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What are your favorite types of questions to answer? Why do you suppose some questions get a lot of votes, while others only get a few?

This probably should be a Community Question, but it is something I have always wondered about, so I thought I'd ask.

Blessings, Jai

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Hi Jaianniah, I do not have a favourite type of question but I feel that this website is for everyone no matter where you are in life. The most important thing is that you will get a respnse no matter what the question is. It does not matter to me if I get 1 response or 4 responses. What really matters is that I get a response which can help me to move forward or that I can give someone a response that will help to move them forward.


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I don't really have a favourite Jai. Some questions resonate with me more than others. If I feel there is an answer within me, it usually comes forth without any effort.

As to why some questions get more votes than others, the simple answer would have to be that those questions are being asked by many ( if someone votes on a question, that question is probably in their mind too). Those answers that receive votes, do so because something contained within the answer rings as truth for those voting.

I think ,quite deservingly, that a lot of Stingray's answers have been voted on because of the time and effort he has put into offering his techniques here for free to help others and regarding manifestational processes, he is, indubitably, the residing expert here on Inward Quest.


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I like most of the questions asked on IQ as I feel that I have gained knowledge and wisdom from a variety of the different questions.

But I would say that questions that would definitely get my upvote even if I don't have an answer or do not feel like answering are the ones where I can feel that the question has been asked with a strong genuine desire for an answer.


answered 10 Sep '12, 06:19

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Pink Diamond

Hi Jai!

I favour questions that show a true desire for 'knowing', no matter how simply stated they are, or how obvious it could seem to people in this forum used to answer more complicated, philosophical questions. I think a true desire for knowledge is the best virtue a person can posess. I also favour questions that are stated civily and open-mindedly, or the ones that I was about to ask myself but was beaten to it. :)


answered 08 Jul '10, 13:36

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