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I recently came across this movie "Waking Life" and thought it was pretty interesting. From a point of a view for a person who does not believe in metaphysical stuff, this movie would probably make no sense to him at all, as there is totally no plot. It is just made up a bunch of random characters with random quotes about metaphysics and life.

Halfway through the movie, there is a person writing a script for a movie and a lady beside him asked what type of plot would his movie has, and he replied with theres totally no plot, it will just be made up of a bunch of random characters and it will be the greatest movie ever. And that seems to be telling us that we should not stick to a plot in our life and just go along with the flow.

The thing that struck me most about this movie was that it was actually created more than 10 years ago in 2001.

Some information about the movie:


Some quotes from the movie:

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sounds interesting, thanks for sharing.

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And that seems to be telling us that we should not stick to a plot in our life and just go along with the flow.

And what is the flow, but another plot. Whether you step right or left or stand still, you can always call it your destiny, or your plot. The whole universe is a plot that will be played out either way.

Even having no plot and making mash up of scenes is a plot (of not having one) in a way.

You can see the life in its rough form there. Then you will understand that good or bad is an illusion, that whether you go save hungry people in Afrika or drop bombs on them, it doesn't matter. To see life you have to see it through its own eyes...and to life itself is our behavior as random as the movie you have seen.

Yes Bashar says 51/49 in favor of positivity. But a fence is a fence regardless of how beautiful you make it. And 51/49 is a beautiful fence, belief or limitation. Call it what you want.

So in a way it is the greatest movie of all time. Because it doesn't build any fences, it can make you understand, only if you are able to listen and see to what it is saying and showing.


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I checked out the quotes in the link you provided. They are great! "The sea refuses no river." I will have to watch that movie. Thank you for the suggestion!


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