I have a simple question in life I have been focusing on many things,God,inventions,business,love and happiness and I have to say out of all of them the only one that is still on its way to me is business which I'm working on and I see the plan unfolding to which I'm thankful for.

Its just I was listening to the master key system part 6 and it mentioned that you should focus on ONE object in particular. Should I now focus mainly on 'harmony and happiness' or still have many things I focus on when meditating.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

What you want already exists, your just not experiencing it all (yet). So you will manifest what you want eventually, if you keep yourself in a good feeling place. So I would say only focus on the things you don't have if it feels good to do so. If it doesn't feel good your just standing in the way of it coming.

Choose to only focus on the things that feel good to you even if they seem unrelated to what you really want. They just seem to be unrelated from our limited perspective but they are all connected. So you can focus on as many things as you want, the key is that they feel good to focus upon. Keep following the path of positive emotion. I hope this helps:)


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@Satori - Nice answer, weirdly overlooked. I keep finding myself slipping into thinking that I should keep my thinking focused, but that isn't the point at all, is it? Funny, the answer to most questions for me recently seem to begin with "It's easier than you think". This is another example. :)

(17 Jan '13, 00:24) Grace

@Grace - Thank you Grace,I'm glad this answer resonated with you. Yes I agree there is something in the attitude of trying that's makes us turn upstream:) Im still learning to go with the flow myself but I think your doing great :)

(17 Jan '13, 12:40) Satori

@Satori All good feeling things are definitely interconnected. Well saId!

(17 Jan '13, 15:14) Cory

@Satori - Thank you, I'm so much better than I was, that's for sure, but still don't feel like I've "arrived", if you know what I mean. I wanna be like @Stingray and @Cory when I grow up. :) I don't think we will ever stop learning. And you sound to me like you have yourself on a wonderful path.

http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/57983/can-working-with-my-chakras-help-get-me-free-from-whats-getting-me-down/58055 :)

(17 Jan '13, 15:39) Grace

@Cory - Thank you:).

@Grace - Your already there Grace! Thank you for that link. I'd forgot about that :)

(17 Jan '13, 16:32) Satori

@Satori - I never forgot that one. :) I printed it out a while back, and put it in a sheet protector in the front of the binder where I keep all my Focus Blocks and journalling, etc., so I see it almost every day. It really does help me a lot. My favorite part is the ending. I feel it physically every time I read it. In the space of letting go, she let it all be. A smile came over her face. A light breeze blew through her. And the sun and moon shone forever more. Ahhhhhhh :)

(17 Jan '13, 19:27) Grace

@Grace - Thank you. It's a great quote and I'm glad you benefited from it. At the end of the day it's you that attracts all these things and I'm glad to be part of that. Well done:)

(19 Jan '13, 06:10) Satori
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