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It doesn't have to be about money, what is anything you owe to Think and Grow Rich?
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See - Although that question refers to Abraham-Hicks, the principles are the same.

(04 Aug '10, 20:22) Vesuvius

You re-manifest the entire universe in every moment you are alive - and you don't even use any particular method to do so. And everyone is re-manifesting their universes uniquely to themselves in every new moment the same way.

But often people are re-manifesting exactly what they did in the last universe (in the last moment) so it appears that nothing has changed. Our habits of thought (beliefs) tend to keep our re-manifestations fairly stable.

But there is the potential to change everything in your next manifestation of your next universe (in the next moment of Now) if you desire to do so.

So manifesting is really about whether you can effect a noticeable change in your constant re-manifestation of reality.

Looked at it from that point of view, that you have manifested your entire universe uniquely to you and you do so constantly in every moment you are alive... then these "What have you manifested?" questions we get on this website from time to time don't seem that important, do they? :)


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You seem to be using the word "manifest" as meaning the process of constructing a mental model of the world from the input received by the five senses and one's own thinking process. I thought manifestation was the process by which people bring things into their physical existence. You also seem to be using the word, "universe" to refer to the mental image so constructed, rather than the actual physical (or metaphysical) universe. Am I reading this correctly?

(04 Aug '10, 20:20) Vesuvius

The posting is a bit of a play on words but is still reasonably accurate, in my view. Manifestation is the process by which you perceive your physical existence. Every potential reality that can exist does exist. The one you choose to experience is the one where your perception focuses. There is no "actual" universe and this is not a metaphor. You genuinely re-create your entire physical reality in every moment except that every moment is just the same moment anyway :)

(05 Aug '10, 01:04) Stingray

Every time you explain this, it feels a little different. It's like looking at a rock from all different angles. I hope I fully understand this one day.

(05 Aug '10, 02:11) Vesuvius

It's an understanding you have to really get for yourself and I think it will be one that is unique to you. As my own understanding improves, I'm finding different ways to express these ideas and sometimes they resonant with others and sometimes not. It can probably all sound a bit wishy-washy and ever-changing but that's because these concepts are difficult to express in words that come across in the way that are intended. With many of these ideas, I can almost see a picture in my mind of what is happening. The trick is trying to express that picture to others in a meaningful way :)

(05 Aug '10, 03:13) Stingray
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After reading success through a positive mental attitude I decided it was time to take a cheap online class in a career field I wanted to get into. A few months later an internship opportunity opened up at the company I was working at. This internship was completely unexpected. I'm still hesitant to say I manifested it because I don't think it works that way, but this is a great step for me.


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