read this a few times before I got it!:) thank you. It helps me see the process a little more clearly. I think that since were much more than we are at the moment, the idea of 'ceasing to be' doesn't make much sense, since we're constantly growing, shifting, changing, and becoming something new (even though we are still 'us').

(13 May '12, 22:31) LapisLazuli

I have found that if people experience enough trauma and/or pain, they can "cease to be" even while still alive.

In the movie, The Horse Whisperer, Tom is having a conversation with Grace, who is telling him about the horrible accident that took her leg. Tom recounts a story about a young man who used to work on his ranch. The boy had a diving accident and was paralyzed. Tom tells Grace that when he went to visit the young man, he just was not "there" anymore. Grace says, "I know where he goes." Tom replies, "I know you do. Don't you go there, too." [paraphrased from the movie]

When I was a CNA in college, I worked in a nursing home. It was a sad, sad job. I saw first-hand how the residents would sometimes just give up and "go away". They ate; they slept; they stared out the windows, but they did not seem really alive anymore. It was truly heart-wrenching to watch this happen. I have told my children that if I end up in a nursing home, I will figure out a way to die; I would rather do anything except go to a warehouse for the old, infirm, and dying [forgotten, too, mostly]. I know that I would "cease to be".

The other two answers talk more about death. But I think that there are people who are alive yet not alive. Their pain is so great that they just become empty husks of humanity.

So, yes, I think it is possible to cease to be even while still alive.




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I see what you're saying, I had a friend whose grandmother developed Alzheimers and it was similar. Its like she just wasn't there at all- like an empty shell if felt like. Thanks for your answer:)

(13 May '12, 22:26) LapisLazuli

The only thing that is certain is change, so your friend will cease to exist as your friend just as the caterpillar ceases exist to be to become a butterfly.


answered 01 May '12, 03:26

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edited 01 May '12, 03:26

Change is the only constant, I agree! We we still be ourselves, even if we shift our form/perspective/focus/etc. Thank you! :)

(13 May '12, 22:34) LapisLazuli

Paradoxes are only paradoxes from our limited 3d point of view. At higher vibrational levels I inutuit they are no longer paradoxes. We are drawn to explore these levels by our intuition, but are limited by our space-time school.

I think it is difficult to imagine non-existence. Eastern religions lean toward the concept of dissolving your consciousness in the Universal. Western, particularly Christian lean towards a Unification with God where the individual identity continues, but on a higher plain.

Continuing questions regarding the possibility of continuing existence and what rules apply to having a happy or unhappy afterlife have plagued, tormented and inspired mankind since the dawn of sentience.

Someone once said "If we do not have a god, it is the first result of a sentient being to create one."

Humans understand that one day the body will cease to function as a life support system. Since we are a hybrid of animal and Spirit we hope the Spirit will continue. I believe this is the case.


answered 26 Apr '12, 06:50

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Dollar Bill

I agree with you, I believe we will continue. And you are right, I think it can be difficult to grasp some of these ideas from a physical perspective, even regarding things like "there wasn't a beginning and there isn't an ending". Thank you!(:

(13 May '12, 22:33) LapisLazuli

Thanks everyone for your answers, I'll get to you all personally when I can wrap my brain around everything... I have read and appreciate all the responses, they have all made me think=)


answered 01 May '12, 12:22

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