I talk with my friend quite often when it comes to knowledge, and he and I agree that once conscious always conscious. so I wanted people's thoughts about experience and expansion of one's consciousness or soul through experience.

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Can you be less than nothingness?

(10 Jan '13, 04:11) CalonLan
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This reminds me of karate, you spend 6 to 8 years and then achieve your black belt.

Then you are welcomed to the beginning.

The first time around you are learning what everything is around the circle. The second time around you know what everything is and are learning how to apply everything you know.

Life is like that; everything goes in circles. You come back to where you have started from but at a higher level.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi excellent analogy! I also found this to be true. It goes in circles and every time at the beginning again you realize that you got a new different and more helpful perspective to things.

(11 Jan '13, 07:11) releaser99

on the descent into materialization probably not
there are portals through which self consciousness
is left behind, however on the ascending arch
it is the weight of material form that is shed
till we reach again our our starting point


answered 10 Jan '13, 06:54

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