Studies on twins separated at birth reveal some amazing information...I read somewhere or other about two such twin women who even seemed to inherit their liking for wearing a lot of rings, their preferences for names, and even the names of their spouses. So are we really as individual as we think? Can we really change? Or are we blessed or doomed by our genes to be what we are? (see this link).

What do you think?

Peace, and Merry Advent 2011,


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Everybody got a great potential. Genes are but possibilities available. 99% of people never take it to the limit, but oh they wish they could have a different set of possibilities. What for? They would never take it to the limit either. Because their attitude is just that. I wouldn't worry about what I got, more about can I use it all? Like when you buy a supersport car and never go full speed, but wish you had a different supersport car, you'd sure go fullspeed. Bollocks. That's what I think.

(05 Sep '12, 02:06) CalonLan
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I think undoubtedly we all carry genetic predispositions to certain traits and habitual modes of behaviour. However I think we have to differentiate between our personalities and our authentic selves and therein lies the key to our growth.

I really do feel that for each of us the key to growth lies within the realm of our genetics and what we each chose to experience within that gene pattern entering the physical realm. I don't think anything is ever etched in stone and for each of us real growth takes place when we look at our roots and the energetic patterns contained within our genes and we choose to break those energetic patterns thus breakking that cycle. ( And personally I feel that this changes the cycle for those who come before us and those who come after us.... because all time runs simultaneously)

So to answer your question Jai yes I do think we inherit our personalities but I also feel we can Really change any time we consciously choose at a core level to do so. And I actually think the key to freedom for each of us lies within our roots... so the Truth for each individual will always be slightly different...hence no one path works for all :)


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genes play a part. your enviromment play another part. and what you chose makes another part. has for destiny nothing is set in stone(new choice new things). experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Good answer.

...and genes can be turned off, just as they can be turned on.

(03 Feb '22, 15:18) ele

Jai, I presume you are talking of identical twins. They are connected in the fact that they have exactly the same genes. In other words they are copies of eachother so whatever they inherited both have exactly the same.

Not only will they have the same physical problems but they are also more psychiclly conected and this explains the simmilar tastes and preferances even when brought up apart from each other and on different continents.


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For the rest of us brothers and sisters or family members have a similar genetic makeup and might have some simmilar traits. Strangers on the other hand are different. Yes we are individual but have certain simmilar predisposed traits within families.

(12 Dec '11, 07:30) Paulina 1
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