people lie to get what they want. this world is superficial. priority are not at the right place women wants money and material gain and will often get lie to and fall in that trap. yes some men will say it works so just lie even women say the same thing. but i tell them eventually it will create problems. how do we change that?

asked 08 Aug '11, 08:51

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

@white tiger-do you really believe we live in a world of lies and deceit or are you lying? :)

(08 Aug '11, 13:36) blubird two

This is a pretty sad place to sit in, white tiger. Why don't YOU move out of this negativity, and perhaps the world will shift for you.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(08 Aug '11, 14:40) Jaianniah

well i told you i live in harmony but it does not mean that i approve everything i see. if people like to live lying and deceiving other to get what they want it is not my problem it is there problem. why should i get down to that level?

(08 Aug '11, 17:24) white tiger

Your reality and mine are soooooo different! I try so hard to treat the world like a salad bar- to take in what is good, and leave the rest, many blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(08 Aug '11, 18:08) Jaianniah

i do the same jai i take what is good and leave the rest. but i do not judge i perceive but what is not coming from my free will is not my problem. we live in the same reality in the same world believe it or not. i will give you example of lie a women does not want her boyfriend from 7 month to smoke so he does not tell her and it is not the only thing. and she does not know or if she know she does the naive. she might judge another men for smoking and that men is alot better then her current boyfriend. but since people prefer to blind them self and live in lie it is not my problem.

(08 Aug '11, 18:33) white tiger

also if the guy wants to smoke it is is free will so why lie? just tell her she accept it or not problem solve. or does women prefer to be lie to and live in a pink dream? until they wake up a fee year later and say he is a lier a bastard a dog etc. he made me 1 to 3 kids he does not work smoke drink drugs etc.

(08 Aug '11, 18:51) white tiger

White Tiger, now you are specifically talking about relationships. This is a specific aspect of lying, but there is a whole nother thing at play here, hormones and emotions. The person being lied to doesn't discern like the rest of us would because they are in love and are carried away with emotions and hormones. When these wear off, the person is left with the real person they are with and not the 'doped up' version that they saw while on hormones of love. That's why they say love is blind. It blinds you to the real person.

(09 Aug '11, 12:39) Fairy Princess

well fairy princess love might be blind but i am not. and love founded on lie does not last long.

(10 Aug '11, 03:23) white tiger

is there really emotion and love when the women wants only money and material stuff and the men only want sex? that is why i say the priority are at the wrong place if you love someone it is for them and not for annything else. you can be rich one day and broke the next you can look beautifull one day and have accident and look ugly the next. if you love someone for real nothing else matter the world could end tomorrow and as long you are with the person you love it would not matter.

(10 Aug '11, 03:38) white tiger

@White Tiger Love cost a fortune, that is just the way things are in this world, we live in a world that is ran by money there is nothing we could do about it unless we wanted to live in the woods. But even then someone would come along and say, "You are on my property and had better move or I'm calling the police!"

(10 Aug '11, 05:53) Wade Casaldi

yes wade but is it not the priority love and not money or material stuff? let them call the police. did you do something wrong? if not what do you want the police to say?tell them we pay for the goverment so the goverment is on my property go bother him. smile. experience and enjoy.

(10 Aug '11, 22:43) white tiger

"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

(31 Aug '11, 17:42) white tiger
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Well, White Tiger, first you have to change yourself. Let’s see if this perspective sheds any light on your reality and how you can change it into something that serves you better. You’ve posted a couple of these kinds of posts, so it seems as though a part of you wants to change. Are you willing to change?

we live in a world of lie and deceit...

Actually, you live in that kind of world, whereas I do not. I choose to live on a small tropical island surrounded by happy people. That’s not to say that everyone who lives here is happy, it simply means that, in general, the people I interact with are happy and so am I :)

Your current ideas are obviously not serving you; otherwise you wouldn’t be caught in a reality you don’t prefer, neither would you be asking these kinds of questions. Are you ready to look into other ideas? And are you willing to drop certain ideas and thoughts concerning how your reality is created and change them into ideas that will serve you better? do we change that?

It isn’t necessary to go into any of the details because those details only concern you. And once you get to the root of reality creation you’ll become self-empowered and you’ll cause any and all of the details you don’t prefer to change.

Your reality is merely a reflection of how you’ve defined reality to be. There is no reality other than your definition of reality. Your Universe is impartial and impersonal; it only has the ability to reflect your definition of reality back to you. Therefore, whatever reality you’re getting and experiencing IS how you’ve defined reality to be for you.

Now, for you, this may be the hard part. Although reality IS always a reflection of how you’ve defined it to be, any reality can only manifest once you truly believe that it can manifest in that way. If you don’t really, truly, believe that reality can be as you imagine it, then it can’t.

You, through your beliefs are the operant power that controls and determines your reality. In other words your belief in any reality that you’ve defined to be reality IS the cause of your experience of reality and not the other way around. Relax into the idea and check it out…

Once you’re living and experiencing any particular reality, then you say: see this is my reality and you focus on that and you get more of that to experience and it’s all good. You could say that the experience causes more similar experience for you to experience. Unless you don’t like your current reality because it’s not serving you and then you want to change it into something better.

So now you must redefine how you want reality to be and then believe in your new definition and have faith (believe beyond doubt) that it will manifest and BE your new reality and then it will be; it’s that simple, unless we make it more complicated.

Please understand that I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I’m not trying at all; I’m merely passing on what works for me and thus what I know to be true. I love writing about metaphysical subjects and if someone gets something from it, all the better :)

Your challenge lies in changing your belief that you only experience and you don’t believe because that’s not how your reality (all reality) is created. It doesn’t matter how many times you say: “I only experience” because you can’t prove a point by constant repetition, especially since that’s not how reality works. If you want to see positive results, you must do it!

Many people on this forum have pointed this out to you. Maybe because they understand that our Universe is driven by our beliefs or at least they haven’t removed ‘belief’ from their vocabulary. Without belief nothing happens, belief is the driving engine that causes the change. Are you willing to change?

And once a person really gets the ideas outlined above…

Realize that on a deeper level changing your belief will cause a change in your vibration. We live in a universe of vibrational attraction and due to the present moment being all there really is; all realities co-exist simultaneously. Therefore, to change your reality into a preferred reality, it’s necessary to change your vibration to BE the same or very close to the vibration of the reality you want to perceive and then you’ll attract, perceive and experience it.

If your reality is filled with unfriendly, unhappy or deceitful people, it’s because you are vibrating somewhere in the vicinity of unfriendly, unhappy or deceit (inc. self-deceit or self-denial). Remember, this is not a judgment; the only judge is you. There is only unconditional love, so that’s what we are all made of as well, logical? Thus, the only way judgment can occur is from an unclear mind; a mind that has not ventured to the root of how reality is created.

Anyway, to change your vibration you have to change your beliefs and definitions; it really is that simple. Look in the mirror, your current reality, and realize that to change the reflection you must change your vibration. Step Up to the vibration you prefer by redefining and believing in any preferred reality. All choices, definitions and beliefs concerning reality are equal because there’s no reality for you to experience, other than what you prefer.

This is what is meant by self empowerment my friends. Understanding that you have the power to live the life you prefer and the power to change anything you no longer prefer into something you now prefer. Make complaining a thing of the past and move into your idealized preference ♥


answered 09 Aug '11, 08:59

Eddie's gravatar image


So does this mean that you live in a 'dimension' or 'reality' that is void of lying and deceipt? If you were to take a boat ride or plane ride off your island and walked through a city, would you not encounter a lie or deceipt or a crime at all? I don't understand this. Thanks

(09 Aug '11, 12:30) Fairy Princess

Over time I changed my belief to one that said: everyone is fundamentally good. Dodgy people still entered my life, but I ignored them and trusted my belief, even tho at the start circumstances denied my belief. Eventually those kind of people more or less vanished from my life and most people are friendly and helpful. Even tho you may still encounter negative things, your attitude towards them is crucial to making your belief stick. You can choose to ignore whatever negative stuff happens or you can laugh and forget about it...

(09 Aug '11, 14:02) Eddie

Ultimately, with persistence and perseverance your belief must become your reality :)

(09 Aug '11, 14:02) Eddie

It is answers like this one that have helped change my reality. It really is true- all of it. Thanks, Eddie!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Aug '11, 15:30) Jaianniah

You definitely nailed it Eddie! Very good. Best wishes....

(09 Aug '11, 20:06) LeeAnn 1

Thank you, Eddie.

(09 Aug '11, 20:07) Fairy Princess

good 1 Eddie and 1 for you mate

(09 Aug '11, 21:08) ursixx

Thanks for all of your positive comments :)

(10 Aug '11, 01:45) Eddie

well eddie i have went to the top. and i have no belief i experiance things as they are. the change cannot occur from me because they come from the free will of other. as my free will i decide what i decide and nothing can stop that. but i am not responsible for the free will of other people that is there problem.

(10 Aug '11, 03:17) white tiger

@white tiger - when you say: the change cannot occur from me because... isn't that something that you believe? And doesn't that also imply that you don't believe that you're responsible for creating your own reality?

(11 Aug '11, 01:07) Eddie

we all have free will eddie are you responsible for other people free will? is it your fault that people murder other people? is it your fault that people lie? is it your fault that people make error that affect them and other people? i am responsible of my free will not of the free will of other.

(11 Aug '11, 04:57) white tiger

OK, thanks. I view free will as having a choice in every moment. I'm reading your reply as: I believe that everyone has free will and their choice is not my responsibility.

(11 Aug '11, 06:17) Eddie

their free will is not my responsability. i have my free will so does everyone else. i am responsible of my free will. and other person are responsible of their free will. if someone go shoot people at school because of is free will i am not responsible of it he is. if someone bother him or bully him he is responsible of is free will also. and from that choice he might receive a bullet. is it my responsability or problem no it is not. if he comes to shoot me and i kill him i am responsible of my free will and i solved is problem i took responsability where he could not. balence is restored..

(13 Aug '11, 07:42) white tiger
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Maybe that is why I am single and don't have any friends. I don't gossip, I don't drink, I try to not lie, I don't play head games, I don't cuss or tell dirty jokes, or appreciate dirty jokes, I don't call my kid names and say mean things to him, I don't get involved in all that 'worldly' garbage. It would be nice to have friends, but whe I get out there and hear all the lying, gossip, meanness, etc... I don't want to be around that, or raise my son around that. I even tried going to some churches for about five years each, but I couldn't find anybody that I wanted to yolk up with. (Not just romantically, but friends at all) I found some acquaintances that I interact with once in a while, mostly on facebook, but then they will say something that just repulses me. So with that lying, comes a whole package of negative aspects and behaviors. I wish I knew how to fix it. The closest I know, is just to continue to be a light to the world. When I get sucked in to their negative mindsets, it brings me down, not them up. I was all alone in this for so long. I am so glad that I found this site of some like minded people. It has helped me to see the bigger picture and what I have known all along. Now that I know about how all this works (sort of) I can protect myself from getting sucked in. So, now I can be me, and if people don't like, that's their problem, not mine.


answered 08 Aug '11, 14:04

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

This sounds pretty lonely, Fairy! You know I love you and I would never lie to you. Believe it or not, there are good people out there. I felt the same way, and had to move away to find happiness. I just did not fit in where I lived, and I realized that I never would. I prayed, and finally, my prayers were answered. It took a while, but God came through. I love you!>>>>>>>>>>>

(08 Aug '11, 14:38) Jaianniah

Thank you, Jai, I love you too! I am so happy for you that you have found what you are looking for. I am at peace with my lot most of the time. Now that I understand all this LOA stuff, I hope to manifest some people into my life that would enhance it. I don't want to move right now, I am raising my son and my mom lives nearby and I am a single mom. I choose to be alone rather than around people that make me uncomfortable and/or are a bad 'influence' on us. For the most part, I am happy. Right now I am deep in study and self discovery, so this is where I need to be. Peace

(08 Aug '11, 14:44) Fairy Princess

Sometimes when I whistle in the store, some people give me a dirty look and others follow me around to hear the music. When I stop whislting, they peek around the aisle and ask me to not stop. :)

(08 Aug '11, 14:46) Fairy Princess
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Always telling the truth is not always a sign of good health.


answered 08 Aug '11, 13:38

blubird%20two's gravatar image

blubird two

always telling lie is worse don't you think? for harmony you always need the right balence. experience and enjoy.

(08 Aug '11, 17:35) white tiger

@white tiger-yes of course always lying is non constructive, but some phrases need a tone of nuance

(09 Aug '11, 09:09) blubird two

The picture you have painted with your words, in your question, is very sad to me.

This is not a true and realistic picture of what you have tagged as reality. Nonetheless, I honor you for being honest about what you perceive. I honor your reality.

This whole site, Inward Quest, is all about changing your reality for the better. Have you actually tried any of the methods suggested here to change your reality into something happier for you? I wonder.

I also am glad that you were honest with us. We cannot help you until honesty appears. Perhaps now you will see where you really are, and decide to shift your reality, and manifest something better. I hope so. I will pray, despite what you believe!

Blessings, Jai


answered 08 Aug '11, 14:58

Jaianniah's gravatar image


thank you jai but i do not believe i experience. i have free will and so as every one else. if they want to lie and deceive it is their problem not mine. and light is needed every where jai.

(08 Aug '11, 17:34) white tiger

as for honesty i am always honest jai.

(08 Aug '11, 17:38) white tiger

it does not mean that i don't keep some stuff to my self. do you think it would be better for me to tell everything that i know or perceive? example: seing a men and a women that lie to each other should i go tell the truth of the matter to both of them? or someone always judging people should i tell him in front of the people he judge? sometime it is better to stay quiet and keep stuff to our self.

(08 Aug '11, 17:50) white tiger

I hear you>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(08 Aug '11, 18:04) Jaianniah

Yes, I agree White Tiger sometimes it would not help for us to meddle in a situation even if it meant the truth would come out. Sometimes we have to keep quiet and allow others to discover the truth and make a decision about what to do (or not do) all on their own.

(09 Aug '11, 20:03) LeeAnn 1

well leeAnn i am glad that you agree. often the truth is out for a while only the person concern does not know it. but they can believe what they want it is not my problem. experience and enjoy.

(10 Aug '11, 03:27) white tiger
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a way to change is by recognizing that all of our thoughts and actions taken come back to us,
in other words, we are morally responsible for our choices.
this at times can be worked out on our mental plane,
but as noted by white tiger often falls down to personal concerns in our material/human nature.
so, taking full responsibility for thoughts, choices and actions is a place to start


answered 10 Aug '11, 11:21

fred's gravatar image


yes fred though choice action speaking all need to be responsible and check out. i agree . experience and enjoy.

(10 Aug '11, 22:35) white tiger

Hi there,

I have recently stumbled upon a video of RSA on youtube about the subject "Necessary Lies". It clarifies quite some about lies in general. I suggest you watch the video and share your thoughts about it.

Hope you find use in this answer :)



answered 08 Aug '11, 13:00

Spirituoso's gravatar image


@Spirituoso-very enlightening video, or am i lying? :)

(08 Aug '11, 13:33) blubird two

Thanks for the link, that was very interesting.

(08 Aug '11, 13:50) Fairy Princess

if you need to tell lie it is because something is wrong. why not fix what is wrong rather then telling lie? so we live in a world base on lie and after we wounder why everything is wrong or not working.i have know some people that tell so much lie that they do not remember the truth or what version they gave to who.

(08 Aug '11, 18:12) white tiger
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Don't forget, White Tiger, you have said to me that the things I don't like in others are a reflection of what I don't like in myself. I agree with this partly, but not fully, because it really bugs me when a person takes another person's life, however, that is not in me, so there has to be a line somewhere. However, it is definitely worth considering looking at the reflection to see if there is anything in you that you need to work out. I know, I really hate it when people throw my own words back at me, so, sorry, but I felt I needed to share. Experience and enjoy


answered 10 Aug '11, 14:13

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

well fairy princess i value life also. but if i have to kill someone to protect my self or someone i love. then so be it. it will not be my fault but the fault of the other person free will that try to do bad. he will have killed him self. on my part i will have used my free will to protect my self and people i love.

(11 Aug '11, 03:54) white tiger never attack a tiger.

(11 Aug '11, 04:06) white tiger

The killing was the exemplification of some things.

(11 Aug '11, 04:32) Fairy Princess

I didn't attack you, White Tiger, I answered your question with your own words, that is all. The example of killing is something that is not in me, but I don't like. some things we see in others and they are not in us. However, you have said to myself and others, that what we see in you or in another that we don't like, is what is in us, not them.

(11 Aug '11, 04:35) Fairy Princess

yes i have said that if it is not in me then it comes from you. example: if you say to me that i am unfair and i am fair. then you are judging me to be unfair and it is not in me so it is somewhere in you. i do not say that sometime you cannot be right when you see something in someone. i did not say you attacked me i said on the other comment that i value life. and that i would only kill someone if the person free will is set on it by attacking me or someone i love.

(11 Aug '11, 04:44) white tiger

i am very peacefull i do not look for trouble i look for harmony. but sometime you have no choice to confront some people that look for trouble. most often it is because those kind of people are stupid and want to make a name for them self. example: a guy bigger then me comes running at me and try to catch me by surprise. i move back and he kiss the ciment wall and is knock out. is it my fault? of course not i just moved back is free will make that happen.

(11 Aug '11, 04:52) white tiger

You left a link about martial arts and the words, "Never attack a tiger." I just wanted to be clear that I didn't attack you. I only gave you a mirror to look at. I am not saying that it is in you, I am saying that that has been your response to me and others. So it is worth taking a look at. I know I didn't like it when you said it to me. I speak the truth, not trying to fight or go around and around. You asked a question, I gave you your own answer. That's all.

(11 Aug '11, 12:53) Fairy Princess

yes the link was because i am a tiger. i never attack i am very patient but if i get attack i could kill someone. if you seek harmony and chaos comes at you. the balence needs to be restore.

(13 Aug '11, 07:31) white tiger

That is what I thought, you were threatening me because you felt attacked.

(13 Aug '11, 12:50) Fairy Princess

well fairy princess i did not threaten you. i was only telling the truth sorry that you took it that way. and i wounder why you took it that way? if someone knows that as long as they do the right thing nothing bad will happen to them why would they be afraid of someone that is in harmony?

(27 Aug '11, 04:33) white tiger

do you fear God? he destroyed sodom and gomore. he let the sea swallow the army from egypt that where trying to kill the jew. he flooded the world to destroy the evil. why fear god he did the right thing?

(27 Aug '11, 04:39) white tiger

you know, White Tiger, I don't know.

(27 Aug '11, 05:25) Fairy Princess

I think that instead of fearing God, we have decided to fear eachother's judgement.

(27 Aug '11, 05:26) Fairy Princess

To answer, why I took it as a threat? Well, you didn't give any explaination, just a link to a video that is very agressive. Not much to interpret there. My son is totally into marial art and wondered where I found such a link. If you don't put words with the link to explain why you are posting it, then the interpretation is open to the viewer.

(27 Aug '11, 05:35) Fairy Princess

i do not judge you everyone gets what they deserve.

(28 Aug '11, 04:18) white tiger
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