Are feelings developed from thoughts, or vice versa?

If a thought you think has little or no emotional charge around it, is it a waste? For example, let's say you want to become a millionare. If imagining you are rich has no emotional effect on you, is that thought of being rich a waste?

And should it be a benchmark to do our best to feel good all day, as Abraham seems to message "think thoughts that feel good."

Thankyou so much Inward Quest users. I'm actually already greatful there are curtious people out there to have enough patience to read and answer questions which have probably been posted 1000 times already.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Here's Abraham's take on this , it also ties in with Dr Joe Dispenza's book Breaking the Habit of being yourself ......

(09 Mar '13, 23:19) Starlight
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Thought comes first. Everything comes first from a thought.

Indeed, the foundation of all existence is thought. Thoughts are very, very powerful.

Let us say that I see a dead bird (I actually did). I thought, "What a shame! How horrible!" The feeling about the bird came from those thoughts. Little did I know that that particular bird had been thrown from its nest by the mother because it was defective...If the mother had not done this, the bird would have lived, and would not have been able to fly. Nature sometimes seems cruel.

You might find it interesting to read about the Mind of God and also The Second Part. These two articles will show you the power of thought.

Blessings, and welcome, Jaianniah


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Excellent answer, yes far too many put feeling before thought and thus are victims and puppets to their emotions. By recognizing my feelings come from my thought and I am the one in control of my brain I can consciously control what I wish to experience! Love >>>

(06 Jul '11, 03:39) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi Curious Wade, did you see the last comment I made to you in response to your comments to me on the heart vs mind thread? My lengthy answer to Nikulas's question along with my comments may better explain what I meant.

(11 Feb '12, 23:44) ele

If I slapped your face, you'd surely have that feeling of burn and hurt coming before you'd start to think about it. It's two way street. Body may translate thoughts into feelings, just as it may translate feelings into thoughts.

(24 Jul '12, 04:11) CalonLan

@ele I don't know how I had missed this, I'll check it out, maybe I already did and forgot about it by now.

(09 Mar '13, 01:33) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi Thank you. This was my fav answer. I spent quite a bit of time getting it just right.

(09 Mar '13, 02:11) ele

@ele You asked me if I saw your comment, look up three comments to see. lol

(09 Mar '13, 02:21) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi -- that was more than a year ago. funny Wade. Email a bit slow? You left your comment on the wrong heart vs mind thread. So - haha!

(09 Mar '13, 02:27) ele

@ele Ah wrong heart vs mind thread! Lol

Now that proves I'm losing my memory, I can't remember one day to the next let alone a year ago. I thought that was the only mind vs heart question. LOL

(09 Mar '13, 03:22) Wade Casaldi

Ok @Wade Casaldi - this is our out. We are going to confess to having drinking problems. Yes, I know you don't drink & I rarely do - but - it beats the alternative - old-timer's disease. I couldn't follow a convo with ru bis from an hr earlier & you are answering ?'s from over a year ago in addition to leaving replies for me on the wrong thread. I assume you were working like me. I've been putting in like 20 hr days cause my hat's need attention too in March & the only break I'm

(09 Mar '13, 17:43) ele

...& the only break I'm getting is when it snows every 3 days. Then I escape & shovel for 6-8 hrs, usually under the stars & the moon until 4am ; that's my heaven. I only come in for water... Last couple were so heavy I thought I was actually going to have to use a blower or blade. They were discussing snow shoveling & heart attacks on a dr show & they said in 20 min's of shoveling in an average snow storm you move 2 tons of snow. I don't shovel like a man - I'll settle for 1 ton. 3 x 8 hrs.

(09 Mar '13, 17:49) ele
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Neither, they are only a warning system that shows us that the thoughts, situations, or experiences we are having do not resonate with the souls beliefs. We have everyone often states that fear, anger jealousy are bad emotions, no emotions are bad, they are only to serve as warning signs, so they should be used as so, and this is a step by step way to find them and overcome them. ( with this being said, consies though does create physical reality so if we are being very very specific it is the thought that comes, does not resonate with the emotion then the warning sign in way of emotion comes,)

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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@TReb Bor yit-NE I really like the way you think, Rob!

(11 Feb '12, 23:42) ele

@TReb Bor yit-NE - I upvoted your answer - evidently someone downvoted your answer cause it canceled my vote out.

(12 Feb '12, 11:23) ele

@ ele ty in fact i was goven a -2 lol, wow, i didnt think it was that bad of an answer lol , ty none the less, love n light

(12 Feb '12, 13:43) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE -- well except for Tom, no one else liked my answer much either; NOT even Niculas. Oh well... I didn't know you or anyone else could see negative votes - much to learn here. I think if someone does cast a negative vote - they should give a reason so we can understand... or do they? For me, it's best to be positive - like attracts like.

(12 Feb '12, 15:04) ele

There's nothing wrong with your answer.. I think its true and very helpful. +1 from me

(12 Feb '12, 17:08) LapisLazuli

Thank you, LapisLazuli!

(12 Feb '12, 17:22) ele

@ele yes, i think if u down vote an answer u should explain why it is wrong, but the negative votes where all on old page,.

(16 Jul '12, 08:56) TReb Bor yit-NE

Now, down votes have to be explained. Finally, you were heard.

(07 Mar '13, 06:19) ele
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Rob is correct - Neither & Both & if was to choose ONLY one - feelings, and I agree completely with the message Rob is conveying.

Thoughts create emotions. You specifically asked about feelings - NOT emotions. Feelings & emotions however similar; are not actually the same. When I read both Jai's & Wade's answer; I thought they were talking about emotions; not feelings. Perhaps you are too. Emotions are dependent on a reaction to a thought or an event, causing us to react emotionally. Feelings aren't. Feelings come from within - generated by our hearts, our souls. It's our energy, our power, our connection to the Source. We can't experience life w/o both feelings & emotions. Here's an example - Jai was talking about experiencing joy last night. Joy is an emotion; dependent on an event or a thought. It's the first step towards happiness. Happiness is a feeling because it doesn't depend on anyone or anything.

Optimally, feelings unite with the mind and create emotions; which we feel throughout our bodies. Then there are the emotions created by thought (ego) alone with no regard to how we feel. These emotions, originating from thought alone can also be felt throughout the body; but many times they get stuck in our minds - creating unbalance.

Negative emotions/energies don't originate in our hearts or souls - they are creating by our minds. These negative energies can also spread throughout our bodies, creating illness. (Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule) WTS, emotions can & do become feelings.

You know when you are in the zone, meditating & sending light or radiating love to someone else - well the love you are radiating & transmitting is a feeling; not an emotion.

As for your 2nd question I'll answer by quoting Gary Zukav ""You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart. You must know what you are feeling. If you don't know what you are feeling, you will create unconsciously." Desires are about "something" ego based and because they are about "something" they are emotions. So yes, Niculas, w/o emotion & knowing what you feel; you cannot create. If no emotion is involved; it's not your heart's desire.

So dear Nikulas, always feel & always listen to your heart & your inner wisdom; they are all messages from your soul. .


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We React with Emotions and We Respond with Feelings. Nice answer ele. love and light

(11 Feb '12, 23:56) Roy

@Roy - thank you & I like your comment as well!

(12 Feb '12, 00:03) ele

@ele - I'd like to know more about this if you ever come back to IQ!

(13 Jul '12, 13:41) Catherine

@Catherine - sorry I never got back to you in a timely fashion. I saw where you asked a similar question the next day & then I saw where Starlight asked a similar question a few months later & you responded by saying she should look at the great answers you received when you asked yours. I assumed you had the answers you were looking for. If not, please ask. I stand behind what I wrote.

(07 Mar '13, 06:12) ele

@Catherine If you have questions in regards to love, I suggest you ask IQ's expert on Love - Eddie or Rob or ask Roy, ru bis, cory, ursixx - they all vibrate love.

(07 Mar '13, 06:13) ele

@ele this is interesting, I had never thought of feeling and emotion a being different. Also joy and happiness as being different. I always considered them synonyms.

(09 Mar '13, 01:30) Wade Casaldi

@ele This is a good answer Ele - I think many of us get tangled in what exactly are feeling states, emotional states and thoughts but you explain it well here.

(09 Mar '13, 06:02) Catherine

@Catherine Thank you. But like the good dr pointed out - my views are not what you usually see on a LOA site.

(09 Mar '13, 06:20) ele
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I think your question is, Is it thoughts that manifest or is it emotions?

I guess I would have to say it is belief/faith/desire of our heart. Believe that you will have the desires of your heart, and you will. However, emotions and thoughts can get in the way of our belief/faith/desire of our heart. I have not manifested a big house, or anything like that, but I have noticed that when there is something I desire, and decide I will have it, I do. Success is so subjective, it is different for everyone. To some, success is a big paycheck, big house, etc... to some it is raising a happy family and being there for their kids, even in a small apartment.

The problem I see with coming up with formulations for success is that it has the potential to turn into a ritual practice and a religion. If you first seek peace, love, joy, happiness, right thinking and doing, and if we have faith, we will recieve what we need and the desires of our heart. (This is in the Bible.) Sometimes we don't really know the desires of our hearts. For example:

When I was a kid, I never dreamed up a wedding, or a romantic partner, but I did desire to be a great mom. Now I am a single mom. If I want to change my marital status, I have to change my heart's desire to include a romantic partner. I might need to do some EFT tapping to eliminate some negative emotions and negative thoughts including limiting beliefs and fears that would keep my heart from desiring a romantic relationship. My heart's desire is different than wandering thoughts.

We must be careful with wandering thoughts. These can be dangerous, like flashes of hate and wishing another dead. It is good to recognize these and keep them from staying and taking root in our minds, and become our heart's desire. Eliminate those imediately and replace them with thoughts of love and forgiveness. This protects you from getting caught up in the hate or other negative thoughts, sometimes spiraling out of control.

So live your life to be the best person you can be and good things will come to you.


answered 10 Aug '11, 17:57

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Fairy Princess

answers my question, bless you.

(11 Aug '11, 15:00) Nikulas

Bless you too, Nikulas.

(11 Aug '11, 18:49) Fairy Princess

"live your life to be the best person you can be and good things will come to you" I think it depends on your definition of "best person you can be".

Though I'm not particularly a fan of Jeff Foxworthy; I couldn't help but think of this quote.“Expecting the world to be fair to you because you are a good person is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.” I know it's meant to corroborate the belief "life isn't fair"; but to me; it has another meaning...

(11 Feb '12, 23:49) ele

@ele it's all a matter of belief. If you believe that life insn't fair, then guess what? However, if you believe that you reap what you sow, then doing good, will bring good. You just have to decide what to believe.

(12 Jul '12, 16:20) Fairy Princess
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There is much evidence that on a biological level, feelings always come before or trigger thoughts. This appears to run counter to much of the self-development literature which asserts that thoughts create everything. One assertion is based on objective evidence. The other is based on core beliefs.

The parsing of feelings and emotions is an interesting exercise, but I doubt that most people understand or accept the distinction between the two in the same way as ele eloquently describes it. That said, it does seem obvious that a thought can trigger feelings. However, unless we become conscious of unconscious and instantaneous processes (unlikely outside of techno-laden labs), that seemingly obvious observation remains conjecture.


answered 12 Jul '12, 13:31

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Gregg Mulry

Lack of ability to measure thoughts on equally profound level as biological testing in the matter of feelings does not make it objective at all. It's barely one-sided evidence.

Can do you stick a needle into a spiritual world and measure it?

(24 Jul '12, 04:28) CalonLan

@Gregg Mulry "eloquent" - loving that. Thank you! It means a lot coming from someone like you. Yes, I was curious to know who would say that. I know you only answered one question & then deleted your profile. You should come back sometime - we don't bite & all views are welcome. Until @ursixx, I never really received too many compliments & I didn't really think anyone much cared about my opinion or agreed. Self confidence is NOT my issue - I like myself a lot. Thanks again - much appreciated!

(07 Mar '13, 06:16) ele

@CalonLan - as a follow up to @supergirl 's question & my comments regarding goose bumps & an unconscious person feeling; please read what the good doctor said about me. (haha) When a former doctor from a state mental institute (formerly known as an Insane Asylum), says my thoughts were eloquent, I'm taking it & running..... Catch me if you can...........

(07 Mar '13, 06:17) ele
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It is somewhat fashionable to place feelings above conscious thoughts, the idea being that emotions are more basic and natural than conscious reasoning is. The two actually go together but your conscious thinking largely determines your emotions, and not the other way around.

Source: The Nature of Personal Reality (A Seth Book)


answered 12 Jul '12, 16:51

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If I get drunk, drugs, or any other external source of influence just like music, or a beautiful weather, hug, or a kiss, etc... acts, which specific emotions will be product of. They will without a doubt determine my thoughts.

External environment can be just as powerful as internal one. It's a matter of preference, which one you go with at times.

(24 Jul '12, 04:21) CalonLan

Here's a link to Abraham's Practising a Belief Frequency , I found it extremely helpfull to understand about....

When you look at the "absence" of something you practice it's vibration .

When you look at the "presence" of something you practice it's vibration , interesting distinction.

When you look at absence , that's what keeps it from you . AHA !


answered 20 Jul '12, 21:46

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@Starlight, I see you are on A/B vids trip...another good one in the link:)

(21 Jul '12, 08:15) Xoomaville

Hi Xooma , yes Love Abraham , been listening for a few years now and never tire of their message. Think I must have about a hundred little vid clips on computer :-) .

I upload to my IPhone and play whist driving , was quite taken today with "Abraham Hicks- How to get what you want "

(21 Jul '12, 09:40) Starlight

In particular the part where Esther explains that "feeling good " opens the flow valve and the yucky feelings close it off .

Simple concept once you get it.

Just want to say how blessed I feel having been lead to this site by Universe and all the loving , caring and sharing people herein ..... Thank you xxxx

(21 Jul '12, 09:48) Starlight

@Starlight, another good one:) Thanks...simple concept once you get it and then to consciously apply it:)

(22 Jul '12, 00:07) Xoomaville

Xoomaville , you are most welcome , from now on will think of my thoughts as a light switch , off or on ...........

Reminds of Mr Miyagi "wax on , wax off " ;-)

(22 Jul '12, 00:37) Starlight
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I think it depends on how youre centered, a concept that comes from the Michael Teachings. So if youre moving centered the action would occur first and reflection later. Emotionally centered, the feeling would be experienced and later analyzed. Intellectually centered, thought would occur foremost and be followed by feeling in reflection. Theres no one right answer as every fragment is unique in their processing of reality.


answered 12 Feb '12, 05:03

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helenread25 1

totally agree.

(24 Jul '12, 04:23) CalonLan
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