Hello:) When I put my request in my box, I completely forgot about it. It showed up a couple of weeks later and I didn’t remember I’d asked for it until it arrived. So in between the time of the request going in the box and the request appearing, any vibrational matches to it went unnoticed. As part of the experiment is to record them and it’s the bit that I find very interesting [rather than actually getting the thing requested] it’s kinda disappointing not to have had anything to write down.

To me, this is a really interesting experiment and I wanted to stay involved but having got my 1 thing I thought that was it. That was because initially, I misunderstood it to be 1 thing ‘allowed’ literally, but then I noticed others put more than 1 in there. Also, as a couple of weeks back the experiment was in its early stages, although everything is relative and it still could be considered this way, so I put a couple more things in my box. Anyway, again I have totally forgotten what they are.

Usually I notice vibrational matches for things as they make me laugh and I think to myself “hah! there you go…” so it’s not like I’m walking around oblivious to the world. Has anyone else just had the thing appeared without noticing vibrational matches and not even remembered what it was they had requested until it appeared? I am just curious as to why this would be? Thank you.

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Firstly, I should make clear that you can add as many desires to your box as you wish and I totally encourage you to use it as much as you want.

Here's a snippet of an update I posted to Manifesting Experiment 1 a couple of weeks ago that you might have missed.

Finally, just something to consider in case you haven't realized it yet...there is nothing to stop you from putting an unlimited number of requests into the box about anything.

In fact, you can turn this method into quite a systematic on-going process where you daily make notes of things you want in your life (as you think of them) and then later (over a period of days) write requests for each one and put each one in the box when you feel it is ready.

You'll end up with a steady stream of requests going into the box, and a steady stream of manifestations and vibrational matches coming from the box.

And this means that eventually (as you become proficient with this process) you can spend your life mostly doing things you enjoy doing and leave everything else to The Box to sort out for you. :)

Regarding the point about getting the manifestation without the vibrational matches...well, a manifestation is also a vibrational match so don't feel too disappointed if you actually get what you wanted! :)

One interesting thing that has happened to me many times is that I have not realized that I have had a manifestation of something I wanted until a long time afterwards, sometimes months or years.

This might sound a bit odd but sometimes what you want comes in a really unexpected way and you don't realize you've actually received what you wanted but in a different (and usually better) form than you originally intended. This usually happens with blended manifestations which I talked about in the experiment instructions.

Don't worry too much about not being able to put down your vibrational matches. Once you start with a systematic on-going approach to asking for anything and everything (as hinted at above), you'll end up with a stream of vibrational matches to keep you busy. :)


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Hello, thank you for your response:) Oops, yes sorry I missed that bit, thank you for putting it in here. I didn’t realise that a manifestation was a vibrational match, I thought that it was the ‘signs’ along the way that were, thanks for putting me right. Oh I was really pleased with the thing I got, and I got another one the other day too, so that was nice:)

(24 Jan '10, 17:29) DivineHammer

Just as a quick aside, the idea of the spreadsheets [if I dare say it coz I don’t want to sound creepy!], is brilliant, or at the very least inspirational. That is something that really interests me. I can’t ask about it as a question as that seems a bit too personal to me, but I was looking at them thinking there you have the organised lists and details part as well the visualisation, hopes, dreams part of it and using spreadsheets to marry them both together seems both clever and also such a fun way to go about it!

(24 Jan '10, 17:32) DivineHammer

"Manifestation" vs "Vibrational Match is really just a terminology difference. I like to think of manifestations as 100% vibrational matches. :) Regarding the spreadsheet, I spent nearly a decade trying to find the best way to approach these manifestational topics in an electronic form. Tried so many different types of software and databases. In the end, the only thing that worked effectively for me was a spreadsheet. I've been thinking for the past couple of years of a way to share it with others but it's just such a complicated beast now (especially with all the custom VBA macros) that it...

(24 Jan '10, 18:54) Stingray

...just isn't feasible without a thorough understanding of the thought processes that have gone into it. I am thinking of creating some custom-written software based around the best aspects of the spreadsheet but the spreadsheet hasn't stopped evolving yet. Even this weekend, I had a huge insight into how to improve an aspect of the manifesting approach and have written yet more macros to handle it. But feel free to ask questions about it if you wish. I'm quite happy to share the methods and principles it runs on, if anyone is really interested to know.

(24 Jan '10, 18:59) Stingray

Hello, thank you for your answer:) Sometimes jargon is useful, sometimes its just plain confusing especially if you’re like me and get confused about all of this loa stuff especially when you consider the vast amount of stuff out there.. there’s secrets and laws and more secrets of secrets and hidden secrets… pfft! Mind boggling! It does feel like you have put a huge amount of effort into your s/s and I’m still looking at the jpg’s and figuring it out. I like the way it flicks from one thing to another, as you say, so you can tab randomly from 1 subject to another thus keeping…

(25 Jan '10, 10:01) DivineHammer

…optimum positive thoughts. What I was trying to say was that it’s methodical, which appeals to me, but also has that intrinsic fun part to it, which also appeals to me! I don’t know about you, but the feeling it gives me is its one of those things that will always be evolving, forevers! Don't you think... I don’t see how it could remain the same…and anyway, would you really want it to, I don’t think I would. Keep on tweakin;)

(25 Jan '10, 10:03) DivineHammer
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First of all congratulations on your manifestation! And second you did everything right you were totally unattached and let God do his part for you.

Don't be disappointed, you found the truth it is that easy, most make things complex and it has to be more to work this is too easy how can it work! You had that child like trust the power of innocence, there is great power in that, there is great power in becoming the master and learning everything but the funny thing is the master to have that power has to humble him self as the child that doesn't know better and is naturally in that state of awe and trust. That is what we call faith, in your forgetting about it you had full faith or you would have worried about it.

Good job!


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Wade Casaldi

Thank you Wade, you always have such good things to say:)

(28 Jan '10, 22:05) DivineHammer

You're very welcomed.

(29 Jan '10, 09:43) Wade Casaldi
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