In one of their tapes named 'Thinking as choosing thoughts' Abraham talk about 'Having a thought but couldn't reach it'

In my understanding they mean by reaching it, feeling it.

And again it brings the discussion I always have about the thought that can create and the thought that doesn't, in both cases I am thinking the thought, sometimes the one that I am thinking much doesn't manifest and the less manifest, and I concluded that techniquely I am thinking the thought in an opposite way.

Now back to the 'Having a thought but couldn't reach it'

This statement is the core of thinking science, law of attraction thoughts creating

Sometimes I squeeze my mind to have thoughts, others they simply flow, sometimes they manifest others not, sometimes they are a belief others they are passers by, so based on the above statement: how thoughts really work?

Having a thought: having the idea of the thought or simply thinking about it and how one can having a thought without thinking about it?

Reaching it: how are you reaching your thoughts?

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Good question rOla ... it all depends how you communicate with yourself, there are three basic methods, visual, verbal and feeling ... we use all three of course in different combinations but usually there is one that is more pronounced than the other two. Choose the one or dominant combination and illustrate the idea using that system ... for example visual corresponds to drawings , paintings, graphs ... verbal corresponds to written or spoken words, phrases ... feeling corresponds to sensations, it just feels to be on the correct wavelength ... an excellent method would be to combine all three ... have fun with it.


answered 16 Jan '13, 08:28

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blubird two

@blubird two: Do you mean to depend on my physical senses to reach my thoughts?

(17 Jan '13, 03:30) r0la

@rOla- all thoughts can be illustrated using a combination of the four elements that make up physical matter; fire, air, earth, water together with the fifth element imagination ... take the simple example of a dog; we can see it(visual), we can hear it(verbal), we can feel the soft fur(feeling) ... it is all to do with creating the physical sensation of the thought within our imagination ...

(18 Jan '13, 02:48) blubird two

We illustrate things by illustrations by pictures if you prefer. When you think of the 9/11 towers being hit by an aircraft and start trying to explain words ... umm well there were two towers etc. ... it's long winded. Think of the image

alt text

and "boom" a direct hit, and it's there.


answered 03 Apr '13, 03:26

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ru bis

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@rubis , I get that , so one can conjour up a pic in the mind but it doesn't always evoke feeling , case in point , your pic , people have become inured to violent pics simple because so much has been shoved down our throats by the media at large .My understanding from Nev Goddard's teaching is one has to feel your way inside of the thing to be manifested ....

(03 Apr '13, 19:47) Starlight

how does one do that if they have never experienced it . Does it come down to "just" ( don't mean to demean the words here)
Feel Good for anything you want and it will come door knocking eventually ?

(03 Apr '13, 19:52) Starlight

yes @Starlight, feeling is the key ... when i posted this pic that is what i was feeling, "explosive", this pic really expressed my inner state. I was feeling both like the aircraft and the tower, thus a kind of inner explosion causing a wave of strong energy that vented itself in my postings. Sure no one gave me any points for my answer because it evokes pain and destruction, but it was however a great way for me to "liberate" myself. For me this picture really does say a thousand words ...

(04 Apr '13, 01:25) ru bis

@Starlight and i'm pleased it's now gone :) , thanks simon for providing the "platform".

(04 Apr '13, 01:25) ru bis

Happy for you @ru bis . So are you saying , in practical terms find pics that evoke feeling of said desire if one's imagination isn't so ,mmm, detailed ?

(04 Apr '13, 05:43) Starlight

yes @Starlight when i feel an emotion and want to illustrate it, i search in google images to stimulate my imagination and find the illustration that best expresses my emotion ... i also listen to blubird :)

(04 Apr '13, 05:55) ru bis

Righty Ho, I have bought mind movies and other things that just haven't done anything much but I just had an idea, I recently came across a piece of music which I believe is Jazz and lets say it creates a delicious, feeling inside of me.....

(04 Apr '13, 06:23) Starlight

Contd ....15 yrs ago I heard a similar piece and I distinctly remember describing it as sleazy , but have to admit I REALLY liked it. Thank you Ruby ( excuse my familiarity, but you are a Gem ) I do believe you have now given me the key with which to unlock the triple combination thats been holding me back :-)

(04 Apr '13, 06:29) Starlight

@Starlight you now have allowed yourself to find the key to unlock the triple combination(consciousness, mind, soul) great stuff ... your friend Ruby ♥

(04 Apr '13, 06:43) ru bis

@ru bis "Sure no one gave me any points for my answer because it evokes pain and destruction," aw poor baby, that's an easy fix my dear & my pleasure to do so. Here's another vote of appreciation & confidence. Up & up & Away!

(07 Apr '13, 03:58) ele
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I have a migraine, so I'll be brief.

If I have a thought, but cannot express it in words, I turn to art. I try to draw or doodle the thought out. Drawing accesses the right side of the brain, and this can hep bring ideas forth.

Albert Einstein was flunking math. His teachers brought his parents in, and expressed their concern, Obviously, the parents knew their son, and knew he was brilliant in his own way. Do you know what they did? They bought him a violin, and got him lessons.

The rest is history.

Einstein often "doodled" on his violin when trying to work out complex math. Music is also done by the right side of the brain. So there you have it.

I drew this picture of this headache tonight, and while I worked on it, I had no pain. Interesting, eh? It is as if using the other side of my brain took away the pain. Also, expressing what the headache "looks" like helps me feel it is a real, measurable thing. Also, this was the "color" of th headache. That part I cannot explain.

alt text

Copyright, C. Jaianniah 2013 Please credit!


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"I drew this picture of this headache tonight, and while I worked on it, I had no pain." hon, that's being in the Now, being in the flow, it's everything. You are so engaged in what you're doing it seems effortless. It's gratifying & you are creating with purpose & meaning & yes, it's right brain activity. It's been said, when you create art, you are doing the work of your soul. There's a lot of soul in that pic. TRUST, Jai Take your hands off the steering wheel & experience bliss.

(07 Apr '13, 03:25) ele

Very curious @Jai What do all those squiggles represent?

(07 Apr '13, 03:27) ele

@ele- The bolts of pain; the confusion that I feel; the chaos the headache creates in my life. Thanks for asking! Jai

(07 Apr '13, 03:35) Jaianniah

@Jai I'm seeing something different. Look at this as a Shaman would.

(07 Apr '13, 03:58) ele

@ele- I see the hole I go down when I journey. Very Kool!

(07 Apr '13, 04:25) Jaianniah

@Jai I see it also. Very Kool! Go deeper. So those squiggles represent currents of live energy. What else do you see. Keep Going. What exactly are those squiggles?

(07 Apr '13, 05:28) ele
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