About two years back someone helped me sold my landed property, where he demanded 20% of the sold price and I insisted that I could only afford to give him 10% as his commission. I forgot to agree on the commission before the property was sold. So he refused my offer as I refused on his. He said he ll forfeit the commission but I ll see what will follow, and he did forfeited it.

To make it short, I didn't benerfit that money, as I bought some goods with it, the price crushed down and I loose. Then I had an accident with my car which damaged beyond repairs. From there on I v been experiencing calamities from one thing to another. I used to be very rich, but now I hardly feed myself.

I want to be free, I want my abundance back, but I don't know how to go about it, as I always pray on it, but its as if my prayers are not heard. Since I fall into this predicament I loose my concentration and I can't think straight, I'm totally disorganized. Me who used to give people advice on how to solve their problems cannot do so, talkless of helping myself. Please is there any way out for me?

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Hi @MUHD, how to break free of an evil spell?

The problem is not what you call an "evil spell", an "evil spell" is a seemingly unsolvable knot, a knot made up of patterns of struggle that gradually put you where you are now.

What you need is to progressively shift the patterns that are keeping you stuck, patterns that have been learned, patterns that have become beliefs.

As you most certainly know there's a lot of info on IQ and elsewhere on the subject of shifting beliefs.

Happy New Year


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Great answer!

(06 Jan '17, 09:22) Jaianniah

As a first step towards resolving the negative circumstances, I would suggest to adapt a different view.

There is no such thing as a world outside of yourself, it is all a creation of your higher self, based on the vibration you are putting out. Your higher self loves you so much, it will support you unconditionally- even when you are aligning your vibration in order not to support yourself.

Abundance has strong connotations of some kind of sharing and mutual benefit. The actions as you described them do not appear to be aligned with abundance at all. From the way you described it, you stiffed him- no way to sugarcoat it. Don't feel guilty, it's all life, and he had his part in it- just fully admit it and own it and let the acknowledgement of what you did fully sink in.

From my experience and observation, malevolant magick is not effective at all. It only appears that way, because it attaches itself to a pre-existing condition of misalignment, and then takes credit for the unhappy results. But the malevolant magick is not the cause, it is a symptom, much like the circumstances themselves. Therefore, it does not need to be dealt with at all. What needs to be dealt with is the vibration, and the vibration is caused by the dominant thoughts, or the beliefs.

Also, the way you described it, he didn't directly threaten you with malevolant magick- he simply stated that there would be consequences, not that he would bring them about.

Actually, the situation as you described it is a positive one. It highlighted very clearly the existence of one or more beliefs that are not aligned with abundance. You were able to achieve abundance in spite of them to a degree, or you may have picked them up along the way, but the thing to do is to clear the negative beliefs.

I would suggest using Bashar's method. Fully feel what the misaligment feel like, look squarely at your actions, look squarely on your business partner, and let the situation sink it. Then, ask yourself: What would I have to believe to bring this about?

Once you get a response, that is the end of the process. Negativity cannot exist in hiding. If you cannot accept this, treat that as another negative belief and uncover it.

Keep doing this for a while until you feel relief, and continue with it. Also, reinforce your worldview that you are doing it all, and there are no external circumstances, so if there is misalignment, it is up to you to clear it.


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Sometimes it's difficult to understand it, but other people cannot create reality for us - we create our own reality with our own thoughts and vibrations. Once we try to see things from this point of view, the first thing to do is to study our own self, our thoughts, our beliefs, and try to figure out how we are creating this reality in our lives. Once we have some kind of answer to that question, the work is to change our thoughts and beliefs in the direction of the reality we want to create. It helps if we start by finding positive aspects in life - for example: life is long enough that we can turn any situation around; we are now alive and healthy...

You can start it all over again and gain your prosperity back. If there's nothing else that works to cheer you up, the fact that every day may bring a new opportunity of changing this situation should be the point to start with. Be grateful for that, nurture this feeling and the love of life, and don't allow the feeling of lack take over anymore. If you stick to feelings of gratitude for being alive and appreciate every little sign of change for the better, even the smaller ones, you will "break the spell".

Focus your thoughts and attention only on what works in your life.

Now I know why people used to pray before meals - if we don't have anything better to be grateful for, we can start by being grateful for a piece of bread and butter - and that feeling of gratitude will certainly raise our vibration a bit and will have the power of attracting more things for being grateful for.

Now, it's not easy to do that, and results usually don't show up fast. You keep your faith, keep studying Abraham's Teachings and Bashar - there are lots of videos on You Tube that will help you to do that. Search IQ for insights. Stop focusing on your situation and focus on learning the process - that will help you ignore the situation and feel better.

Everybody starts like this; there is always some kind of improvement - have faith. I hope it helps.


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Forgive yourself.... Just forgive yourself, and him, too.

Let go of the idea that all of these things are related to each other... if they are, then letting go will stop it. But what if you are just having a run of bad luck? It happens....

So quit focusing on all the bad. There HAS to be some good in there somewhere. Focus on that...Smile, and pretend all is well...And it will be!

I bless you with good luck!



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