Lets say I focus my mind to bring more money into my life. A day later I focus on improving my health. Are both things going to be brought into my life or will the last thing i want cancel out the previous?

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laughs I was just about to ask this question myself...I'll reply with my own thoughts later on probably.

(07 Jan '10, 01:58) Liam
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It does not matter how many things you want, the only thing that matters is whether you believe they can co-exist.

For example, if you focus one day on a desire to have lots of free time and you focus another day on getting a new job that you know will take up all your time, you may be heading for trouble unless you can find a way to believe that both are possible.

It doesn't actually matter whether both really can co-exist or not, but only that you find a way to believe it.

In other words, you can completely invent a reason why both could co-exist and that illusionary, invented reason would actually allow the Universe to find a way to make them co-exist even if it ends up completely differently to how you thought.

This is actually quite an important point to consider...deliberately lying to yourself can actually bridge the gap between apparently conflicting manifestations. :)


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To put it in programmer's parlance, the universe is not a single-threaded model. It can work on more than one thing at a time.


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I suppose if you put in conflicting request that would mess things up. Like say I want to manifest being doctor then later I say I want to be a lawyer, these are conflicting desires.

So they cancel each other out it is scattering the intentions of the desires, this scattering weakens the intent.

It is not being clear about what we want.


answered 07 Jan '10, 05:00

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Wade Casaldi

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