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Just a quick question. When writing a request to put into the box, does it have to be written in the present tense. Is there a particular way it should be done. How do I begin writing the my desire.

I have some examples I've been suggested to use such as: I want... , I desire... , I will have... , I would like to... (this next one comes from Bob Proctor) I am so happy and grateful now that... and proceed to write what you want. As you can see, I have the present, future and everything in between. I do not think they can all be right.

I don't want to go through this process and finding out later (when nothing happens) that my request will never see the light of day because of some thing I did (wrong) or didn't do well.

Thanks for your help


asked 24 Feb '10, 19:35

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Frank 1

The requests can be written any way that you feel comfortable writing them. There is nothing magical about the requests or even the way they are worded.

The people who insist that requests must be worded a certain way are really being unnecessarily picky or perhaps not clearly understanding the mechanics of the manifesting process.

What's important in a request is how the wording of it makes you feel and only you can decide what kind of language you are comfortable with.

The Traveller has previously written a good explanation of how these requests work - and it is worth reading.

Hope that helps.


answered 24 Feb '10, 20:48

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Thanks for your answer Stingray. That makes alot of sense.

(24 Feb '10, 22:37) Frank 1

"In reality, this method of writing your request and place it in a box is a wonderful way to bring what really takes place in the universe into a small environment to better master it. The box represents the universe. The piece of paper is you. What you write on the paper is what is in your consciousness (combination of your thoughts and the feeling you have about the thoughts).

So, **the first thing** you need to do is to come into that awareness, that you are fully present in the universal-box and that what you are writing is what exactly is in your consciousness.

The second thing you will to understand is that the box and the paper are made of the same particles. One is just thicker than the other. In the same way, you are of the same nature as the universe. The universe is simply larger than you.

The third thing you need to see is that asking the universe anything is like asking yourself something. The law at work in the universe is also at work in your body right now. The same law that makes plants grow and the entire creation function is making your body function right now in the exact same way. This is the law that is going to bring your desire into manifestation.

Now, in order for the universal law to work for you, you have to formulate your desire according to its ways of thinking. When you look into the universe attentively, you will notice that nothing created by nature is small or little. Everything comes in abundance and is always multiplying.

The universal law creates through what we call LIFE, which is an intelligent power. This LIFE presents in you, which Jesus called the kingdom of God within, is the one you need the most. The more you start believing in abundance, that nothing is missing in the universe, and there is nothing to lack or want, this LIFE in you will become awakened. Once it is awakened it will begin to suggest some ideas to you.

These ideas you will now need to implement by taking inspirational actions directed by LIFE. The goal of LIFE is never to make you have something without you becoming a better person. Therefore, while you are becoming more like a creative-being seeking to turn ideas ideas into dream and reality, you will find yourself grow spiritually and evolve in a way that will amaze you. At the end, you will notice that the greatest manifestation of all, is who you become during the process.

Now, remember that you are not just a human being. You are an event that must happen to us; to awaken us, to inspire us to greatness, to motivate us, and to call us all to the highest level of unity consciousness called LOVE. Do not give up the process."

Much Love

Alain Yaovi M. Dagba


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Alain. D

A thought-provoking perspective, Alain. Thanks

(31 Oct '10, 21:14) Stingray

Frankly, I write my request in the present tense, and I leave the rest to the law. I try not to put a time, or an amount in my request, because I know that the law works very different to how we think, and how we tend to perceive the outcome, so my approach is very trusting, and without judgment. I believe that my request is already manifested, and I am waiting on the delivery to receive it, in the physical world.

Usually, the manifestation will appear, and it is up to you to recognize it, and act upon it to bring about what you want to unfold. Manifesting what you want is a very individual thing, so it really up to you to manifest what you want, and own it. And remember it all begins with the first thought, the idea. Read the book, “The Three Magic Words.” by Joseph Murphy. It is a very insightful book, and it will give you a different perspective to work from. Although, there is no one specific truth, it is basically what works for you, and you will learn this through your own personal experience of trial, and error. Hope this helps!


answered 31 Oct '10, 07:05

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