Making movie is kind of my passion in life, and since I discovered about the law of attraction, I have some questions about the relation between law of attraction and movie, and may be with art in general...

  1. If I make a movie that display violence and other negative things, will it reflect to me or to the audience ? If so in what way?

  2. Movie that can be hard to watch, like schindler's list for exemple, they could be very violent, but dont you think, in a law of attraction point of view, that they can help people in some way?

  3. Did making funny movie help people forget about their negative opinions about other and life?

  4. In a law of attraction point of view, what would be the best to make a movie that would truly help others?

So these are the few questions that I have right now!

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Marc,

Well movies are what I consider to be one of the most important tools in our spiritual development. Why is that so?

Well let's start with the question "What is spiritual development?"

As a soul you have incarnated to this plane existence for one simple reason - to grow.

Growth happens when the unknown is being transformed into the known through experience.

So we all chose this particular plane because we knew they would be so many new things to discover and learn from, so our soul could be more holistic.

So as you go on this journey more consciously than before, you will start recognizing that what you're actually doing you're not learning anything new. You and all of us are just re-membering who we truly are - spiritual beings having a human existence.

So once you get on the "treadmill" there is no turning back. Why? Because now life seems more exciting and there's more "life" in it than before. That's why it is so addictive to live in this state of being; because of all the fun you have in the process.

And what it FUN? What is EXCITEMENT? Well, to me, excitement is the language that our Higher Self uses to communicate to us.

So are composed of two things - our Physical Mind and our Higher Mind. Bashar uses an analogy, that the Physical Mind (aka the Ego), is the one that goes around in the valley looking at all the things that are there, but its view is only limited to let's say 200 feet upfront.

The Higher Mind is the one standing on the mountain top that sees the valley and the journey you're taking in full and it can communicate to you things like "You know, if you keep on going that particular path you will end up in trouble."

Your Physical Mind sees only 200 feet and from what the road looks like RIGHT NOW it thinks that going left will be the best possible way to go, but the Higher Mind will tell you "You can go left, but in 500 feet the bridge is out."

So what seemed to be the best and fastest way for your Physical Mind can be in fact something that will be much longer for the Higher Mind.

I wanted to clear that up for you, because of the message I want to convey to you. The Higher Self, whether you call him God, inspiration, Infinite, Divine, Love and so forth, is nothing more than energy and that energy in its purest form is being translated by the Physical Mind as the feelings of excitement.

So each time you follow your excitement to the best of your ability, you're in fact saying "Ok, I'm gonna trust my feelings and follow that path, because even though it doesn't seem right now that it's the best road for me to take, I will do it because the feelings of excitement indicate that it in fact is."

And when you do that you will create more of that, and more and more and there's no end.

It might sound 'wishy-washy', but it's not. It's how life works and I can tell you that it worked and works for me. Writing you this answer is right now the most exciting thing I could ponder in my imagination, and that's why I'm doing it. And for you it might be making movies, so how do you go about to do it?

Let your excitement and imagination guide you to places that you need to go to make that desire manifest. How do you do that? Just trust and allow the energy to guide you and don't get discouraged right away. Why? Because you will be tested many times before you can get that manifestation.

Here's a link to a movie called 'Primer' on video google which you can watch http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3909854615539675694# and here's a description of that movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0390384/

It's a mix of time travel, quantum physics and a lot more things and I really liked it. It won't be liked by many people, because there's not much 'action' going on, but for me the concepts were really interesting.

The best part is when you start reading about the director and the screenwriter of this movie, which is one and the same person. You can read about it here http://www.primermovie.com/story.html

So this guy was a engineer who one day quit his job and decided to make a movie and had absolutely no idea how to do it. He didn't have no money, even the idea was a little weird but he didn't get discouraged.

He started researching many things and within a year he learned himself to write a script, edit movies, direct movies, be a sound guy and all those things. He didn't have ANY knowledge whatsoever what to do but he taught himself all those things and after a year he made a movie that costed about 8,000 dollars.

He didn't pursue that carrier further from what I know, but still he committed himself to it and he manifested it into reality.

One more guy I can think about who did something similar was Kevin Smith, the director of "Clerks", "Dogma", "Chasing Amy", "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", "Cop Out" and much more.

When he was young and wanted to direct his first movie, "Clerks", he was broke and was working in a video store. So "Clerks" costed about 26,000 dollars to make and the story as to how he would obtain that money became legendary.

He said that he used to send out to many different banks letters to grant him a "Kevin Smith credit card", but you had to have at least a manager position at the work he was working at to get it. Was he a manager? No, but that didn't stop him to answer the phone when the banks called him and asked "Is Kevin Smith the manager there?" and he would answer "Well, of course." That's how he got money to make his first movie and his latest movie, which is "Cop Out" and is really funny, stars Bruce Willis in the main part.

So what do those stories tell you? They are people with vision and passion who said "I know that I want to do something important, I don't know how, but I'm sure not going to sit here and not do anything". And so they did.

Was it easy for them? Of course not, not at first at least. The "Primer" guy had to quit his job and learn everything about making movies from the top and he never expected how it will turn out.

Kevin Smith, after making "Clerks", was 26,000 dollars in debt and you can here his talks, that are hilarious, here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wzCcS3CdNU

But they both made a choice and they believed that when they jumped, somebody would catch them. And so they did.

So maybe I've gone out of topic on this one but movies are my soul passion simply because they show us life and they let us experience life through other peoples eyes many different roles we can play, without us necessary needing to do it and that is growth.

It's a way of saying "Ok, right until now you had to incarnate 100 times and played each time a different role in order to learn and expand. But now, you have the medium called film and you can watch all those lifetimes in one instant, not having to leave your physical body, and still get the lessons you need. Isn't that neat?"

And it is neat. I personally LOVE IT! I love movies that inspire me, that give me new ideas, thoughts and feelings, because those are the movies that were made in total co-operation with the Higher Self. It can't be one any other way, because that's how life works.

You can instantly feel when something was created just for profit, fame or so forth. It just has a not so good feeling to it. But when something is made out of love, inspiration, feeling of oneness, it is worth more than "a thousand words".

This message will have more than a thousand words, but that's ok, that's how I personally like to communicate with people new ideas and perspectives, and if that message inspires you to find another piece of yourself then I consider it a work of art.

And the answers your seeking are already inside of you. Of course the audience will feel what you want to convey, just like you sometimes cry or laugh, or feel sad or up-lifted when you watch a movie, read a book, talk to someone that has something meaningful to say; all those things will affect you and everyone around you, because you will affect them also.

And about displaying violence. For me the best movies that are anti-war movies are movies about war ("Saving Private Ryan", "This Red Line", "Bridge on River Kwai").

The best anti-violence movies are movies about violence ("Pulp Fiction", "American History X", "Scarface").

Those things infuse in people ideas that "What might happen if.." and let them see what could happen. By that you give people choice not to experience those things in REAL life, because now their curiosity has been fulfilled and they can move on to other things to experience.

You get my drift? You just feed other people with ideas and concepts that are important to YOU and when you do that and follow your excitement it will guide you straight to places that you need to go in order to make that manifest in your physical reality.

And now is the time on our planet when more and more people are starting to LIVE that way and you might expect seeing more and more "touching" movies, books, people, situations and so forth.

You will see more and more meaningful things all around you, but you must start doing something with meaning and conviction, because that will inspire others to inspire you.

And there will be no end to it. Excitement produces excitement, just like depression produces depression. There is really no difference between the two, because it's only energy. The difference is i preference and the answer is "What will you choose?"


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I believe movies can be a great from of awakening and inspiration to change people's lives for the better. These could be documentary style interview movies like The Secret, Beyond The Secret, The Moses Code, Full Confidence, The Finger Of God, Furious Love or story movies as Indigo, Vanilla Sky, What Dreams May Come, Peaceful Warrior, Resurrection etc...

I believe a good place to start is http://www.heartstonepictures.com/


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