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This my first question posted here and I have been wanting to ask questions for a long time but just thinking about this karma point system would stop from doing so.

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What are you afraid of? Ask your spiritual or law of attraction question.

(24 Nov '12, 12:38) Fairy Princess

I am not sure but I can't formulate any question right now. I love this Website.

(24 Nov '12, 12:44) Manny

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question

(24 Nov '12, 12:59) Manny

Points are not too big of a deal- my advice would be to simply be honest and share what you truly believe or are truly curious about, and don't worry if that gets you too many or too little votes.

I come here to share what I feel to be true and not everyone always agrees, but everyone is very accepting and kind regardless. :)

(24 Nov '12, 14:11) LapisLazuli

lapisLazuli, thank you

(24 Nov '12, 15:29) Manny

Yes, in fact, I do think about points. And if I receive none or even some minus ones it makes me more happy than if I get thousands of them. For I know I'm cruising seas unknown in a daring adventure of border breaking mind voyage, outside of conformity, away from safety zone. Misunderstood or not understood, and the less I find myself being agreed with, closer to freedom I feel, not bound to others in any form or shape. And it only matters how I feel, not what others think.

(26 Nov '12, 04:00) CalonLan
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It is not so much the points themselves but what the points represent. They represent the people that have been helped by your question or answer. To see the people that you have helped lets you know that what you wrote has some level of value to it. When you get few votes, no votes, or worse, down votes it is more like you shouldn't have bothered, your question or answer is not wanted or needed. However when you see people like what you wrote, it shows that what you had to say was needed and it gives incentive and confidence even inspiration for more questions or answers.


answered 24 Nov '12, 12:51

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Wade Casaldi


I like your point of view. Thank you

(24 Nov '12, 13:02) Manny

Happy to be of help. :-)

(24 Nov '12, 13:36) Wade Casaldi

agrees with @Wade Casaldi

(26 Nov '12, 16:07) ursixx
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Hi @Manny - Welcome to IQ!

Any honest question you have is very welcome here, and you really needn't pay attention to the points at all if you don't want to. Many here don't, although I do think its very human.

Its a place for learning and sharing what you've learned, IMO. I also agree with @Wade Casaldi - Points can be fun and interesting, and they help organize the site for people searching for wise and informative answers.

You can make friends here, if you like, and for me it is always nice to know how folks who know me here think about what's going on in my head, because they have guided me so much, and I trust them. On the other hand, I've received facinating opinions and priceless guidance on questions I've asked here that were not popular at all, so my advice would be, don't worry about it. Have fun.

Ask away, Manny, and enjoy yourself. :)


answered 24 Nov '12, 13:49

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You guys a great group of people and I am glad I asked the question, all of have made me feel very welcome.

(24 Nov '12, 15:21) Manny

those were some good points there @Grace

(26 Nov '12, 16:08) ursixx

Yes and no.

I have to agree with Wade. I see this site as a means of being of help to people, and many times, I post questions and answers to help and the points are only a measure of how much I helped- to a degree. I have asked many rhetorical questions because I thought that they would be of interest and help the site grow. I have asked 439 questions here on IQ, which is about one tenth of the questions asked on the site. I would get pretty boggled up if I thought about the points a lot when I asked a question. Rather, I ask because I genuinely want to either know the answer, or think that other people might want to know the answer.

I have to admit that I care a little more about the points I get for my answers than my questions. I am just being honest. It hurts when you work on an answer, and people do not vote for your answer. It seems a mystical process to me as far as what succeeds and what does not.

I applaud you for going forth and asking a question. Don't ever be afraid to ask a question. Think of the points as just a bonus for the sharing or knowledge and the joy of giving to each other.

Blessings, and Welcome,



answered 24 Nov '12, 13:55

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Jaianniah, I thank you for your honesty. I have been coming to this site for a little while and your name always catch my attention and always like your answers. Thank a whole bunch

(24 Nov '12, 15:26) Manny

You are quite welcome...and Welcome! LOL! Jai

(24 Nov '12, 16:48) Jaianniah

When I began posting here I mainly wanted to be free from the Captcha process so I was interested in the karma points. Now I don't think about it.


answered 25 Nov '12, 07:54

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