And is it fair to say that his 17 Success Principles have made many people wealthy?

What do you think?

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See also: "What's the secret in Think And Grow Rich?"

(26 Sep '10, 13:30) Stingray

Thank you for the link Stingray, it was very helpful.

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The secret is - There is no secret.

It is more of cultivating your 'mindset' right from the start of the book, as I believe that after one finishes reading the book from the front to back, he would feel very different from before he read it.

Plus, I also believe that a lot of people reading it for the first time would have a lot of trouble comprehending the things in the book, but reading it for the 2nd and 3rd time, it becomes clearer and clearer... Why is this so? It's definitely not due to a difference in a standard of English language if the person is already over 18 years old, so it must be due to the fact that the first time he read it, he may still have been too close-minded to accept certain ideas in the book. But for the 2nd and 3rd time onwards, he is beginning to open up his mind to accept the ideas in the book.

Well, at least that's what I think. There are a lot of speculation on what is the secret out there by a lot of people, but no one would actually know what is really the secret except Napoleon Hill himself.


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Your point of view and reasoning resonates with me. Thank you!

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It's about taking inspried action


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I am so happy you mentioned that word "inspired action." I can relate to it totally. Thank you!

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It means to keep your mind with thoughts where you see yourself rich. The idea is not to see the process on how you get rich, but simply to visualize yourself rich, money, property, houses, boats, house service, cars, clothes, a system of rich life whatever, and live it in your mind every day, it must be your breath, your meals, and your water, and never let go. The subconscious feeds on it and finds the way to guide you to the people and things that will give you that kind of living.


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Jose m

You are so right, I just had that experience recently, and I was guided to that person that helped me. Thanks for sharing!

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The idea is that the intention is a great power. If all your thoughts are about something, and all your actions are towards it, and you're constantly looking for ways to get it, sooner or later you will get it. FYI: Think And Grow Rich is based on an older book, The Master Key System which covers more general ideas, not just getting rich.


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The Master Key System is indeed a great collection of Books to own, and have in your Library. I am fortunate to own the complete collection, but I also love reading the older books on the LOA. Thank you for sharing!

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The message in Think and Grow Rich is that you become what you think about; whatever the mind can believe and conceive it can achieve.


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I agree, thank you!

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the message in this book ?

the same message as in the master key ... the belief and use of something far greater than

our small lump of individual flesh and conscious mind ...


answered 07 Jan '11, 18:40

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blubird two

So you think the message is the same as the Master Key System, although the approach and exercises are different? Well, it is certainly something to think about! Thank you for your answer.

(08 Jan '11, 00:11) Inactive User ♦♦
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