I have always wanted three children. I have two, and we are in the process of adopting our third child, but time is running out and it doesn't look like it is going to happen.

I don't seem to be able to gain clarity as to why this is happening. I definitely want a third child, the thought of being a family of five makes me genuinely happy. I also have a distinct feeling that adopting a child is part of my soul purpose.

Now that it looks like I have to come to terms with a big change in my life plan, I don't seem to be able to understand wether the reason for my dream not coming true is that I am blocking it from happening with resistant thoughts that I'm not fully aware of or wether the adoption is simply not meant to happen, that it is fate. Or, even worse, that it IS in my soul purpose to adopt, but I am blocking a soul from being a part of our family because I'm not able to focus my thoughts properly.

Do we have a soul purpose? Are some things decided upon before we are born? If I have a certain purpose in life, is it possible to block this from happening because I'm not "good enough" at manifesting?

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pebbles, not decided for you , but put into motion by you before. the present can always amend the probable future

(21 Sep '14, 14:29) fred

Yes, when something we want doesn't happen the reason is always that it isn't meant to happen because it is always meant to happen only if we hold the essence (: emotion :) of the vibration (: state of mind :) of it already having it. If you hold the essence of a vibration that is aligned to not having it, then yes it will not happen and it is not meant to happen. You are meant to experience only what you are conscious of and if you want to experience something different you must change your consciousness by using your imagination and changing your focus and interpretation of conditions. You experience YOU (: as in your consciousness :) and you can only experience YOU and you can never escape YOU. If you want conditions to change then change the YOU which caused it. The only thing that varies is the form (: specifics like places, people, colors etc. :) and timing (: which will correlate to how quickly you are in alignment to your pleasant desire :) of the manifestation of our consciousness to allow for the full co-creative experience.


answered 21 Sep '14, 13:41

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I have found that when something I want doesn't manifest, I always have thoughts I don't want to hear telling me why I don't want what I am sure that I want. Are you "present" throughout the day? Are you ignoring thoughts coming to you?

I have also found that when I keep questioning, I am convincing myself that what I want isn't happening or isn't going to happen. The hardest part of manifesting is letting the idea go after your 20-30 minute manifesting session. It's hard but necessary. Why manifest your doubts and insecurities?

I have also found that when I set out to manifest something major, that can't conceivably happen in a few minutes or the next morning, as I do my daily manifesting, I begin to get an image or feeling that affirms that what I want already exists. At that point, I stop manifesting and stop doubting. I KNOW at that point, it's on its way. I have never had to do manifesting exercises for more than 28 days and I've been doing this since the 80s.

Do we each have a purpose? I certainly found mine. Was it decided by me before I was born? Perhaps. It makes no difference to me. I became aware of it when I did my very first deliberate manifestion at age 4.5 while not knowing that I was manifesting. That "wish upon a star" followed by a single check for validity of my ability to fulfill that wish, started coming true a few years ago, at which point I realized that my ENTIRE life had been spent in preparation of my purpose being fulfilled. Even the very worst parts were ESSENTIAL to my completion of my current task.

You are always EXACTLY where you need to be. You worry too much. Perhaps that's a problem for you?

I suggest that if you are not meditating 2ce/day every day (never on a full stomach) that you start doing that now. It will help you settle down and manage/discipline your thoughts. (Use mindfulness meditation. Here's a good explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DaVB9lU5DY )


answered 21 Sep '14, 15:38

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