I used to live in a forrested part of the country with lots of old growth and felt much more connected and happy- was usually really greatful in my day to day existence. I moved to philadelphia, the land of concrete and contamination, reactive people and not alot of sunshine and since then I have struggled to manifest as much as I used to by way of gratitude. Was wondering if geographic location (and its subsequent air, nature, people energy patterns connected to it) effect manifestation?

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Kanda , Have you noticed how you have described your new place of living ? I've met many people who have moved and moved and always saying each place the people were not nice , funnily enough , I always find the opposite everywhere I go people can't be more pleasant and eager to help . We each create our own vibe bubble , maybe look for the good things of Philly and why you moved there as a start point , I'm guessing it was for a good reason ?

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Interesting question Kanda ... for me all energies exist virtually everywhere.

Let's draw a circle, all energies that exist in our environment are present in that circle ... if i now draw a picture of a dog in the circle then that drawing has excluded all other possibilities, all we now see is a picture of a dog.

If you used to live in the country and you now live in the town, then it's as if you have replaced the image of a country dwelling by a town dwelling within your circle, your living environment ... we create our own reality ... have fun :)


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I would say from an energy perspective everything would be the same. It is still what we think about that counts. But from a psychological point of view I would have to disagree. Think on this, you live in America where you see most everyone has a car. You try to manifest a car, it is easier to believe you would get that car than if you lived in a very poor country where it was rare to see someone have a car.

It is the same energy, the car energy doesn't change but the belief in the ability to get it changes drastically depending on location. I think this is why it is easy for rich people to manifest, they hang around with more rich people and feel, "If he can have a mansion I could have one too.

If we think of the availability of what we want as being very available it becomes easier to believe we can get it, so it becomes easier to manifest.


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