In Think and Grow Rich, the author repeatedly states that there is no such thing as something FOR nothing. He also says that there IS such thing as something FROM nothing, and cites the United States as an example of this.

I'm a little confused as to which statement is true. Theres only a slight change in the wording of the statements but they both seem to be the same thing to me.

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"Something for nothing" is just a variation of "you reap what you sow." If you fail to sow seeds and cultivate them properly, then there will be nothing to reap when the harvest comes.

"Something from nothing" is an idea that represents the basis for all wealth creation, whether that is the pursuit of monetary wealth, the riches of wisdom, or the joy of happiness. Wealth creation is "something from nothing" because it is wealth that is produced from otherwise intangible ideas.

As an example, the raw materials that go into a house (the wood, cement, wiring, plumbing, walboard, stucco and so forth) have a certain value as raw material. But these materials are worth much more if they are used to build a house.

And it's not the labor that increases the value, because you can spend money on senseless labor (like simply moving the materials around, or destroying the materials). Rather, it's the idea of the house (embodied in its plans and blueprints, and the reasons that a house is built, like having a place to live and raising a family safely) that gives it additional value.

In a similar way, the United States is a country that came from nothing, that was based only on simple ideas, that a person should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, free of tyranny. These principles (and others), set forth in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, have shaped the country to become what it is today.


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Something from nothing happens all of the time, lets take a great painter as an example. He at one time didn't know a thing about painting, he did not know what a paint brush was or canvas. He had to learn all of this and built himself up from not knowing anything about painting (nothing) to being the world's greatest painter (something).

Lets take clay as another example (a very good example to those that know on here) it is in the ground, you pull it out it is gooey, drys on your hands, what can you do with it, you can squeeze it and squish it but it seems good for nothing. Not so fast, take that clay and shape it into a pot then paint it and put it in the fire and badaboom! You have a beautiful clay pot to put your junk in on your desk.

It takes effort to make something from nothing, but to get something for nothing is dishonest, coning, swindling and really stealing someone else's fruit of that person's effort.


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I've learned over time that no job is beneath me or anyone for that matter. This is an egotistical way of thinking.

There is an opportunity for growth in each and every moment of our lives.No matter what it is you do you can always make something great out of it and make your work and your job grow into something even greater.

There really isn't any right or wrong path. Anything you do or don't do is an accomplishment. It's about vibration and beliefs.

There are times when I find growth in pushing my limits and working hard no matter whats going on around me.

There are also times when I feel I should let go and take a more effortless approach to manifesting.

If you feel like you want to do something more active it's good to have the growth mindset.

If something else resonates with you then follow that path in that moment. The possibilites grow and expand forever.

For me it's about the mindset.

Personally I find joy in pushing my limits on a certain task then cleaning up any resistance that builds up right after wards or during.

If you wanted to you could decide that your current job or task is your purpose and trust any actions you take in the moment knowing they will lead to blessing/ manifested desires.

It's up to you.

There is no right or wrong path or purpose.

You could make anything your purpose.

Resistance is the only thing standing in the way.

Clean up that resistance to what ever it is you do and keep doing it if this is what you want.

Here are some energy cleaning techniques that you can use anywhere at anytime both silently or outloud:

Hooponopono: also works well with intentions:

Square all with love method:

Hope this helps.



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