Something that has always puzzled me...and a lot of people in the Bible, too.

Blessings from Jai

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Great to see you back asking questions Jai:)

(14 Jun '10, 12:41) Michaela

I think that good and bad are terms that we give to people or things to describe our own perception of them. For example when someone is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, it can be viewed as something terribly bad. However, this life threatening illness can sometimes be the catalyst needed to get the person to wake up and begin their inward quest and quite often someone like this will tell you that the diagnosis or seemingly bad event turned out to be the greatest thing that happened to them.

With the same token, a bad person may win the lottery but it will never bring him true happiness because he is searching for it in the physical world and although it may seem as though good things are happening to him, his inner reality will probably show a different story because the money will never buy him peace because materialistic things are not what he needs for personal growth. The money may in fact just send him further down a path of self destruction.

I believe we are given what we are given in each moment to aid us in our expansion and if we don't get the lesson being given in each situation or event, it will only come back at a later date in a different guise to give us the opportunity over again.

When we look on the bad things as opportunities for growth, they no longer seem bad.This can be very hard to do at first when we have been taught and conditioned otherwise.

I think it's also important to note that quite often good things happen to good people too.The further along we move on the path of self growth, the more aware we become and we begin to grow and expand,we get the lessons, and as a result opportunities become available that we just couldn't perceive before from our limited perspective - good things begin happening to us or some people would say our luck begins to change ( when we are in fact creating it ourselves).


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You are categorising people as 'good' or 'bad'. But these are only the behaviours that you are attracting from them at this point in time because of your default vibration (emotional state) with regards to them. If you consider that you could change the behaviour you attract from them at any point in time by changing the way you feel with regards to them, then you cannot categorise them anymore and your question would turn into, why do 'people' in general attract good or bad things and that comes down to simply how we feel.


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Pink Diamond

Personally I do not believe anyone is all good or all bad. From this perspective we All attract various experiences.


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Peace, thank you for posting such a question, especially since you seem to want a sincere answer to it. Well, when you ask why do good things happen to bad people, i think you may be referring to things such as wealth, fame, "popularity"(which are fake relationships, really), health and fitness and overall an attractive figure and well built structure,, right? because these are the common worldly enjoyments the majority of bad people, if not all, seem to have in common. well my friend, let me tell you that these worldly lusts and fainting glitter they have is a means of their gradual befall. In the Glorious Qura'n , Allah The Exalted, reveals to us that the evil and boastful people are in a temporary state of luxury part of their condition into their gradual downfall. How many times have we all witnessed those who brought evil facing their evil consequences and finding their due penalty for what they did, from political figures to celebrities, all who in the past thought they wont be punished. The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said: if you see that a person is been given of the loads of bount, even though they are evil, they know that its an indication of their gradual downfall. Not everything that shines is gold. A Muslim scholar was asked a similar question and he explained the answer to it wonderfully, he said: consider it as a wrestler who holds his opponent and lifts him up high, he is only doing so in order that the downfall of his opponent to be in it's most utter downfall. Your question is a very profound one and the answer for it is to read carefully over the conditions and events of these people and their state. Perhaps its because they are so talented in acting like their life is so good that many people get deceived about them. You know, Marilyn Monroe was sent a letter by one of her fans who wrote to her: i wish i were you Marilyn Monroe . The reply to the letter was rather shocking because she told her fan that she shouldn't wish she was Marilyn Monroe , because her life really isn't as delightful as some thought.

May Allah Guide us to His straight path and make us steadfast and purify our hearts and grant us peace and tranquilty


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Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and good answer. Welcome to IQ!!! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 Aug '11, 19:52) Jaianniah

Some bad people have good, positive thinking, which brings good into their world. Some very good, salt-of-the-earth type of people nevertheless have negative thinking, which brings "bad" into their world. This is how I see it...


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I share the same view with LeeAnn.

God (Universe) is never partial. The laws are there given. The laws don't even know if you are good or bad. They respond to whatever you chose to call or attract to yourself.

(The Law of Attraction is there to serve you just like your dog. The dog obeys your command without thinking if you are good or bad, rich or poor as long as you are its master).

You attract whatever you think as thought here in this plane and it will come to you whether you are good or bad. Then the in-built sensors of your body that determine your emotions will interpret your actions/in-actions and register them to be judged for or against you in the here-after which determines your level in the next plane of existence.


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Simple, your question should be asking: what are some of the things that these people are doing right, that I am not doing, since the Bible message is very clear “we reap what we sow,” so we need to investigate further to understand what we need to do different and change, to get the same rewarding result as these other people.

Another thing to keep in mind is: the subconscious mind does not know good from bad.


answered 16 Aug '11, 02:48

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