Reading about Quantam Physics and particle observation , if as soon as I withdraw my sight everything becomes a wave again , does that mean nothing stays solid including myself ? If I turn my back on something it no longer exists ?

This idea is kinda scary and I know I probably am not explaining myself very well here , it feels almost like shades of that horrible film Langoliers by Stephen King .

The other thing I read and maybe this should be a separate question , happy if it needs to be reassigned, is , I read that my mind is the mechanism through which God expresses, I have the thought , He ( I use the word God , though Universe is My preferred name ) pulls together all thats needed to create/manifests it , but if He already knows all, and all, already is , then why does he even bother with utilising us to do that .

Sorry if am rambling just extremely confused this morning and it's doing my head in, I am the kind of person who needs to know how things work even though others are able to "just accept " and no disrespect intended, guess that would be a blessing sometimes :-)

Let me redefine my first line as :-

Reading about Quantam Physics and particle observation , if as soon as I withdraw my "attention" everything become a wave , etc . Maybe this makes more sense of my meaning .

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Thank you Barry :-)

(15 Nov '12, 02:41) Starlight
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In the movie "What the * bleep ' do we know " It goes into Quantum theory And this scene talks about what you describe. It's an interesting movie gives possible answers to what you ask . But you need to be the judge of what you believe.

Here is the whole movie on YouTube

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Aah @Ursixx , I have this DVD , must dig it out, thank you , interesting that we can watch same film many times over and pick up things we didn't notice on first second or even third veiw .

I believe that beliefs are like rubber, lol, they can be changed and remolded with exposure to new information if one so chooses, nothing is black and white except that own thinking makes it so, again thank you ♥♥♥

(15 Nov '12, 02:45) Starlight

Just a few comments about the film bit to make it clearer and food for thought: - they talk about sub atomic particles (i.e. particles smaller than an atom) so showing basket balls is confusing - it's obviously not only looking, but measuring, so everytime you feel - important to understand to talk about probability: there are many places where the particle CANNOT be, probability 0, but then a set of locations where the particle can be with some probability

(16 Nov '12, 06:18) Vtn

@Vtn thank you , I am going to have to really try and get my head around this ........or , lol, release and let it go ;-)

(16 Nov '12, 19:44) Starlight
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you read about a theory
intended to answer the
yet unknow impetus that
fashions a pyhsical form

we see what we are able to see
and there is much that exists
we will not see yet, until
our consciousness expands


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Thank you Fred , I read your answer when you first posted it and I didn't get it :-) but .........I do See it now ♥♥♥

(15 Nov '12, 02:28) Starlight

If you were blind, the world would not go away. Your other senses also "observe" and you would hear, smell, and feel the world, and go on observing it, albeit in a different way than if you were sighted. "You" would continue to exist. The world also would continue to exist, in that you would know that your silverware was in its drawer end your telephone would still hang on the wall if you just went to them.

I think you are mixing up quantum physics with just pure observation. We need to operate at a grosser level than quantum physics, or we would go nuts! Even though my table here is mostly empty space on an atomic level, to me, it is solid enough to hold my computer. It is interesting but impractical to think constantly of the space of the table rather than the table.




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Hi @Jai , lol, I did say that perhaps I wasn't explaining myself very well , but having said that , does your table need to be there when you are not using it , please appreciate I am 50% saying this tongue in cheek ;-) .

(15 Nov '12, 03:53) Starlight
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