In regards to Law of Attraction, I feel many channeled beings seem to explain that, ultimately we can only help ourselves. That in the end no one else can force us to see something from a different perspective or force us to think different thoughts.

Do channeled entities, such as Bashar and Abraham, come here to "help" us? Do they genuinely care whether or not we are in alignment or manifesting our desires? I feel as if it really doesn't matter whether or not we are vibrating at high or low frequencies, because as Abraham says, "You can't get it wrong and you never get it done."

Is it fun for them to connect to those of us who do resonate with what they say? It makes sense to me that they would love sharing in the feeling of us coming back into alignment with ourselves. That they just enjoy interacting with us.

I'm not aware if anyone has ever asked them these questions, so if you know of any videos I'd love if you'd share them. I haven't looked into it. :) Or anyone who has channeled or does channel, I'd really love to know how you feel about this. (I'm only aware of @TReb Bor yit-NE on IQ :)

What do you think?

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@LapisLazuli - Great question. Thanks for asking. :)

(07 Nov '12, 20:46) Grace

@Grace No problem :o)

(07 Nov '12, 23:27) LapisLazuli

I will find the exact time someone asked him that. We will see. :-)

(08 Nov '12, 19:08) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE - I just read your comment, and the thought "Geeze we are so fortunate that Rob hangs out at IQ." came to mind for about the millionth time. Just thought I'd share. ;)

(08 Nov '12, 20:49) Grace

@TReb Bor yit-NE awesome! Thank you :)

(08 Nov '12, 22:44) LapisLazuli

@grace @LapisLazuli. thank u both.. i love being here with great people.

(11 Nov '12, 14:53) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Abraham also say "we are all in this together."

So the first thing is, you're looking at it purely from your (our?) perspective, but from what I get from Abraham (and many other entities...not all channeled) they do not always have the same perspective of "you" and "me" that we have. The lines between who you are and who I am and who they are, often aren't quite so clear cut and defined as we personally often think of them.

In many traditions, spirits are invoked in some form. For example, in the Voudon religion, ceremonies may be performed where a devotee...or even curious guest, will be ridden by the lwa (pronounced law of attraction :P). It is basically possession and the spirit will then sometimes prophesy, instruct someone or perform "miracles." But they also may partake of food, drink and smoke through the horses (persons) body. Sometimes even sex. They ENJOY physical experiences. There is even a saying that "the gods are envious of man [because he is physically incarnate]." It was popularised in the movie Troy, but the idea comes from far before it.

I'm also reminded of Jane Roberts, who would drink and smoke while channeling the Seth material.

There are statements by "The Guys" about how they enjoy simply experiencing emotions through Ken MacLean:

OK, so it’s no big deal. We’ve heard that before.

No big deal??? We assure you all of us are focusing through you (and others) in this physical reality. For us it is like an immense building project, always under construction. We are always walking down the hallways, looking into rooms and giving our opinions to their occupants. But mostly, at least on earth, we are not heard.

Why is everyone so interested in earth? We’re just messing around and messing up, mostly. From the energy I receive from you, it seems that you experience far more intensely than I, and far more joyfully. Every time you guys get excited I get a blast of awesome energy and feeling. It just seems hard for me to understand why anyone would give that up to experience here. Focused or not, it seems you guys are experiencing far more powerfully than I.

We are experiencing source energy without resistance. That is very powerful indeed, and is an ability that all beings in native state have. However, you experience more powerfully on an emotional range that is not available to us. By that we mean, the intensity of your focus strengthens your experience in a way not possible in non-physical (unless we experience through you, which we do all the time, because it is so much fun).

We do not experience the ‘bad’ along with the good.

In physical bodies, the bad makes the good much more powerful. It is the contrasting of the ‘bad’ with the ‘good’ that makes this the leading edge of thought.

(Taken from Dialogues - Conversations With My Higher Self: Incarnation and Death by Kenneth MacLean courtesy of

There is a similar question often asked in occult circles which comes to "why would these entities - with millions of years at least worth of knowledge and power - do what one little human tells them to do"...and the answer is two-fold. First, "you're not a little old human" but secondly knowledge wants to be known (and acknowledged, not sure which sounds best so I'll put both ;) ) and power wants to be exercised. It is simply the nature of some of these entities to teach (or do various other things). They enjoy it...and some even go so far to say "it's their purpose".

To sum up ...they get to enjoy some sense of physical experience through interacting with us or perform a function that is in and of itself fulfilling to them AND they don't have the same ideas of separation that we do.


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Similar to why do some teachers teach children in school. There are those that teach for the livelihood and pay but there are those also that teach because they enjoy seeing the children learn and progress. Sort of like I was once were you are, let me give you a helping hand so you can someday be where I am. In other words compassion.

(08 Nov '12, 11:53) Wade Casaldi

@Liam Great answer! Thank you. The answer seems almost obvious now- beings who experience source without resistance would be nothing but compassionate and loving. This part from your quote "However, you experience more powerfully on an emotional range that is not available to us. By that we mean, the intensity of your focus strengthens your experience in a way not possible in non-physical" makes a lot of sense to me!

(08 Nov '12, 17:54) LapisLazuli

@Liam - I love this answer. When I tried channeling, I asked why the universe had been created, and was told that it was created by love, because it is in the nature of love to create, expand, and share itself, like wet is to water. Now, years later learning about Abraham's descriptions of the leading edge of creation, it all goes back to that same core truth, and makes perfect sense still.

(08 Nov '12, 21:10) Grace
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This is an excellent question! Really when looked at from this perspective, I can see your point. Think of it this way, do we care what is going on in a different country? Not really, because we are absorbed in our own thought and problems day by day. Now when we see something on the news, that is different, then we care. Most of the time we have no idea what is going on in different countries. So how much more so in different dimensions? Plus when we do care it is usually something major not minor everyday things like these channeled brings help with. So it does lead us to wonder why they would care of helping us with all the little things. Like why they care if we are enlightened or not, this is interesting.


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Wade Casaldi

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It is interesting. I've heard Abraham say "we teach selfishness" but the whole idea of channeling and sharing this information seems far from selfish :)

(07 Nov '12, 23:31) LapisLazuli

This is one way to wrap it all up very simply. When you see someone struggle with what you find easy, and you are compassionate, well you help them. Treb said he wants to help us not need him anymore lol. Someone said they didn't know if they can trust Treb, so here is our exchange.

Question - Are YOU Treb ? .how do we know we can trust you? There are many spirits, and we cannot totally understand the spiritual realm yet... so why should we trust you? I dont say this with fear, I say it with concern.

Answer..... u don't have to trust. Listen . Decide. Learn about urself. This is why we are here. Not to make you believe anything. He is only one view of Trillions and trillions and trillions of personal views. He has helped hundreds to thousands of people, and will NEVER try to TELL u anything. So do as he always suggest......

[…] if you follow your heart, your heart is connected directly to your higher self and soul. And your soul knows better than anyone, for you. It knows better than the wisest, or longest living entity in this universe. Because it IS you, it is part of you and it is what you need. So follow the heart and you will never be lead wrong. — Treb Bor Yit-NE

Hope this helps.

love, light(wisdom), and awareness. 3 keys to happiness.



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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So True Rob.Love both your messages.Congratulations to you and Rashelle. Love and Light.

(08 Nov '12, 19:25) Roy

@roy .... Thank u brother roy

(08 Nov '12, 19:28) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE Thank you! I love the message- to follow your own guidance and heart, because you can always trust yourself. :)

(08 Nov '12, 22:48) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli- absolutely. i am glad u have found this usefull

(11 Nov '12, 14:52) TReb Bor yit-NE
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