Does the Emotional Guidance System really provide guidance, or does it just point you in the correct direction of "The Stream," or get you into the Vortex?

If it just points you in the correct direction of The Stream, then how can you use your emotions (or feelings) to select the actions and things that will lead you to the manifestation?

How do you tell the difference between these feelings (or emotions) and the emotions you use to get into the Vortex (or pointed in the correct direction of the Stream)?

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In the moment that you have a desire, the non-physical aspect of you becomes your desire and then holds the vision of that desire on your behalf while you gradually adjust your habitual physical focus.

In the moment that you launched that rocket of desire, you were a vibrational match to it (for a split second) but it was not a habitual vibrational match. That is why you are not living the desire instantly in your physical reality.

So there is no difference between coming into alignment with the broader, non-physical part of you (which is now already living that desire) and coming into alignment with what you want.

And so there is no difference between the guidance towards alignment from the Emotional Guidance System and manifesting what you want.

Aiming towards feeling good will get you both.


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You've nailed it Stingray. Good answer. This is worth a reread until you get it. Which I am doing right now. Thank you for this.

(14 Feb '10, 02:51) jackie

If you don't mind my question to you Stingray is,What was your question to Abraham in your one on one? We have had the pleasure only the once in Toronto even though I had a strong Desire to ask a question alsa it did'nt happen, guess I'll just have to ask it on a cruise :)

(14 Feb '10, 04:25) Roy

Dam, I spelt alas wrong, LOVE and LIGHT

(14 Feb '10, 04:29) Roy

Roy, when I make a mistake in the comments section, I copy it and paste it into a Microsoft word document (blank document) and run the spell check. Then I copy the result & paste it into a new comment. Then I delete my old incorrectly spelled comment by clicking on the “X” at the lower right corner of my comment. You will only see the “X” when you are logged in. My spelling is absolutely bad, so I have to spell check everything. Even with this, I find many mistakes of mine slip through.

(14 Feb '10, 06:23) The Traveller

Thank you, Jackie - glad you found it useful

(14 Feb '10, 07:49) Stingray

@Roy, I managed to see them before they became the superstars of today (with many hundreds of people at each event). So I asked four questions. One was about something unusual I had just manifested a few minutes before seeing them, one was about finding out what my destiny was, the third was about how to levitate objects, and the fourth was to find out how the stockmarket really works. The last one sent gasps around the room when Abraham revealed that the movements of the stockmarket are actually not free, but are controlled by just three people! They wouldn't tell me who they were though.

(14 Feb '10, 07:58) Stingray

Thats incredible Stingray,three people you say,would'nt you like to be a fly on the wall at there lunch meeting.Thanks for sharing :)

(14 Feb '10, 13:37) Roy

Yes, if true (and I've never known Abraham to lie) then it has massive implications for the financial systems of the world since I believe (though they didn't say it explicitly) that they were referring to the US stockmarket. But they also made clear that even that information couldn't prevent you from profitable trading/investments...that's up to your personal vibration, of course.

(14 Feb '10, 16:35) Stingray

It seems like answers are coming, before the question can be asked. Thanks

(14 Feb '10, 17:45) Roy

@Roy , just heard that very thing in an Abraham vid this morning :-)

@Stingray great to know that even with the 3 controlling the stockmarket , ones own vibe is really what makes the difference , thank you ♥

(13 Sep '12, 22:04) Starlight

@Stingray "the movements of the stockmarket are actually not free, but are controlled by just three people!" I'm feeling quite shocked right now. Have you, by now, figured out who those people are?

(01 Jul '13, 00:34) releaser99

@Stingray Can you recommend any information sources like books, paid or free courses etc for a total newbie who wants to be successful in the stockmarket? I would much appreciate your opinion because your recommendations resonate well with me. BTW I'm doing the Skogg Kettlebell System and it's fantastic. It makes me really love working out for the first time in my life :).

(01 Jul '13, 00:46) releaser99

@releaser99 - "Have you, by now, figured out who those people are?" - Abraham didn't say any more than that and I didn't look into it any further. Some respected traders I've known have been saying something similar privately for a long time - that the markets are fixed. But that's always been the case to some degree - big money can move a market at a point of instability. Doesn't have to stop you, you just have to ride the trends between the dictated turning points. I've not felt inspired...

(02 Jul '13, 10:02) Stingray

@releaser99 - trade the markets for a number of years now but I used to find Fibonacci-based systems fitted my belief system...I liked traders like Joe DiNapoli, Neal Hughes. You have to find what fits your belief system and it's worth remembering that trading is really more about self-discipline than systems. The truth is that almost any system with an edge can work if you have the nerve to stick to it. Worth reading Mark Douglas's The Disciplined Trader. And, yeah, Skogg Rulez :)

(02 Jul '13, 10:09) Stingray
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I tried an experiment years ago where I wanted to be of service to others. I really really wanted to make a difference like healing someone or helping someone in trouble. Basically I was yearning for the "Hero" experience.

With this intent in mind I started asking from God again and again to show me how I could have this "Hero" experience. Then two events of significance emerged out of this "asking".

The first was when I was driving my car, having picked it up from a repair, I was returning home when a strong feeling, (Not a voice) told me that I am to help some people up ahead on the road I was driving on. No sooner that this feeling passed my consciousness, I saw a group of people, a man, a woman, and two children, standing on the side of the street with a desperate look on their face.

I instinctively knew that this was the group I was supposed to help. I pulled over, got out of the car, & approached the man saying Hi there I am supposed to help you. Where do you want me to drive you? You should have been there to see the reaction on this mans face.

There was jaw dropping disbelief combined with tears in his eyes. He told me that at that moment he was praying for someone to help them. I don't know if my response to this was arrogant or not, but I said to him, I know, God told me to help you.

So I drove them to the subway station & provided them with the sufficient financial funds to continue their journey. (They were out of cash & needed to catch some connecting bus out of town)

A similar incident happened again this time with an elderly lady needing help carrying her luggage up a long flight of stairs. Again, she was praying when I got this "command" to help.

Then I realized that I was mostly driven by the selfish desire to feel important rather than to really make a difference without an ulterior motive on my part. So I stopped asking for more "Hero" opportunities from God. But I retained the feeling of recognition of the guidance I received from God or this higher power. This feeling is not a thought that is ambiguous. It is very clear, very specific, and very loud in its intensity.

That experience allowed me to identify what it feels like when one receives a clear emotional guidance from a different source, other that one's own imagination. All I can say is that there is such a thing as guidance and it is real. And the best part is you can experience this by intently asking for such an experience to be given to you.

The secret is to relinquish control to a higher power and ask for guidance. The more we ask instead of discovering by self, effort, the easier it is to find the answers to the questions that challenge our intellect.


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The Traveller

Thanks for the tip Traveller.

(14 Feb '10, 13:40) Roy

I had this feeling tonight that I would like something to remind me that all is well. Logged on here and read this. Yep. All is well. Love this, @The Traveller.

(03 Jul '13, 23:39) Grace
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