It happened to me the other day that I was moved by someone's good action towards me.

I had mentioned as a passing comment at a family meeting something that was troubling me, but it was only a quick remark and the conversation went on.

Some weeks later an inlaw relative who had been listening that day told me that I could take that trouble out of my mind 'cause he had sorted it out. I am not good with body language but I covered my mouth with my hand and my eyes were filled with tears. I didn't know he had been even listening. I was so moved, the more that he wouldn't listen to my thanking him heartily.

It was Joy what I felt no doubt, but what about the tears? Is there some other hidden feeling behind tears of Joy?

(As well as with body language I am shy expressing my feelings, so I am not easily moved. I look like a hard person even if I am not).

What are your thoughts on the matter?

All inputs will be welcome!


asked 27 Jan '11, 13:22

BridgetJones09's gravatar image


I think it was also tears of appreciation and gratitude you were feeling, when you realized that another human being could do something so selfless when you didn't expect it. Your heart opened and you connected to the other person through those tears.The softer side of your nature was revealed and the hard person ( or protective shell you wear ) disappeared at that moment.

I'm sure BJ09, even though there were tears, it felt good - your faith in humanity was restored at that moment :)


answered 28 Jan '11, 02:42

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Thanks for your nice words, Michaela! :) You fully understood what I felt like! xxx

(28 Jan '11, 14:35) BridgetJones09

You're very welcome BJ09 - It never ceases to amaze me that although we are all different, fundamentally at the core of our being we're all really the same - I just knew what you were feeling :)

(28 Jan '11, 18:05) Michaela

Tears are a sign of an extreme emotion. Unfortuately i would bet 90% of them are associated with the negative.

But happily there also a part of the joy sensation. I wouldnt read anything negative into this.You reached the pinnacle of a positive emotion.

In fact youve experienced Joy,thankfulness and appreciation all in one go.

Three for the price of one!

Happy days



answered 27 Jan '11, 13:57

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

I see tears of joy, as you are so happy that the person does this thing but you are feeling like "You did this for me?", "Why me? I don't deserve this.", "You value me?", "You think I am worth it?" Does any of this seem to hit any nails on the head for you?


answered 27 Jan '11, 14:11

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Wade Casaldi

No, I just wasn't expecting it. Not from someone that didn't seem to be paying much attention, and maybe from a blood relative but not from an inlaw. I was only surprised.

(27 Jan '11, 14:21) BridgetJones09

Everything you just said mirrors what I just said. Wasn't Expecting It, You felt this was someone that didn't pay you much attention, plus only worthy on a blood relative not an inlaw. I think of the poor man or women that is told he had won a million dollars, that person burst into tears. But if a wealthy man/women was told the same thing would be dancing say yeah that's right. It is deserving feeling and expecting feeling, if we have these I don't believe the tears would come.

(27 Jan '11, 14:47) Wade Casaldi

Your experience as it appears: is what I call a blessing in disguise. We often forget that our daily needs are taken care of regardless, and when we are in need of something, our needs will be taken care of regardless of how it is given to us!

Your tears are significant to the fact that you received this help from someone, whom perhaps would have never been a probability on your list, so it is like finding that needle in the Hay Stock when you least expect it!

Most lightly, the tears could also have been the tears of a new discovery in your life, that is pleasing to your heart, and to your spirit. And what you have experienced could have been both tears of joy and tears of a new revelation in your life for you to grow, and learn !


answered 28 Jan '11, 06:06

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Inactive User ♦♦

Your words are very inspiring and lovely, thanks!

(28 Jan '11, 14:37) BridgetJones09
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