I would like to clarify this for following reason.

I heard that subconscious mind can guide/change one's behavior depending on what enters it. I have an idea of behavior I would want to set myself up to and now I would like to ask those of you who has attempted this and succeeded - what was the techniques used.

So far, I have heard of two.

I read in Napoleon Hill's - Think and Grow rich that for a thought to enter into subconscious mind it should be mixed with emotion. That implies that the thought is held for some time.

In MasterMind advert I heard that if for example an affirmation or a picture is displayed in a flash, so that conscious mind cannot fully notice it and thus apply it's judgement on it, it might get picked up subconsciously. Interestingly enough, a few moments later I watched bodybuilding inspirational video, which was made in a way of fast flashing pictures. For the rest of the day those pictures re-appeared randomly, bringing attention of my conscious mind to them.

What's your take on this subject?

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I like the idea of communicating and partnering better than penetrating.

I feel that the subconscious does not easily communicate with words. It communicates by feelings. Also It is doing the best it can to make you happy, but it may have some limited options. Giving it additional options will give it better ways to make you happy. Trying to take away options will not work.

So if you want behavioral change that can be dramatic and fast, take a look here.

Inner Process for Change

This works for me.


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