When the soul of the human leaves the body then can the human body still function?

Or is it just laying there unable to function waiting for the soul to return, unaware in the conscious sense?

I know there is a silver cord that connects the physical and spiritual bodies. In astral travel it talks about the spiritual body and what it is doing. But what is going on with the human body laying there without a soul for the moment?

I am not trying to talk about astral traveling. I am trying to talk about the human body left there for whatever reason without a human soul right at any moment in time. What is going on with that human body, that's all.

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In case of astral travelling, for the observer your body looks like it is dead (there's no breathing etc). But as you have said, the bodies are still connected by a silver cord. So I guess as long physical body is connected with the astral and mental bodies, it cannot die - even though for the observer there's no evidence that the body is alive. The physical body dies when this silver cord is broken apart, that is, after the real death occurs.

Source of information: Initiation into Hermetics


answered 22 Nov '09, 21:45

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When is the last time, outside a Sci-Fi movie, that you saw a Zombie?


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I guess you haven't met my current boss

(20 Nov '09, 21:59) Stingray

So are you saying it can get up an move and go places it just will be on pure animalistic influences? Or was it an joke?

(20 Nov '09, 22:02) flowingwater

Stingray I know your comment is an joke. (smile)

(20 Nov '09, 22:04) flowingwater

You made me laugh Stingray! Thanks.

(20 Nov '09, 22:25) Michaela

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(28 Nov '09, 05:57) The Traveller
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