I know there's been hundreds of questions about 'Am I in the Vortex or not?', but I needed to state my situation...

My question springs from these posts:

Getting into the Vortex...

From which I highlighted this comment from Stingray's

When you are genuinely habitually in the Vortex, it won't feel like anything special at all actually. In that situation, it will only be when something happens that kicks you out of the Vortex that you may realize just how habitual being in the Vortex has been.


Advice on how to 'stay' in the Vortex, by Stingray.

I have been following this piece of advice for some months now, with the following result:

I spend the day feeling 'Contented' from morning till night, showing a smile on my face almost all day, humming a song or even singing along and laughing about how bad I sing, dips of 'Joy/Appreciation' that last a few minutes; and day in day out some 'Positive Expectation', but that not so often.

The most sure thing is that I can feel 'Contentment' from days in a row. Then here's my question(s):

❖ Does this account as Being in the Vortex?

❖ As manifestations occur when you're feeling 'Positive Expectation/Belief' and that I can feel only now and then, does this mean that all my efforts are somewhat wasted for me to manifest things?

and more important still:

❖ From the highlighted comment, with which I am totally on board, as it has happened to me recently, how do I get in the Vortex faster when I've been kicked out of it and I am feeling 'Frustrated/Irritated'?

Sorry for the long-winded post, I'll be looking forward to your replies! :)


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@BridgetJones09, please do not bundle up multiple questions within one Inward Quest question. Ask each as a separate individual question. Refer to the Inward Quest FAQ for further information: http://www.inwardquest.com/faq/ Thanks

(22 Aug '12, 20:39) Barry Allen ♦♦

From what ive studied recently the Vortex seems to be something we breeze in and out of for all of our lives.

Im generally feel so much better these days and spend the bulk of my time in a happy state.

However there are times when people are faced with things,circumstances etc that cause a dip in good feeling. Its a bit like when your steering a boat,you look up and realise your a bit of course...no great problem,you just gently adjust the tiller and wait till your heading is right again.It doesnt take long or much effort.

In fact the above, after practise becomes automatic.

I tend to forget the manifestation altogether ( well maybe not altogether!) and just concentrate on being happy. I treat this as an end unto itself.My rationale is that if i didnt manifest something anyway i would at least have the feeling of doing so.

If at the end of your life you had only manifested 50% of what you wanted,BUT lived a generally happy and joyous life....would that be so bad?

If you manifested 100% of the time but werent happy would that be success?

My feeling is that the Joy and contentment will bring along what you want anyway.

Im beginning to see that.



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Monty Riviera

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Good point, and very nice response, thanks!

(02 Feb '11, 11:48) BridgetJones09

Nice answer Graham :)

(02 Feb '11, 13:38) Michaela

Hi Bridget, I have been practicing as well to stay in the vortex consistently. I stay in the vortex by visualizing things the way I want it to be. There are many examples that are used in Abraham's Book "Ask and It is Given". I use a combination of them. The biggest challenge for me was to convince myself that I do create my own reality. This was significant because now when I am visualizing, I know that it is not a fantasy but in fact I am creating my future. I am now having a lot of fun with this and that is how I align my vibrations with the things that I want to manifest.


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