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Method Acting to Get What you Want:

-A manifesting technique-

Brief summary

Identify an emotion you wish to feel, a perception of the world you want to strongly have or a skill you want to learn. Select a character or person whom you feel embodies a reality of your preference (desired behaviour traits or desired lifestyle). As closely as possible, you are going to mimic their traits in order to get into how your character thinks, which will in turn get you into the necessary emotional state of your desire.

Who is this for?

  • When you want to have fun and really get your 'hands in the clay' of obtaining what you want
  • If you are a creative person and are open to trying new ideas
  • When you feel you have done absolutely everything you possibly could do in order to obtain what you want and you still haven't got it yet; this will work
  • When you feel there is just 'something missing' and you can genuinely feel it in respect to your desire
  • When you believe to get a certain desire you feel lacking a certain skillset or behaviour trait, and want to master those behaviour traits

When NOT to use this method:

  • You believe behaving in a certain way is going to jeopardise your work or family relationships in a negative way
  • You feel acting is 'just acting' and find the idea silly
  • You are so close vibrationally to your desire that you don't feel the need to do anything, you're happy to just let it fall into place now
  • You have issues temporarily shifting your external personality or mask
  • You feel acting in a way other than your authentic self compromises personal values
  • You have a fear-based beliefs that another persona will take over your standard personality

I will outline how method acting is used generally in the context of actors, and then I will explain how method acting is highly relevant to reality creation.

Also note, if you are just starting out with Law of Attraction idea, you might have to read this a few times to understand that this process is about getting into an emotional aspect of your desire- all the rest is primarily just for fun.


There is already much literature available as to how certain professional actors perform so well and embody their character so realistically. If you notice at times, it can be hard to distinguish between their character and that persons standard personality. One of the methods used to achieve an ultra-real performance is to literally get in touch with a characters emotions, psychology and behaviour traits in order to generate a character. Very roughly speaking, this widely comes under the umbrella branch known as method acting; where a person becomes a character. Because the character is fictional and not someone whom can be 'interviewed' to ask how they are, the aspect of imagination is highly important.

Plenty of evidence amounts to how certain real life people have used this method and taken it to such extremes that they physically begin to manifest life changes in their personal life. I was speaking to a friend recently and we both agreed that from a reality creation perspective, one of the reasons Heath Ledger seemingly died after his performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight might have been due to how similar he became the joker, and the mental anguish that would have bought him in his mental health. This person literally was the Joker, and he became the Joker so non-fictionally that suicide may have been his only exit plan to separate from this personality.

Again, I just wish to remind to view method acting from a Law of Attraction point of view. Here are some interesting things I have come across of real actors getting a character's behaviour trait and now having it in their day-to-day, 'real life.':

  • In the Twilight franchise, the actors who played Bella Swan and Edward Cullen portray a strung out deep romantic relationship; the actors are now dating in real life and reported to have a very similar bond.
  • Al Pacino in scent of a woman played a blind man. It was alleged he had vision difficulties on the set at times and his eyesight deteriorated.

I have heard about this behaviour type technique mentioned in many, many other self-development fields of mimicking a persons behaviour, mentality and emotional frame in order to become a more similar version of them to get what you want. As a more positive example, I watched a documentary of how an actor 'trained' himself to become a night club security bouncer over a period of 2 weeks, and after the 2 week period, he was selected from amongst a group of real life bouncers that had done years more experience than the actor had and was selected for a job.....(Note, this actor was a very feminine, skinny gay person. No-one would have knew).

All theory aside, from a LOA perspective, certain characters have certain emotional traits. They feel certain emotions more than other ones, they think a certain way different to other people, they behave a different way, then live a different lifestyle.

I have done much theatre acting as a hobby and am familiar with method acting. However, as an actual serious technique for the means of learning a skill or feeling a certain way? I first learned about this when learning about self-defence. I purchased an online course on "criminal psychology" and the creator of that product had an interesting philosophy. And that was, if YOU, yes the customer, found it psychologically stressful and ugly to practically apply self defence or be more self assertive to get what you wanted, then his remedy was simple:

If you cannot do self-assertiveness properly, you probably never will. If you are a 40 year old woman who has been sheltered and afraid all of her life, then you can never learn self assertiveness properly...

....So, you are going to have to BECOME someone other than yourself who CAN.

Wouldn't it make sense that if you could temporarily act as a certain person and get in the feeling of having the desire you want, that the universe would comply and bring you what you want? Wouldn't the extra 'acting' just solidify and reinforce to yourself that you DO have what you want? Wouldn't that just create more excuses for your brain and LOA to get you what you want?

Here is How to Do It

  1. Understand which emotion your desire roughly represents (I want a partner = connection. I want to be a boss at work = power).
  2. Select a character, either fictional or real life, whom you feel 'has' or displays that emotion or mentally represents someone who has what you want (Rocky Balboa, Donald Trump, James Bond, Willy Wonka, Mother Teresa)
  3. Get into that character via method acting to generate that feeling or step into them.
  4. Behave as that character and PRACTISE over TIME

Remember, once you are in the same emotional range of your desire it has to come. So the longer you can act as a certain character, that you feel and believe is appropriate to your desire then the faster it will come. Remember the entire key is to step into this character just to get the feeling you really want. Choosing to take on their mentality, behaviour or beliefs is optional for fun.

Here were some other suggestions on 'creating a character' or version of yourself you prefer:

  • What skillset does this person have that I want?
  • What are the habitual behaviour patterns or routines this person has?
  • How does this person perceive the world differently to how I perceive it?
  • What are the core beliefs this person operates by?
  • What would this person do at a dinner party/ on a bus/ alone/ at Christmas?

And as a final note, yes, this will feel weird at first because you are training brand new brain activity to fire off in a new way. But over time, such as over 3 days, this behaviour and mental trick will start to feel more and more normal, to the point where you should be up to speed with your desire.

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Very simple tool I found for trusting any process of creation.

(10 Jul '18, 17:10) TheCreativeOne

kakaboo- Thankyou for the link. TheCreativeOne- Thankyou for your link. He seems to really know his stuff

(11 Jul '18, 21:31) Nikulas
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