Are the laws of attraction inherently discoverable without being taught by a society?

I just watched the movie, Beasts of The Southern Wild, which perhaps ponders this question; at least it touches on this subject.

What is you opinion on this?

Speckled with Shingles (ow),


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If a person can know himself, then a whole society can know themselves. Isolation is not needed. Although it helps to cut the bull of the world, in the end it doesn't matter. For what would a knowing be that through any bull couldn't see .

(15 Jan '13, 01:54) CalonLan

Where did society learn about the LoA? Religions are inventions; there is no evidence at all that the stories of any religion are true in a secular sense (that they happened on earth). The so-called Buddah never existed, his story is a parable. Neither did Abraham or Jesus or Krishna or Beowulf. The earth itself is an isolated society, is it not?

(15 Jan '13, 02:06) flowsurfer

@Jai-take the case of any primitive society, they all come to believe in some kind of "magic" in nature ... is that not the loa under a different name ? :)

(15 Jan '13, 02:58) blubird two

@blubird two, wow lol heavy stuff today, not to appear to be following you around, but your comments are like a fresh breeze into morning mist, so maybe I'm following you around after all, haha.

Of course, we all, everyone, believes in LOA. Under a different name.

(15 Jan '13, 03:13) CalonLan

@CalanLan- "a fresh breeze into morning mist", such a beautiful phrase, love it :)

(16 Jan '13, 05:45) blubird two
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Yes i do. Because it already has! We all started as isolated societys with no religious frameworks. And look whats evolved.



answered 15 Jan '13, 03:19

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Monty Riviera

Interesting Monty, can you confirm apes we supposedly evolved from didn't have their own King Kong religion?

(15 Jan '13, 03:40) CalonLan

Well ive got to admit that im not sold on the idea were evolved from apes. However the idea that apes may have had a king kong religion is quite appealing. BUT....well king kong did end up dying in the end.

(15 Jan '13, 03:48) Monty Riviera

Same here Monty, if we evolved from apes, then why are there apes still around? If apple tree grows out of apple seed, why does peach tree doesn't grow out of it too? It's only a similarity. Apes and humans. Like peach and apple tree. They're both trees, in many ways so similar, yet so different.

(15 Jan '13, 05:30) CalonLan
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Studied in depth all religions from the most primitive isolated areas to the wide-spread, have the same basic underlying principles that follow the LOA.

We are naturally hardwired to find, create and assimlate these principles. For a clear understanding of this read "Mere Christianity" by CS Lewis.*

Lewis was one of the most brillliant minds of the 20th century. Originally an agnostic, he began to set forth arguments that God did not exist, but the deeper he dug, the more convinced he became that there God had to exist.


answered 15 Jan '13, 05:21

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Dollar Bill

it is doubtful that this isolated society
sprung up from out of the ground
it must have a splintering by choice or
separation caused by a natural upheaval

if by choice, they may carry the truth
as it was taught by their forefathers


answered 15 Jan '13, 16:21

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white tiger

the truth might not be something to carry but something to know once you make the choice to know yourself overduality.

(15 Jan '13, 17:12) white tiger

white tiger, it is of both something to carry (wisdom) and decided upon by each for action. is it a new christos or the same as our elders but now with an individual flare

(15 Jan '13, 20:57) fred

well if a isolated society would use that edge that they have and find the truth in them self over belief, they would find what they have within and would be save if they do not find what they have in them it would kill them. and once they know where they come from and where they are going,they could tell all other religion the truth but they would not believe and accept their testimony. because they have not yet found what is in them that can save them. loa is only one of the component among many.


answered 15 Jan '13, 10:46

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white tiger

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