What are the basic teachings of Abraham? If one has to get started seriously studying Abraham what would be the order of study? Please help. Thank you.

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Order of study depends on what is your starting point. Anything close to it will feel logical and you will understand it. Anything far from it won't, because the logical link will be missed. It doesn't matter where you start because as you go through it all, eventually over and over again, you will pick new things as your understanding expands.

(01 Dec '12, 13:03) CalonLan

Thank you, CalonLan for the reply.

(01 Dec '12, 20:39) WiseCrack
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If you are really interested in Abraham, then it would recommended you start from their book "Ask and It is Given". It can be found on the official Abraham-Hicks website or other sources. This book contains 70% practical methods for "manifesting", and also a bit of explanation behind each process.

After that, you could just randomly look for Abraham-Hicks videos on youtube and listen to them, following the ones which you feel most inspired to listen at that point of time. You can find a lot just by looking at the related videos every time.

Next, you could just simply follow the tag Abraham-Hicks on this site, Inwardquest, and follow the questions that have been asked related to Abraham-Hicks, and you will also find a wealth of information. This is probably more than enough to last you more than a few weeks and take some time for you to absorb, and by then you should be able to make your own decisions regarding how you are going to continuing following Abraham-Hicks or other teachers.


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Thank you for the detailed reply, kakaboo. I have 'Ask and...'. Would get started immediately.

(01 Dec '12, 20:42) WiseCrack

I agree completely with kakaboo. Ask and It is Given is a great way to understand the Abraham teaching. One other suggestion is to get the daily free Abraham quotes. Here's a link to sign up:



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I have subscribed to the Free Abraham Quotes suggested by you, purple_iris. Thank you.

(02 Dec '12, 09:56) WiseCrack
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