Some people think that these feelings are "black magic" or "connecting with something evil". I never feel like I am bad or evil...I just get a ever-mounting pressure in my chest that something is very wrong somewhere.

Yesterday, I had this feeling, and it built all day. I thought my best friend was in trouble or something like that. But he was fine. However, I got a phone call from another friend, telling me that his wife, who was my hairdresser, had died suddenly.

Then today, I had the same feeling....I just had to call an old friend from back home, and sure enough, I found out that my old friend's husband had died recently, only she did not have my current phone number and could not call me.

What energy source am I tapping into- God? Or something bad? I don't feel like I am bad- more than that, it almost feels like prophecy.

Please help me understand how I get these messages.

If this happens to you, I'd love to hear about it.

Thank you, Jai

asked 29 Dec '09, 21:01

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There are stories in the bible of prophets telling the future. So that shows this is not bad, I believe since we are all connected as one, we can pick up when there is a disturbance in the field. When we pick up on this we know it is someone we care about but to pick up on who is the hard thing I believe. If this could be tuned in, maybe lives could be saved, I know in person picked up stuff does save lives, such as telling someone I think you should go get a check up. (this is because of what you feel) Then that person finds out that he had something wrong and caught it in time to cure it. However from distance and not knowing where it is much more difficult.


answered 29 Dec '09, 23:29

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Wade Casaldi

It's my understanding that each of us chooses this Life experience prior to living it.So it's not so much a premonition but more like remembering something you have already seen before you came here. Time only exists here on this plane.


answered 30 Dec '09, 02:20

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