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Hello Inward Questers,

Just a quick question from me to anyone that regularly participates in, or reads Inward Quest:

Why do you continue to visit the Inward Quest website?

This is mostly to give us an idea of the typical contributor/visitor, if such a person exists, to help us with "marketing" the site to the right audience, and partly for my own curiosity!

This "question" is Community Wiki because it isn't a proper Inward Quest question, so you won't get any points if you choose to answer.

Thanks, Simon

asked 11 Jun '10, 21:45

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

Good question

(25 Apr '12, 03:30) Nikulas
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Hi Simon! Glad you're here.

I had read "The Secret", and as "The Master Key System" is mentioned there I looked it up on the net, finding the PsiTek site and his wonderful books. That site led me here. As I started reading the posts I couldn't believe that so many questions were the same I had been asking myself! I like Inward Quest because you find so many people interested in Spiritual grow and being better persons.

Another thing I like, is, when I post a question myself, the other members reply in such a kind and civil way... A thing you don't find in other forums. I have participated in forums on different subjects and many times I got very rude answers. The moderators (if any) didn't care, and I left feeling very vexed. The thing that concern me most is that: It will be fine if more people joined, but I'd like to be sure that things wil go on as they are now and there will be no rude or biased answers. Respect for others is what I value most, and it is what I've found in this forum so far.

So, I can't spend a day without visiting Inward Quest. I learn a lot participating here!!!



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answered 15 Jun '10, 12:55

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I really agree with your answer!

(15 Jun '10, 14:01) Asklepios

Ditto for me as well BridgetJones09, it is the genuine desire of people to help others on their quest by providing answers and not being rude or abusive that really makes this community really special and I too definitely want to see the same atmosphere being maintained here.

(15 Jun '10, 19:59) I Think Therefore I Am

Yeah, the respect aspect on this forum is something I highly value and feel good about.

(25 Apr '12, 03:34) Nikulas
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I love your work Simon.

I see this site and our contributions as helping to bring in the New World by helping to tip the balance of the critical mass of consciousness and hence thought, to a much more positive state.

Selfishly, I want to be surrounded by others who understand that they are powerful creators, who create their own reality. Not just in this forum, but everywhere in life.

Once humanity moves out of the ego-based fear reality, we can have so much fun together, exploring both inner and outer space, forevermore 8-)

I love learning new things and listening to new ideas. It may only take one word from someone to help another finally realize the greater truth of the nature of this reality and/or beyond it.

Thanks to everyone involved in and contributing to this site, very God work, indeed.

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answered 12 Jun '10, 01:54

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@Eddie - yes i agree, very god work from Simon :)

(28 Jan '12, 10:00) blubird two

There are several reasons why I continue to come here.

  1. I like posting answers and seeing how people react with their votes. By doing so, I feel like I have gained some measure of understanding about how people think, illusory though it may be.

  2. I like to write. Having something to offer, and then offering it in a way that is coherent, understandable and interesting, is surprisingly difficult but immensely gratifying, and InwardQuest gives me a forum for expressing myself in this way.

  3. I like the debate aspect of InwardQuest, and the variety of different viewpoints expressed here. I like that, for whatever reason, the debate (for the most part) is done in the most civilized and respectful way.

  4. I am drawn to the subject matter, and have been so since I was a teenager. I stopped studying the "mind control" aspects for a long time, but the discovery of this site awakened my interest again.

  5. Stingray is the Jon Skeet of InwardQuest.

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answered 14 Jun '10, 03:52

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edited 14 Jun '10, 04:39


This might make you fall off your chair, Vesuvius, but I've actually physically met Jon Skeet a number of times in the past - before he became famous. A tremendously nice, genuine chap who, unknown to himself it appears, masterfully applies Law of Attraction principles to software development. Small world, isn't it? :)

(14 Jun '10, 09:47) Stingray

I like to visit this site of InwardQuest often, because I find the answers that I have been looking for. Answers that explain the complexities of life, in the most simple of words and phrases so I can readily understand them. I love the energy on the site, I can feel the members talk to me as I read their answers (which is just The One Source ...teaching me in this manner). I love the exchange of energy, information with like minded people. And I like that it is non-commercial (donation based). Like a pure think tank. ~ss


answered 28 Jan '12, 10:47

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@streetsanto - "a pure think tank" love it :)

(28 Jan '12, 23:35) blubird two

Hi Simon - I continue to visit the site because I love the wide variety of questions and answers and it is the only site that I know of that focuses on spiritual growth, self growth and mind power.

It has helped me tremendously to continue opening my mind and to realize that nothing is written in stone.

I don't think you'll find a typical contributor/visitor - I think the diversity of people here is what helps make this site unique and such a success.

Thanks again for creating it :) Michaela

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answered 12 Jun '10, 01:11

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I have been visiting the site now for many months, since Autumn of '09, and do check the site daily. I enjoy reading the questions and responses of others. The questions are good ones, and because the site is about spiritual growth, it is a unique site. I sometimes add a response if I feel I have something helpful to add, otherwise just enjoy reading all of the posts.

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answered 12 Jun '10, 03:31

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LeeAnn 1

Agrees with Vesuvius,I Think Therefore I Am,Michael,LeeAnn,Eddie,Michaela.
And my answer came to me today

When you see someone living something awful, a rocket of desire for their resolution shoots out of you. And then, if you start focusing upon their resolution, you'll start feeling better right away. And now, you're part of the current that is part of the solution.--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Sunday, October 24th, 2004 #494
Our Love, Jerry and Esther

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answered 14 Jun '10, 10:07

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edited 08 Jul '10, 20:56

and BJ09,Asklepios,and of course Wade too

(29 Jun '10, 23:23) ursixx

Because I am thirsty.... and as recreating my brain... your talk is my choosen nutrition

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answered 25 Aug '10, 18:06

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Love this answer it is so original.

(04 May '12, 00:30) Paulina 1

I get to know myself more reading the answers of people here, what works for them, and what doesn't, which in turn allows me to evaluate myself, what works for me and what doesn't. Most especially on the subject of manifesting.

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answered 20 Oct '11, 18:30

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I read this site daily since you emailed me Mr. Templeton, I think a little less than 2 years ago. Since the death of my husband 2 years ago today. I am searching, not only for 1 thing, lots of different paths. But I have been involved/interested in meta-physical subjects for at least 40 years, but did not pursue them anymore because of other day-to-day happenings. I am learning a lot from this site. I am checking all the links the members put on here. Not all resonate with me, but I am open minded.

And I am benefitting tremendously from everybody's knowledge. Also, everyone is allowing others to have a different view and opinion without putting anyone down. I do like this. It gives me the feeling of being part of a big family searching for the same goal but going at it in different ways. And this helps everybody. BTW, I started out on PsiTek in the beginning, looking for more meta-physical help and advice. And then you emailed me and directed me to this site. I am very glad you did.


answered 29 Jan '12, 00:09

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InwardQuest is my community. Posting stuff is a spiritual exercise for me.

These posts are in peoples minds, and the Universe, and have to be recognized as a possibility. I'm working on manifestation, and making the Universe aware of my challenges.



answered 29 Apr '12, 19:10

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looking to see if there is a question that i would consider contributing my thoughts to.

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answered 11 Jun '10, 22:15

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I like answering questions that I have experience or knowledge in. More often than that though, its me that needs questions answered and the questions I get answered are always wonderfully worderd. I also enjoy reading all posts regardless of whether it applies to me or not. And, I see this as comparable to Napoleon Hill's idea of a Master Mind Group that everyone benefits from.

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answered 12 Jun '10, 18:54

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Michael 1

I love this site. I stumbled upon it through a tweet, came on to check it out and never left:-) Frankly I really think this site was a manifestation of my own desire to improve my life. I was in a big mess, I was fighting losing battles on every front of my life and most of the time all I could think of was when my life would end and I could escape all this. And then I came here and it really saved my life - and that's not an exaggeration. I knew of LOA and NLP and other stuff but it was here that I actually understood it and I can't believe that in just over a month my whole life is completely transformed. Besides just getting answers to my own questions I find each question asked by others opens a new avenue of thought and some of the people who regularly post answers here have a great deal of insight on life and how to live it.

Most of all I think I come here because its a great place for like minded people to interact and you never come across anyone trying to snub or be rude to people who ask questions or even if the answers are contrary to someone's belief, they are not attacked. Someone once said that Hell is to live among the hopeless and the small minded and Heaven is being surrounded by people who are constantly evolving their mind and challenging yours to do the same. So I guess for me its my little piece of Heaven in cyberspace. Thanks Simon.

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answered 12 Jun '10, 19:58

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

edited 17 Jun '10, 00:24

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Hello Simon. I am glad for your presence.

I love this community endeavouring for the personal growth and for creating a nucleus - continually developing - of collective consciousness.

I like both the questions and answers. My contribution is less than I would, because my language difficulties; sometimes I renounce to answer, feeling that my English abilities cannot express my thoughts. But I like to assist and participate to confrontation of ideas and opinions, which creates an atmoshere of a living debate. I'm sorry for sometimes escaped something of my metal double-dragon temperament.

Certainly, you had a blessed idea with this site. And also its name is very inspired. Your site truly stimulates our inward quest.

Love and gratitude to you for creating this site and for the generosity of accesibility, and also to all users for participating with the best they can.

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answered 12 Jun '10, 20:50

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edited 19 Jun '10, 15:28

What signify the revisions, what is their role and what shows the procent near the hame of user?

(16 Jun '10, 06:28) Gleam

The Revision History is here: The answer has been revised 4 times. You are the most significant contributor, with 57% of the original text unchanged.

(16 Jun '10, 22:25) Vesuvius

I understand that adding 5 letters and extracting 1, within 4 reprises, represent 43% of my answer; My thoughts and my expressed feelings represent 57%. What if yet 5-6 users add which one letter? Will you let me at least 1% contribution to MY answer? Thank the awareness and the disinterested, sincere help.

(17 Jun '10, 00:15) Gleam

Community Wiki posts are not owned by any one individual, but by the community as a whole.

(19 Jun '10, 01:01) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius. It is not words about owning. When I post something (qsk, answer or comment), I give it to the world, 'not owning' nothing, I don't post under title of loan. I think Simon is interested about native our answers, not about your contribution to my thoughts and feelings. Otherwise, you and any others have not any contribution to my opinion; good or wrong, liked or not, it is peronal opinion, with or without your letters, and the community not will own more with they. This procentual appreciation is a non sense. And you are beside my opinion, non into.

(19 Jun '10, 16:09) Gleam
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Yes Simon I come visit this place still because as I see some questions that I feel drawn to answer, not only do I answer that person but I feel it awakens me as well.

I feel as I enlighten I am enlightened, like when I find things I think I never thought about that before, then this answer comes pouring through as if from the holy spirit that at times make me myself say whoa! So when I get those rewarding moments it is well worth it, but then as well the reward of knowing I have helped many others out. Lastly when I read others answers and see that I am satisfied and don't even need to answer that question so I just vote on the best answers I most agree with. Those are times I enjoy learning from the others here.

I know I thanked you before for creating this and I am thanking you again, this is so much better than other places that are more general or a group where everyone post anything and everything spiritual mostly never questions.

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answered 16 Jun '10, 05:35

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

I have just found IQ, what a revelation. It is so fantastic to talk to and interact with like minded people. I live in a family of very logical thinkers who I would not be able to let known my new beliefs and ideas. Here I am able to learn, even though some of my questions may be dis-jointed. Thankyou

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answered 02 Jul '10, 08:12

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welcome and have fun

(02 Jul '10, 21:41) ursixx

I start by thanking Simon for creating this site/forum.

It is a site where I ask any questions and get more answers, make comments and contributions and the right and corrective responses from diffrent talented people.

It is a place where you get the summary of enlightenment books/knowledge and relevant sites that you would have spent more years rearching and reading to grasp the knowledge you were seeking, but now in one place and expressed in simple and direct english.

Many thanks to Stingray also. As Morpious once said to his teacher and guide in the film the "MATRIX" (when he took Neo to her for introduction, which she confirmed Neo was the chosen one)- "Oracle, Without you we are lost". It is so with you Stingray, you are our Oracle here. God bless.

Special thanks to all the members of this forum/site who are helping me with insight through their asked questions, comments answers or contributions. It is a site I visit twice every day.

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answered 03 Jul '10, 16:27

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Thank you for giving me so much credit but it's not me who deserves your thanks. In the same way that your quote from The Matrix is actually the other way around - it was actually the Oracle speaking about Morpheus! - you are the one who should take the credit for attracting answers to yourself that serve you. The answers we seek are around us all the time, we just need the willingness to open our minds enough to different realities to actually see them. But thank you anyway MUHD for your kind words.

(03 Jul '10, 22:27) Stingray

Neo: "Why are you here?" Oracle: "Same reason. I love candy."

(25 Aug '10, 20:13) ursixx

Yeah! That's right ursixx.

(29 Aug '10, 09:02) MUHD
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Thank you to Inward Quest. I bought 'The Secret' about three years back, and some of the things I manifested were amzing. Im not sure what went wrong(!) but my life went back into turmoil again and so I began reading it again bout 8 weeks ago. It is hard to keep positive I know, espeacilly when u do not feel a psitive bone in your body but I have made my visions boards( 4 things) and then was kind of stuck on the next step. I came to THE Master Key Sys. which then led me here and it has been a great help to read everyones questions and not feel silly about posting my own. I have come across, I think it is, an emotional guidance chart? Its been a big help to me over the last couple of days. Im hoping im really on the way now to manifesting the things that would make a real change to me, for my past and future. Thanxx to everyone who has taken the time to post on here. You are hepling everyone to know that OUT OF NOTHING AND NO WAY-A WAY WILL BE MADE. XXX

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answered 25 Jul '10, 15:35

Mile3%201's gravatar image

Mile3 1

This site has become a part of my spiritual life. I don`t try to answer every question. There is no need to there are so many wonderful people on the site!. Life is beautiful and full of expectation so I enjoy the process I HAVE FOUND HERE:

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answered 08 Aug '10, 19:45

G16's gravatar image


I mainly continue to visit the Inward Quest website because I feel that it seems as though it is the only place currently where I can voice out my questions, doubts and concerns regarding spritual stuff, Law of Attraction, manifesting, success principles, etc without people telling me that I'm crazy, stop daydreaming or to get a life...

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answered 20 Feb '11, 16:53

kakaboo's gravatar image


Simply love this place. "Like minded people" is a common theme here and the reason most of us are addicted to Inward Quest. It is a piece of heaven on earth for where else will you find different races, cultures, religions and athiests interacting with each other in a humane way and enjoying the differances while learning and sharing what we love the most.

Thank you Simon you are an Angel.


answered 04 May '12, 00:50

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Paulina 1

Every time I visit Inward Quest there is a question that was never asked before. Therefore there is always an occasion think, learn or teach. There is never any stagnation here.

I also like visiting Inward Quest because of its specific atmosphere. This includes kind, friendly, clever and spiritually advanced people (like I've never seen in one place before, this is really a phenomenon), great interface, and great idea of this website.

So Simon, if you want to make IQ even better, focus on the people which make this very rare, friendly atmosphere come true.

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answered 15 Jun '10, 13:58

Asklepios's gravatar image


Hello Simon: I have been on this site only a few times... new to it. I am enjoying it very much. I studied the Master Key in 2003, at a time when I was so full of stress and hopelessness. I turned to the Master Key daily, wished I could go on forever with it. I'm sure I have grown on the overall...understanding the process of life etc.

I am always looking for stimulating subjects, PEOPLE OF LIKE MINDS of which I find here with so many interesting topics.

But there is one thing about the site that throws me off base at times.. it's the "emphasis on God."

"I am Atheist"...while I am a non believer, I take from these subjects what suits me...and much of it does.

I recommend the Master Key and this site to anyone who may be interested.



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answered 20 Feb '11, 12:15

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A community of questors searching inward. This might be the easiest question out of the 3,383 questions posted to this day.


answered 29 Jan '12, 00:32

Constantine's gravatar image


It's interesting, inspiring, thought provoking, welcoming, friendly and supportive...................


answered 03 May '12, 13:08

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Inner Beauty

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