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Why are people mean to each other?

What motivates people to do bad or mean things? I have seen and experienced people being cruel and I don't understand why.

Yesterday I went to the shopping mall and returned to my car to see the family in the car parked next to me rushing into their car, laughing and screaming to the driver to hurry up and leave. It was then I noticed that they hit the side of my car, left their lunch trash on my hood as well as a horrible note, paraphrasing, that said I suck at parking and that the next time they see me they would kill me.

This really upset me. No one should threaten someone like that. Especially since I did absolutely nothing to them. They claimed I was parked poorly, but I even asked another stranger in the parking lot if they think I did something wrong, he stated I was parked perfectly fine and well within the lines.

Why would people be motivated to accuse me of something I didn't do and what motivates their evil thoughts of killing me? I try to reason their actions but I end up blaming myself and I end up dwelling and feeling upset. It hurts to see a mother (who was driving) to tell her teenaged son to put that note on my car and throw trash on top of my car hood.

Why do people find joy and laughter in hurting strangers?

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Ann 2

Sorry you had a bad day. The answer to your question to why might be well answered by Stingray in the link at the top . The thought that I had was in your case think of it as lightning and the chance that it strikes you again a are so small that I would not use any more effort upon the situation.
Some people just have bad days and you were there when this group had theirs.
I would like to share with you today's Abraham-Hicks quote

We are really advocates of just getting as happy as you can be—which takes care of everything. Even if you don't have reason to be happy—make it up. Fantasize it. Make a decision that you're going to be happy one way or another—no matter what. "No matter what, I'm going to be happy! If I have to ignore everybody; if I have to never watch television again; if I have to never pick up a newspaper again, I'm going to be happy. If I never have to see that person's face again, I'm going to be happy. If I have to see that person's face, I'm going to find something to see in that person's face that makes me happy. I'm going to be happy. I'm going to be happy. I'm going to be happy."

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Sacramento, CA on Saturday, March 15th, 2003 # 292



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Unfortunately you are asking a question like "How do I do magic", or "How do I use the computer"

Neither of those questions have an answer, because they are far too general and refer to a very complex and detailed subject.

The reason people attack others is often rooted in fear or pride, and more often a combination of both. The psychology behind why people do bad things is extremely complicated, and in the vast majority of cases is because of harm that others have done to them in the past.

Every action has a reaction, though it is not always equal or opposite. Generally the actions create 'ripples' that can either grow, shrink, or even change direction, at the will of the person "in control" of the ripple at whatever point it is being examined.

The simple explanation: Every time one is cruel to another, they create the possibility that the other will pass on the cruelty. Every time one is kind to another, they create the possibility that the other will pass on the kindness. This cycle is one of the facets of Karma.

So the most likely answer? It sounds like they were juvenile, at the very least mentally, and they were probably either not given enough attention as children or they were hurt.

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First of all define what a "bad" thing is (it's rather a personal judgement) ... then remember this, "i attract into my life whatever i give my thought, energy or focus to" ... when all this is fully understood the answer will be clear ...

happy hunting


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blubird two

simply because they are carnal. the blind leads the blind. they are controlled by their ego. but if you did the same to them they would not accept it. do not worry they will be judge with the same mesure. and if they makes death treats call the cops they will handle it. or you could handle the situation your self but only if you think you can handle it(and in this time when people carry weapon and have no honor you have to be ready to handle anny thing.).


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white tiger

You seem to use the word "carnal" quite often. Are you not a carnal man yourself? Do you not have a physical form, with which you type here?

I see lots of comments from you that reference balance and Taoism, but it seems that you always encourage only one half of the yinyang instead of embracing both the positive AND the negative. Even your moniker, "white tiger", reflects only one half of the two sides of the singularity that is the yinyang. Is my perception here off base? I'm just curious about your beliefs, they intrigue me.

(20 Dec '11, 08:40) Snow

i have no belief. and no i am not carnal that means that the ego do not control me. i control the ego. i am the circle and i embrace both face and keep the balence. why should i get angry because of people ignorance and belief? those people are still stuck in duality. what good would it do to come negative to them? and if i would do that would i be a good example?

(21 Dec '11, 01:09) white tiger
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